I choose Malaysia over conspiracists

The Opposition is trapped in their dwindling unpopularity for their own chronic inter-party squabbles and eventually streams of exodus, intra-party open disagreement on fundamental policies and stance and of course, non deliverance of promises in states they administer. Never mind the blatant lies and ‘wayang’ of Opposition leaders’ compulsions and habits, now glaringly became reputation that preceeds them.

That is not without their own leaders’ cock-ups, scandals and blunders, uncovered ever so often which has now become a pattern. In short, they are now drowning in their own quicksand of misdeeds for the same accusations, fabrications and/or manipulations they hurl against BN leaders and/or their immediate families.

They even distort history, in their attempts to sow ‘Politics of Hatred’.

Their attempt to get the rakyat to hate the enforcement authorities and agencies, has no limit. Former Menteri Besar of Perak and effectively a DAP puppet even lied in his ceramah that Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak had a meeting with all the Armed Forces service Chiefs and instructed them to stage a coup d’etat upon the BN losing the Federal Government and Pakatan Rakyat taking over Putrajaya in the upcoming 13th general elections.

Even the NGOs which the Opposition create that are championing and perpetuating Oppositions’ lies, fabrication of facts and un-Constitutional aged such as LGBT, have been literally caught with their pants down and lost credibility.

The Oppositions’ preliminary attempt to start a mob street political agenda and get enough Malaysians start a peoples’ movement for an ‘Arab Spring’-syled ‘Malaysian Spring’ via BERSIH 3.0 failed miserably. This is not withstanding that Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s reform agenda for political transformation, where much dreaded Internal Security Act (ISA), Printing and Press Act and Emergency Ordinance have been repealed.

They are losing grip of their own support base, let alone ability to win the imagination and hearts of new voters. They are undoubtably desperate. Hence, pro-Opposition newsportal Malaysiakini came up with a lame story to downplay the ongoing campaign to prepare Malaysians for the much anticipated 13th general elections.

‘Christian conspiracy’ bloggers in ad campaign

• Ogos 4, 12 3:26PTG

The mysterious ‘Saya Pilih Malaysia’ campaign took a new twist today with a newspaper advertisement featuring, among others, two bloggers who had sparked the ‘Christian conspiracy’ controversy last year.

The two bloggers – Big Dog, whose real name is Zakhir Mohamad, and My Anger (Shamsul Yunos) – had in May last year made a blog posting alleging that DAP had organised a meeting with Christian leaders in Penang where they allegedly took an oath to make Christianity the country’s official religion.

The ‘Saya Pilih Malaysia’ campaign, believed to be aimed at the looming general election, had for the past two weeks taken a subtle approach by featuring famous artists alongside slogans such as “stability, unity, progress, peace” – themes that were synonymous with BN at its 2008 general election campaign.

The Christian conspiracy controversy took the spotlight in May last year – weeks before the mammoth Bersih 2.0 rally – when Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia quoted the two bloggers in a front-page report with the screaming headline: “Kristian agama rasmi?” (Christianity as official religion?).

The report triggered an uproar among Christian leaders that led to a flurry of police reports and counter-reports and this was aggravated when Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said there were “some basis” to the claim.

However, five months later, the Home Ministry confirmed that there was no evidence to back the claim and the case was subsequently closed.

Two other personalities featured in the advertisement, which was carried by all major newspapers today, are prominent pro-BN bloggers – Rockybru, whose real name is Ahiruddin Attan, and Apanama (Firdaus Abdullah).

The fifth blogger is Syed Akbar Ali who goes by the blog name OutSyedTheBox, believed to be close to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad but has often been critical of both the government and opposition in his blog postings.

In the advertisement today, a line runs from top to bottom, connecting several slogans such as “words connect us”, “discussing issues big and small”, “sharing our thoughts”, “expressing our views” together before arriving at “We choose to blog for the truth” with the word “truth” being highlighted in blue.

The template again uses BN’s trademark blue and white colour, but did not specify who was behind the advertisement.

Personalities linked to Blog House

However, the personalities featured in the advertisement points to Blog House Malaysia (BHM), whose patron is Mahathir.

Syed Akbar (OutSyedTheBox) is BHM president while Ahiruddin (Rockybru), Firdaus Abdullah (Apanama) and Zakhir (Big Dog) respectively holds the position of advisor, deputy secretary and treasurer in BHM.

BHM too has had its fair share of controversy when its secretary, Tony Yew, lodged a police report against videographer Chan Lilian over a Twitter posting in which she urged Christians to back the Bersih 2.0 rally last year.

The report led the police raiding Chan’s home in Penang before carting away her computer and modem.

The campaign’s ad blitz which enters its third week is not only confined to major newspapers but also broadcasted on TV channels, namely RTM1, RTM2, TV3, 8TV, TV9, NTV7, Astro RIA, Astro Awani, Astro Vaanavil and Astro AEC.

The extensive coverage ad campaign is estimated to run into the millions of ringgit.


The spin by Malaysiakini is really lame.

What ever story we told about the ‘Red Rock Hotel in Macallister Road, Georgetown on 5 May 2011’ and what Utusan Malaysia reported on 6 May 2011 did happen. DAP Jelutong man Mohd Razali Abdul Rahman, who was present in the dinner where pastors and Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi attended and certain speeches and vows are made, did corroborate the story and came up with his own Police report on the subject matter in North East Penang Police on 13 May 2011.

Malaysiakini should push for the thorough investigation on DAP personalities who were present at Red Rock Hotel for the dinner 5 May 2011, like Jeff Ooi and Mohd Razali A Rahman. Even MP for Kulim-Bandar Baru Dato’ Zulkilfli Nordin admitted there were attempts to unseat Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, as per shrined under the Constitution.

Just like BERSIH 2.0 and 3.0, these events did happen and laws are broken. Probably for specific reasons not made known for public consumption, Attorney General did not bring the perpetrators to face the process of justice. Likewise, so was ‘Red Rock Hotel in Macallister Road, Georgetown on 5 May 2011’. And the raid on Damansara Utama Methodist Church on 3 August 2011 where 12 Muslims were found being in a process believed to be protelysation.

In the immediate Sunday mass at DUMC after the ‘Ops Sita’, DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng, Selangor Exco and DAP ADUN for Kinrara Theresa Kok and DAP ADUN for Subang Jaya was present. The message is clear. Any attempt for minority to challenge the majority, is very much inline with the Chinese Chauvinist patty’s agenda. They are supporting some of the Christians’ agenda, which has now fit into their political agenda.

Webster’s definition of ‘Conspiracists’

The people who organized ‘Red Rock Hotel’, DUMC dos and what Dato’ Zulkifli admitted to Utusan Malaysia on 7 May 2011 were the real ‘Christian conspiracists’. Both events had elements which were against the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia. These are the people trying to disrupt ‘unity’, ‘peace’, ‘stability’ and ‘progress’, which is something the opposite what of the ‘I choose Malaysia’ campaign. They are the real ‘Conspiracists’, who are getting together and unto something no good.

‘I choose Malaysia’ campaign is a perfect reminder. Malaysians must come out and choose, for the sake of ‘unity’, ‘stability’, ‘progress’ and ‘peace’. Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s message quoting George Santayana’s immortal words of wisdom is very clear. Malaysians must learn from the past and not to repeat our mistakes.

The culprit in this nation is the Chinese Chauvinist DAP. They are the ones who instigated and incited that after the 3rd general elections, the 13 May 1969 bloody racial riots happened. And since, they have never down played their ‘conspiracy’ agenda to assume power and get the minority to exert power over the majority. Now it seems, they are subtly starting to use certain churches for their political agenda.

The Opposition tried to do a lot, to gain the support of the majority. But they failed before. And they will fail again. Their agenda to assume the management of this country via a democratic mandate would not happen because they have nothing to show for but rhetorics. Even in states that they have been given power and issues they could very much resolve with the specific power that they have consitutionally.

Not to mention scandals, such as the ‘Talam RM 1 billion land’ deal in Selangor and ‘Bayan Mutiara’ deal in Penang.

Now, they want to do a revolution. The Opposition wanted an “Arab Spring’ style ‘People’s Power’ demonstration-turned-revolution dubbed ‘Malaysian Spring’. BERSIH 3.0 was a precursor to that. But it failed. Majority of Malaysian reject the Opposition’s method to gain power.

It is clear that ‘I choose Malaysia’ is the aspiration of the majority of Malaysians. Especially the young ones. They want a better deal for Malaysia. And this deal is brought forth with PM Najib’s transformation agenda and ideas to move the nation forward, without neglecting any groups’ interests or need, taken in the bigger picture.

That is why some of us blog. Words connect us. Our many voices join the community, online and in the streets.

We support this agenda. We support that this is the best deal for Malaysia and the continuity of what Malaysia was and now is, being mapped out by PM Najib’s leadership. There is no doubt there are glitches here and there and there are some personalities should not be part of the planning and execution of the transformation agenda. But taking the big picture into consideration, it is still the best deal.

We blog for Malaysia. We tell the truth. When there are people who are upto no good, we blog about it.

*Updated Monday 17 Ramadhan 1433H 0100hrs

‘I choose Malaysia’ campaign is promoting Malaysia’s agenda first. However, it is not the case for some of the Opposition leaders. DAP ADUN for Kota Alam Shah M Manoharan tweeted tonight, after Malaysian best shuttler Dato’ Lee Chong Wei was defeated in a nail-biting Badminton match against Chinese Lin Dan at Wembley Arena. Majority of Malaysians held their breadth throughout the match. However Manoharan wasn’t one of them.

DAP ADUN for Kota Alam Shah and HINDRAF leader M Manoharan’s tweets upon Lee Chong Wei winning the silver medal at London 2012 Olympics

This is not the first time Opposition leaders do this. Two months ago, former DAP-Puppet Menteri Besar of Perak Nizar Jamaluddin insulted HRH Tuanku Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, for the latter’s bid of ‘WWW 1’ registration number, which saw not only Johoreans but majority of the nation came out to whack such a rude elected representative.

DAP-Puppet Ex MB-Perak Nizar Jamaluddin’s twitter earlier last week

This is why we take up ‘electronic arms’ against Opposition leaders, especially DAP. They are really who they are; Anti Malaysians.

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8 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. agree 100%

    the oppo have nothing to offer but destruction, first from within then outside

    even their alliance name is converted as conspiracy in English

  2. Manoharam jadah!

    Anjing pariah!

  3. Wonder who’s the Pakatan Sports Minister who’ll be able to produce a Malaysian Olympic medallist? Could it be that fella who has shown his athletic prowess with a China-doll?

  4. Often I wonder what are the opposition agenda really? what are their motives? Are they really sincere to serve the public or something else that they’re after. It seems that they are hellbent on winning the election that nothing else matter, there’s neither decency nor honor left.

    All these preposterous statement, couple with their behavior does reflect their mentality and competency – one that I cannot trust. The Hudud disputation is a good case in point.

    If I were to change something, I will opt for something better not changing just for the sake of changing which by the way is going to cost me dearly as a result.

    • I agree and support what you say. I sometimes comment in a light vein to bring a light atmosphere in here. But on this one, I’m serious.

      Those fellas are simply not better. The country will go to the dogs if they are allowed to reach Putrajaya.

  5. They not only “distort history”. They also try to re-write history. Just look at what they write in Wikipedia – write, edit, re-edit, by any Wong Kong and Pong.

    Even the Larut Wars of the 1850s they try to say as caused by the Malays. Yet the Ghee Hin and the Hai San clans were brought there from Penang by Menteri Larut who gave them jobs in the hope that they’ll introduce modern methods in his dulang-washing etc tin mines. He even gave a few of them mining land leases, more than that – capital for opening up more mines so he could tax to build roads etc for the territory under his rule.

    Then they brought secret societies, thugs and gangsters. Killed one another for control over tin mines. The Kapitan Cina and 44 gangsters wrote a petition to the British in Penang – where they came from – to help regain mines lost to rival gangs. The British used that as an excuse to enter Perak. It ed to the signing of the Pangkor Treaty signed under the barrel of the gun, and Brtish colonial rule in this country. Damn.

    What ingratitude and treason to this country. Even in the 19th century.

  6. Biggie,

    Only anarchists, extremists, radicals, Min Yuens & mad terrorists would choose them. That’s only a handful minority, evil twisted hyennas & some really distorted fence sitters.

    Majority of Malaysians should be matured & level enough to choose for peace,unity, stability, progress, continuity, transformation & better future.

    They should compile all these & make sure everyone gets a copy.

  7. I think CW done his best and make the whole msian proud with the silver medal and manoharan tweet are uncalled and sacastic. However i still support PR for a change from gross abuse of power and corruptions.

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