Limit of insulting the nation

Caricature of Zuikiflee Anwar Haque aka Zunar in Malaysiakini

There must be a limit of what could be politicized. In the ultra eagerness to win the hearts and support of Malaysian voters, the Opposition played the insult game.

Somehow rather, the Opposition deride and insult everything their neurons could come across. The Jalur Gemilang flag (by DAP assemblyman M Manoharan and PAS DAP-puppet-MB Nizar Jamaulddin), those who fought for the Jalur Gemilang, maintain law an order against bandits and even HRH Rulers, who are the symbol of custodian of the Constitution. Some of them even ‘sell’ verses of the Al Quran when they are actually ‘anti everything that is Islam’.

Zunar is a PKR supporter. So in Malaysiakini. They have problems drawing the boundaries of what they could do and what they shouldn’t do, as persons domicile in this nation.

This is very much reflective the attitude of the Opposition. They have no limit to draw attention in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ game to win power from the majority.

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  1. As a Malaysian, I feel insulted, really insulted.
    Trying to win election is one thing, but to make fun of our flag and our national anthem….this is just too much.
    I regretted very much that I voted for them during the last election.
    I sincerely apologize to all Patriotic Malaysians for what I have done

    • layman you dont get the point of that cartoon.
      its not insulting malaysians!
      please open your mind.

      the message there is pointing out the FACTS about the ORIGIN of national flag and anthem.

      u go ask any older generation born and lived thru as an adult, pre 1957 years…if you dont believe “Terang bulan” origin…

      dont YOU feel insulted to have your national anthem based on a neighbouring countries ” pop love song? “??

      its NOT an insult. YOU feel insulted because your thinking and mind is narrow and ignorant.

    • Oh please, no need for your insincere apology. You are just a fool who know nothing about true patriotism. The flag and anthem are just symbols but you are the real thing. Too bad, you are pretty shallow in thinking.

  2. Dear Mamak-Kutty Official Balls Licker,

    In refer to article written by you, sarcasm is part of the satire to the issue. If you can’t take the heat, please get out of the kitchen!

    • There is a boundary for sarcasm…you Anwar’s band of merry ass lickers seems oblivious to this…anything that goes your way is ok but once it’s not then there’s conspiracy la…what la…I’d rather have the current band of thieves than you PKR-DAP-PAS retards…

      • You would rather have the current band of thieves?

      • ya isma better the devil you know than the “angel” you just met

  3. I have never seen such vile insults by citizens of a country against their own country like those of the opposition and their imbecile supporters. Just look at other countries – politicians/supporters of political parties may insult one another but NEVER their country. The opposition has been given the chance to prove they can deliver and they BLEW it big time. The records speak for themselves….so stop politicising issues to cover up your dismal performance!

  4. which part is the sarcasm in that Flag Copy? and National Anthem copy? i cant see any on that.

    i bet u anymoney zunar will come out with half baked apology and insist everyone accept that or else.. it is so easy these days.

    good. play this to the servicemen. zunar is scoring his and pakatan own goal.

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  6. You can wacked your opponent of different idealogy in politic ,and you could insult them though it’s might not be an intelectual way ,but when tou insult your own Nation just becouse political differences,the rakyat should be aware that where they stand.

  7. BN should do a comprehensive booklet & distribute this all over. Especially for Malay/Bumiputera heartland. List all the insults & lies these PR leaders did about this nation.

    I’m cock sure many of these are actually anti constitutional in nature.

    This is no longer politics. This is paving road towards anarchy!

  8. National flag from America – insinuating that only Orang Asli are the original settlers much like the Red Indians

    National anthem from Indonesia – claiming that all races came from elsewhere and that the Malays originate from Indonesia, which places ALL races on equal footing thereby special status can be abolished

    Janji ditepati from gospel song – paving the way for a Christian to be PM

    So the sublimal message is that the Malays have expired their rights to govern and that UMNO has to go. Apparently they avoid condemning BN, they just target UMNO. He may be trying to deconstruct the very identity of Malaysia and Malaysians.

    BTW – he reminds me of like a WWF title holder.

    • There is also an uncanny facial similarity with Ambiga – prominent nose, low forehead, thick eyebrows and downturn lips…… uncanny.

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  10. LOL. Can’t help laughing, some do get riled up over … cartoons!

    • Is this Cartoon Network/Disney Channel/Nickelodeon type of cartoons OR political satirist’s punt?

      Different punt, different approach, world of difference objectives and undelying subliminal message.

      Spot the difference?

    • Hey boateng, you wanna tell us how you would react to a cartoon belittling your father, mother, wife, husband, son or daughter?

      or even one that ridicules jesus christ, buddha, tok kong etc?

      … all in good fun eh?

      • Just for illustration, imagine a cartoon that depicts boateng’s mum as a prostitute and his dad a pimp, his sister a human trafficking ringleader while his brother is a loanshark – just as examples for sheer unadulterated fun.

        And if you’re a christian, a cartoon that portrays jesus in a harem full of nude women? Replace that with Buddha if you’re a buddhist and so on.

        Would you boateng simply go “hahahaha that’s very funny”?

  11. The spread of ultraliberalism in Malaysia is so rapid, many Malaysians don’t really know what hit them. That caricature is an example of ultra liberalist expression laden with political lunacy. It certainly doesnt help in building a healthy democracy . Rather it is like a viper’s pit where the worse kind of irrational thoughts and behaviour hiss and spit.

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