“Churches have special unit formed to proselytize Muslims”

Dato’ Dr Hassan Mohd Ali at the media conference announcing for Yayasan Murni Aqidah

“In Malaysia, Muslims are the toughest group for the churches to proselytize. So, they formed special unit to proselytize Muslims”.

That was the shocking revelation by JATI President YB Dato’ Dr Hassan Mohd Ali today, in a bukapuasa and terawih event to mark the anniversary of the ‘DUMC Raid’ on 3 August last year. Then, he was Selangor Exco in-charge for Religious Affairs. In JAIS’s operation on Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) codenamed ‘Ops Akidah’, they uncovered a ceremony to celebrate proselytized Muslims who have been baptized to the Christian faith. 12 persons were arrested although more, as many as 100 proselytized Muslims attended..

“I formed Unit Selamatkan Aqidah (USA) when I was still in Selangor State Government. We started to uncover more and more stories about Muslims being proselytized and even baptized. More and more of these people come forward to for caunseling. Alhamdulillah but we still need to do more”.

Dr Hassan was sacked from Selangor State Government in January. Three months earlier, HRH Sultan of Selangor issued a statement that there were evidence of prosetylization of Muslims At Damansara Utama Methodist Church in Section 13, Petaling Jaya on 3 August 2011. However, due to technicalities no one was charged for the offense.

In April after being in the wilderness to fight for the issues on why he was sacked, Dr Hassan formed an NGO JATI with the objective to preserve the three pillars of Malay-Muslim fundamental in Malaysia; Islam, Rulers and Malay customs and values. This evening, he announced that a foundation called Yayasan Murni Aqidah would be formed carry on the work of JATI and go the next phase.

Yayasan Murni Aqidah will do profiling on persons who already been prosetylised and baptized. A detailed study on the socio-economic background, surroundings and their environment will be carried out. It is a diagnosis phase. It is an extension to their existing work, via USA and JATI.

Then they would come to the prognosis stage where solution is being formulated, planned and executed. The next phase is to do proposals with the relevant authorities, NGOs and special interest groups for a strategic solution.

TV3 newswoman Azmah Dahari interviewing “Ellie”

In an interview with a transexual identified as “Elllie”, admitted that the church been supporting him for over ten years “They are very open to people with ‘special needs’ like me. They are very generous with us, including money. At least ten of us already came back to embrace Islam”.

In another interview with a social worker identified as “Kelly”, she admitted ‘The church has been providing for my group with money. They are very efficient with helping ‘people with special interests’, as oppose to Government agencies”. Kelly’s group consist of 400 Muslims who have been prosetylised in a suburban neighbour of Klang Valley.

‘Kelly” being interviewed

One of JATI’s activists said that the churches’ strategy is to have ‘Christian Malays’. They remain their identity and lifestyle as Malays, which include wearing the hijab and attending mosque and other social and religious events but very stealthy, they profess the teachings and fundamental faith of Christianity. “They are even taught tajwid, so that they could read and recite Al Quran properly. Otherwise, their cover is blown”.

“All these are uncovered after the ‘DUMC Raid’. They have pastors coming from abroad and masquerading as West Asian religious teachers. These pastors actually use the mosque to profess Christianity, guised as Islamic teachings. After prayers, they retreat to a quiet corner and do their teachings”.

During the Q & A, Dr Hassan asked PAS’s Council of Ulama (Syura Council) to bring the party back on the track for the struggle of Islam instead of compromise for the sake of politics and gaining power. “Syura Council must review the position of PAS within Pakatan Rakyat and go back to basics (struggle for Islam based on Al Quran and Hadith)”.

In another question, Dr Hassan said that DAP never admitted that Islam is the ‘Religion of the Federation of Malaysia’. “Instead, they refer Islam as ‘Official Religion’. It has a different connotation. Other religions could also be alleviated to be ‘alleviated’ as the ‘Official Religion’. PAS Syura Council must stress against this”.

That, was very much what they vowed to do at the hotel on Macalister Road in Penang on 5 May 2011.

*Updated Tuesday 14 August 2012 0300hrs

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