‘Democracy’ within the non democratic

Chinese Chauvinist DAP has done it again. They sacked two of their own leaders, because of complaints of the issues for the plight if the minorities within the party which is known to be Chinese centric and in many times, Chinese Chauvinist.

Sunday July 15, 2012

Two Johor DAP leaders sacked for criticising party


JOHOR BARU: Two DAP leaders who reportedly criticised the state party leadership have been sacked for tarnishing the party’s image.

Taman Saga branch chairman V. Thilusi Das and Taman Nesa DAP publicity secretary K. Kurugan were sacked during a party disciplinary committee meeting held last month.

In his letter to the two men, DAP disciplinary committee chairman Tan Kok Wai stated that the decision was unanimous as the duo were involved in tarnishing the party’s image by demonstrating at its national congress in Shah Alam in January.

“They were also found to have issued negative statements about the party in front of the office of Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hou last month.

“Both men have been critical of the party leadership, especially against Dr Boo, and have been organising numerous protests alleging that the party had neglected the welfare of the Indian community.

“The two were given two weeks to appeal against the disciplinary committee’s decision,” Tan stated in the letter.

Johor DAP deputy chairman Norman Fernandez rejected the allegations made by the two men.

“There is a disgruntled group of people going around trying to create problems because they were not selected as candidates in the coming general election,” he added.

Thilusi Das confirmed that he and Kurugan were expelled.

“We are shocked by this decision, but we will continue to protest against Dr Boo and the DAP for failing to hear the plight to the Indian community. We will not appeal against the decision,” he said, adding that his branch members would resign from the DAP.


The duo has been charged to issue negative statements against DAP State Chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau, whom they claim to be “neglecting the plight of the Indian community”. This is not new within DAP as the same issue caused a storm being stirred in Perak.

For the matter of fact, DAP have no none Chinese are State Party Chiefs.

It is obvious that DAP is Chinese Chauvinist and very undemocratic. Penang under DAP rule has faced the true colours of how the leaders give very little care for plight of the minorities such as the Kg Buah Pala episode.

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  1. Coincidently, they sacked Indian, not Chinese, Hindus, not christians.

    • Yes, they have been a Chinese party all throughout. Claiming to be a multi-racial party, where got?

      Trying to get Malays join but Malays know them as anti-Malay and anti-Islam. Only 1-2 UMNO-reject fellows joined. Non-UMNO reject like Tunku Aziz joined but could not stand DAP, bolted out, calling Lim Guan Eng “biadap”.

      Where got democracy in DAP? Lim Guan Eng is famous for issuing Gag Orders. Even to DAP Chairman Karpal Singh and DAP Deputy CM Rama what’s his name.

      Everywhere people call Lim Guan Eng a dictator like the leader of North Korea. They give him the title “Dear Leader” that the North Korean leaders have. Same thing with his father Lim Kit Siang. He even wants the communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter Malaysia.

  2. DAP leaders expect to be treated like demi-gods, resistant to valid feedback. Their arrogance dictates gag orders, disciplinary actions, sueing in courts and sackings – for brave members who believe in true democratic freedom of speech..

    • They may think they are demi-gods, may expect to be treated so, but they don’t get treated so all the time. Even among the Chinese members. There have been a lot of quarelling among themselves. Reported in the press from time to time over the years.

      But I suspect quite a number have been scared off into quiet submission by the thugs and gangsters protecting the bossmen. And the bossmen themselves may be of the thugs and gangsters species. After all, Selangor DAP Exco Ronnie Liu, former Head of DAP Selangor, was alleged by a PKR ADUN and an a former DAP MP to be meeting “the Underworld” in the offices of the Selangor State Government.

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