Clinically, ‘Devil-Incarnate’

An active commenter describe one time an ambitious politician, whose political stardom almost got everyone bought into his act and  nearly made it to the top. God’s willing, then Prime Minister finally saw what the Police was trying to tell since 1993.

This ‘Devil-Incarnate’ and disciple of lucifer is unequivocally definable by these specific descriptive characteristics:

1. Pathological liar
2. Compulsive sex maniac
3. Habitual sex deviant
4. Incorrigibly corrupt and abuse power
5. Vindictive
6. Wife-beater
7. Drama king extraordinaire
8. Grandmaster of manipulator
9. Incurrably insincere
10. Supportive of ‘Kalimah Allah’ for use in Christianity practices
11. Darling of the Neo Con Jews
12. Apostle of mobstreet-politics-leading-to-anarchy
13. Staunch supporter of LGBT

NO need to further deliberate how dangerous this ‘Devil-incarnate’ is to the nation and fate of Malaysians.

This short analysis  as a comment is very accurate to describe the ‘Devil-Incarnate’.


The kind of support in terms of apparatus and tools, strategy, media coverage, political clout, tactical operations and money in the form of hard currencies the West is throwing for this ‘Devil-Incarnate’s cause, was simply incomprehensible by any man’s wildest dreams. Forget John Perkin’s “Confession of An Economic Hitman”. In a former-discipile-now-turned-a-crussader-against-this-devil-incarnate’s own word as an ‘enlightened man’, “Logically, he should already have controlled this blessed land. The kind of resources and support he gets externally is mind boggling. Its with Allah grace, we’re still here administering this blessed tanah air”.

An Islamist intellectual who became a politician and rose to the position as State Exco in-charge of Islamic Affairs and Malay Customs was sacked from his job, for criticizing this ‘Devil-Incarnate’. He is now a warrior general in the crusade of the fight against proselytized Malay-Muslims.

That is notwithstanding in the admission of former Deputy Secretary for Muslim Affairs in Fidel Ramos’s administration Umar Camlian in his own words about this ‘Devil-Incarnate’ at Kuala Lumpur, just a few weeks after the latter’s sacking from Federal Government, party and arrest then under ISA.

“We watched him as a a fiery youth leader who talked about Islam in the 70s. We want to be friends with an activist like that since we were also fighting (Ferdinand Marco’s dictatorship) tyranny. And we did. He came over to Mindanao many times and injecting motivational words in the form of fiery speeches to our MILF fighters. Then in 1982, our ‘champ’ was chosen by a Government which had been very supportive for our cause for years, to come into public service and power. We are happy”.

“However as this man climbs up the ladder within the echelon of power, we see very little of him. Then to a point, we sees none of him. He has risen to a position of strategic influence and a member of decision making inner circle. However, we were made to understand that he is often ‘seen’ around Manila, but never bother to be in touch with us”.

By that time, former the Phillipines Armed Forces Supremo Gen. Fidel Ramos succeeded Mrs Cory Aquino as President. Ramos, decided to engage the Mindanao Muslims and they started seriously talk. Then, they had a treaty, ended the bloody feud and Ramos was open enough to bring in several Mindanao Muslim leaders as part of his Cabinet team, including ambassadors representing the Phillipines amongst the OIC countries.

One of them is HE Alvaro Alvarez, who was the Phillipines Ambassador to Tunisia when Camlian told this story about the ‘Devil-Incarnate’.

The ‘Darling of the Neo Con Jews” being ushered to inspect a military parade on his honour and escorted by then Defense Secretary Cohen in The Pentagon

“Even though we laid down arms, but we never disbanded our ‘intelligence’ network. So every time when the Devil-Incarnate was in town, we got him followed. We took very close observation of whom he is with. One of the most usual ‘company’ whenever he is Manila is one of Marcos’s ‘Black Ops’ general, who was then one of the President’s closest  ‘cold war warrior’ aide by the name of ‘Gomes’. We followed his everywhere”.

“One time, Gomes brought the Devil-Incarnate to a paramilitary training camp in the provincial home of the late Benigno “Ninoy” Acquino. We saw how this ‘Devil-Incarnate’ see for himself how persons believed to be Sabahan secessionists being trained by ‘Black Ops’ agents for paramilitary training. We are now dead sure that he is part of ‘Devil’s Own’ network to take over the control of this region”.

Today, this ‘Devil-Incarnate’ is a tool of the Neo Con Jewish agenda to overpower and re-colonialise all the Muslim controlled countries just like Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now in the process, Syria. He is working out an ‘Arab-Spring’ styled Neo Con Jewish sponsored mobstreet-turned-chaos dubbed as ‘Malaysian Spring’ as a tool for the agenda of minority overpowering the majority.

For the sake of God al Mighty and Muhammad the Rasulullah, this ‘Devil-Incarnate’ must be stopped, at all cost.

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