Judgment for rapist and sodomist

President Court of Appeal Tan Sri Md Raus Shariff

Yesterday, the nation was stunned when the Court of Appeal decided on the punishment in the defense of a child rapist. It was decided where a panel headed by the third most eminent presiding judge in a three-man bench. This case has already reached the Apex Court.

In January, the nation saw what seemed to be a compulsive sodomist walked free. The judgment got many baffled. Common subject over gourmet or local coffee or even teh tarik is now how would someone who has been raped try to get justice when DNA must be 101% proof.

Like Supremo Journo Datuk Nuraina stated clearly, the law does exist. However, how its being interpreted is erroneous and grossly unjust. The spirit on why these laws exist, has been ‘back stabbed’.

Last year, I saw with horror and dismay how the bench decided on my then 72 year old father made to pay a RM 200,000.00 with cost for a sum he already returned when he did what an honest man would do upon his business deal did not go through, five years earlier. It was very painful for a retiree. His legal bill alone was in multiple of tens of thousand Ringgit, to defend for a sum he already returned and could prove he for it.

How are we to move this nation forward with big plans when some of us started to doubt the judgment of the people who are supposed to be the point where recourse is sought?

Just a caution, more and more crafty and conniving persons manipulate and abuse the court and judicial process system. Situation is compounded when the Bar Council has since become ‘political’.

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