“Phantom voters Vs Holy Ghost”

The reaction of what is priority to PAS leaders today as per Selangor PAS Commissioner Dr Abdul Rani Osman’s statement, according to former Selangor PAS Commissioner and Selangor Exco for Religious Affairs Dato’ Dr Hassan Md Ali. “The video of prosetylization is not important. PAS Selangor already received instructions from PAS Central to not entertain this case raised by him (Dr Hassan)”.

“This is what I meant ‘parasites’ within PAS. How could they treat this matter as ‘not important’! PAS has been derailed by these ‘parasites’!”.

The ADUN Gombak Setia also explained HRH Sultan of Selangor’s statement on the matter, issued last October, “HRH Sultan of Selangor did issue a titah statement that in DUMC’s case (August 2011), there was prosetylization of Muslims. However due to technicalities, it is insufficient for the case to be charged in court”.

“There shouldn’t be in any circumstance that Non Muslims attempt in any form what so ever to encourage a Muslim to denounce his or her faith. Selangor, we have specific Non Muslim Enactment (the name is long, so lets call it this for our purpose) which is inline to Article 11 (4) which prohibits protelyzation of Muslim. However when we (MAIS and JAIS) wanted to enforce, DAP and PKR stopped us”.

Watch this video:

Just for those thought they did not in any point of time over the last 12 months did not miss the plot (with regards to the protelyzation of Muslims in Damansara Utama Methodist Church, Section13, Petaling Jaya as per what JAIS uncovered on the evening of 3 August 2011), please watch these videos:

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