Eve of Hari Raya lie

Liar extraordinaire

In the midst of his own party and opposition coalition losing credibility,  integrity and confidence from the common public and now what seems to be a desperate attempt to earn support from the sympathy-tone game, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim lied on the eve of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1433H. He ‘offered’ to quit politics.

Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim to retire if he loses next polls

Published on Aug 18, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim plans to end his 30-year political career if he fails to unseat Prime Minister Najib Razak at the next election, he said.

Mr Anwar was once deputy prime minister in the Barisan Nasional (National Front) government that has ruled Malaysia since independence 55 years ago, but has campaigned against it since his shock ouster in 1998.

Mr Najib must call national elections by June next year and many observers expect a tight contest after the ruling coalition suffered its worst showing ever at the last polls in 2008.

“I will try my best. I am confident we will win. But if not, I will step down,” Mr Anwar said on Friday night when taking part in a Google Hangout that was streamed live on YouTube.


Malaysians must remember, this is one of Anwar Ibrahim’s series of lies. One after another.

This time four years ago, he promised the Opposition would take over the helm of Federal Government by or on 16 September. That was when the unholy-marriage-of-(in)covenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows was at its pinnacle. Now, they have lost a lot of grounds, credibility and even integrity.

6 MPs and 6 ADUNs from the Opposition side already left their party. They even lost Perak State Government on the eleventh month in power. Streams of party leaders and supporters left each of the Opposition component parties. That is not withstanding the internal turmoil each party had to manage.

Anwar Ibrahim would be the ‘gel’ factor that holds the Opposition coalition together. Without Anwar, PAS would not sit with DAP. Even in many quarters within PAS especially hardliners, they find PKR leaders to be repulsive and personalities not trustworthy. Of course,  issues of ‘Kalimah Allah’,  ‘cover up of Muslims prosetlyzation’ and dropping the quest for ‘Daulah Islamiah’ are serious breach of principles of struggle for these PAS hardcores. They see Anwar’s leadership compromised Islam. However, their staunch adherence to PAS leadership who is bent on Anwar, made them ‘reluctant soldiers of the cause’.

Malaysian public understand this fragile relationship between these parties conflicting of conflict ambition, cause, ideology and objectives. Anwar Ibrahim is the factor that binds these practically contradicting parties. Without Anwar Ibrahim, DAP would not have Haji Hadi Awang as Opposition Leader. Neither will PAS and PKR accept Lim Kit Siang or Karpal Singh to replace Anwar as the Supremo. Let alone, a Prime Minister. In all practicality, Pakatan Rakyat has no one acceptable enough to field as the Opposition Leader if and when Anwar Ibrahim is incapacitated.

Hence, this offer to quit is a actually a dramatized ‘political blackmail’ for voters to ensure that the Opposition doesn’t lose badly in the upcoming 13th general elections.

Our “Thirteen Million Ringgit Plus” question: Is this not another sordid drama from the Compulsive Liar?

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  1. Anwar Ibrahim would be the ‘GEL’ factor that holds the Opposition coalition together.

    Pun Intended is it?

  2. Anwar is full of shit

  3. […] commented about Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s drama to pan-handling for sympathy votes, which is actually should be seen as an act of political desparation. Considering the state and […]

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