Reflecting Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1433H

Its time to celebrate. For the past 29 days, Muslims in Malaysia submitted to God’s will to restraint from all of the limitations of fasting in the month of Ramadhan. As a reward, God decreed that first day of Syawal is a day to rejoice on the ‘winning’ against man’s worse enemy; their own lust.

Its time when Muslims feast and host gatherings, where families and closest friends come together. They beg for each other’s forgiveness and wish them well. For the younger Muslims, they are often rewarded with a small token for the celebration, usually in the form of cash.

In our recent experience with the prosetlyzed Muslims and some of them were actually baptized, we can’t help to admit that there are large number of Malays who are now Christians. It could be something common in Indonesia where 2 million Malays are being baptized as Christians annually. However, not in Malaysia. At least not yet this severe. In fact, the Churches are ensuring that Malay who have embraced Christianity remain to cover themselves and practice their religious rituals as if they are still Muslim.

In our observation, many of them members of the society who are downtrodden. They are in dire need of something and the society failed them, for one reason or another. For that, the churches stepped in and provided for the void that society failed to do for these people. And the churches provision is very handsome and generous. More importantly, with their resources they could go the distant.

We at BigDogDotCom would like Malaysian Muslims to reflect on themselves and their contribution to their surrounding. If  as fardhu kifayah every single Malaysian Muslim do their bit no matter how small, the situation would have been different for these downtrodden brothers and sisters. The Malaysian Muslims must have the awareness and drive to pay tithe and give alms.

Of course, those who are entrusted to manage all these must diligently do their job. Failure will simply result the collection of tithe, alms and charities not properly channeled to those who are the right target groups.

The motto for the Federation of Malaysia is ‘Bersekutu bertambah mutu‘ (Unity os strength). The Malaysian Muslims must be united as a society, regardless of the political aspiration or parochial practices. Being fragmented as per present day, members within the society are sustainable to challenges that they are unable to endure. History have proven that when the Malays were united, they are a force to be reckoned with. For a society with very little economic or political power post World War II, the strength that arisen from the Malay unity failed Whitehall’s plan for the formal colonialisation via Malayan Union in 1946.

It is something the Malays, as mainstay of majority Muslims in Malaysia should really reflect, ponder and come to terms with.

In the time being, we all should also remember the members of essential services who are unable to be with loved ones, family, friends or enjoying the long weekend or school holidays. Particular the Police, Armed Forces, Firefighters, health services provider, utilities provider and border controls.

Our choice for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri entertainment is by a Singaporean crooner Halil Chik.

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