Ismail: Its routine restructuring

Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Dato’ Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob

“It is routine restructuring. Its not vendata”, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Dato’ Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said when contacted.

He responded to the issue raised by Rocky Bru on the  report of the summary dismissal of Co-operative Commisson Executive Chairman, Deputy Chairman and five Directors. He dismissed the summary termination of the two top most executives of co-operative regulatory body, which report to his ministry.

“Usually, there are two reasons why civil servants are transfered; 1. restructuring 2. not performing. We cant keep non performing people around, do we?”.

Ismail also added, “Restructuring is due. Every three to four years, we restructure our (ministry) enforcement officers and move them around. Its normal ministry procedure and practice”.

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  1. Indeed … the Minister is spot on … we should not keep (as a matter of fact should kick-out!) the non-performing & deadwood … especially the cabinet. Don’t forget those who did “too much – for themselves” vs. serving for public interest!

  2. diversion: psst BD, any article on Sgor water crisis in the pipeline? TQ

    • I support the idea.

    • Thanks.

      I’ve been trying to. Never got around to complete it.

      • Sincerely hope that when you complete it, it will conclude that it is wrong and morally unacceptable to privatise such an essential basic service to an individual or even to a private company, and in this case from the Gomen of MAlysia to Rozali Ismail

        Read somewhere that S’pore is willing to go to war if their water supply is thereathened or jepardized.

        See how important water is?

  3. The posts that have a lot of exposure to the public and whose holders’ goodwill are highly sought after by the public should be rotated more frequently. Familiarity breeds …

    I’m told 3 years is the norm in the civil service but holders of such posts should be transferred after 2 years. Inconvenience due to more frequent transfers than others – that goes with the posts and the officers concerned may be compensated in some other way.

  4. Easy way out. Finger pointing and blaming others for his own mistakes and failures. A legacy form the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzdolahzzzzzzz sleepyhollyw half-past six cabinet era. Don’t expect much from this minister. He’s just not a minister material.

    Should be told to FO lest PM najib wants to turn his cabinet into a 7.00 p.m one.

    • You are the usual irresponsible Pembangkang making wild, unsubstantiated allegations, putting out shit opinions. You expect readers to agree or even bother with what you say? Fat hope, man.

      Not an iota of an argument or explanation as to how you come to those stupid opinions. Rude, too. And calling yourself Nagaria. Lion dance bloke, are you?

      • Asal tak setuju jer mesti pembangkang …. pathetic lot. Go suck up!

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