Phantoms of Pengerang

The Johor State Government will ensure all the residents whose properties would be acquired by the Petronas Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) project as per launched by Sultan of Johor in May, would be compensated accordingly inline with Land Code provisions. MB Johor Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman assured this at his Open House in Muar yesterday.

Johor gov’t to meet with Pengerang residents on Rapid

Bernama • Ogos 21, 12 10:37PTG
The Johor Government will hold a meeting with about 2,000 residents in Pengerang, whose land was acquired for the construction of a Petronas Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (Rapid) complex.

Menteri Besar Abdul Ghani Othman said, during the meeting to be held early next month, the government would brief the residents on the relevant National Land Code provisions.

“They will have an opportunity to hear evaluations from the side of the authorities, which they have a right to,” he told reporters at his Aidilfitri open house at Sungai Mati, Ledang today.

The event was attended by about 20,000 guests, including MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek, and state assemblymen.

According to Abdul Ghani, the residents had positively acknowledged the RM60 billion project that would be fully operational in 2017.

Meanwhile, the menteri besar urged Muslims in the state to maintain the Aidilfitri open house culture to prove that unity and harmony existed among the various communities.

– Bernama


We at BigDogDotCom was made to understand that each landowners would received cash for their land plus a 6,000 sq ft plot for a new home, two acres plot for agriculture and subsidised constructions for the new modern home.

Full infrastructure for a new settlement would also be provided.

The 2,400 hectares RAPID project valued at RM 60 billion is expected to create 40,000 new jobs and the total development in Pengerang area would be another 8,800 hectares in development plan, which will spread in 30 years. Foreign direct investments related to the petrochemical industry have been lined up for final approval. RAPID is designed to ensure the value of the area be harnessed and optimized, inline with Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s economic transformation program to bring Malaysia into a higher economy nation.

Johor State Government also will ensure that all necessary environmental issues be carefully looked at and planned before work starts. Special provisions are being planned for fishermen in the affected area and plans include large fresh water fish projects. More importantly, all State Government agencies should be comprehensively detailed in their engagement with issues pertaining to RAPID.

Opposition-proned activists guised as ‘environmentalists’ already detected lurking in the area and talking to the locals. It has been made to understand that another ‘Lynas scare’ and spook the locals to ‘revolt’ against this ambitious plan for the redevelopment of Pengerang, is already on the play. Especially in the run up of the upcoming 13 general elections and Johor is a BN ‘fixed deposit’. The same people who are behind the ‘Lynas scare’ in Kuantan, should be dubbed as ‘Phantoms of Lynas’, is expected to play very active roles in sabotaging RAPID and instigating the rakyat all over Pengerang.

HRH Sultan Johor and PM Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, being briefed on the RAPID Project after the launch on 13 May 2012

HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor already forewarned locals not to reject this mega economic development plan and make unrealistic demands, in his titah during the launch of the project on 13 May 2012. He also reminded the rakyat that economic development projects such as RAPID would eventually bring a lot of progress and multiplier effect, like in other areas which have been proven to benefit from such forward planning.

“If you reject progress, you would be left behind. Its like living in a cave. Don’t refuse development plans which the Government is planning and bringing forth to you”.

It is expected the details of compensation for the affected residents would be formally announced soon. Pengerang residents should reject these ‘Phantoms’ which agenda is actually counter productive to the strategic interests of the area and really affected parties.

The ‘Lynas scare’ experience should be a really bitter lesson which the Johor State Government and all corresponding agencies and GLCs involved with the RAPID project should really pay attention towards. Lynas is no where near as strategic as compared to RAPID. Scientifically, the ‘Phantoms of Lynas’ never could prove that the project is harmful for the people nor the environment. However, the succesful sabotage campaign mounted by the ‘Phantoms of Lynas’ managed to turn the project into a political sting for some of the voters and a battle cry for the Opposition’s campaign.

Part of the issue at hand is about a cemetery in the affected area, which is planned to be moved a new site.

Muslim graves to be relocated for Pengerang project

August 21, 2012

JOHOR BARU, Aug 21 — Muslim graves would be relocated to make way for the construction of the RM60 billion Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Complex (RAPID) project in Pengerang.

A statement issued by the office of Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman here today said the new site of the graves has been identified.

“Although the new site has been identified, the relocation has not commenced and we’re still in discussions with the local Muslim community,” it added.

The RAPID project by national oil and gas corporation Petronas is part of the government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

It is expected to draw a follow-up investment of RM100 billion into the country’s oil and gas industry.

Today’s statement was to clarify the one issued by the Mentri Besar’s Office yesterday.

Yesterday, the mentri besar had said there has been no relocation of Muslim graves to make way for the project.

“There has been no relocation of Muslim graves. As for Chinese cemeteries, the state government is working closely with Chinese associations to find an amicable solution to the relocation of graves,” Ghani said. — Bernama


There are problems foreseen for the Johor State Government in dealing with the Chinese cemetery issue. It has been said that a court injection is in the process of being obtained to stop the Chinese graves from being relocated. Opposition particularly PKR and DAP is bent on making this a political issue for the RAPID project.

Johor has been one of a major target for DAP to instigate the Chinese for not supporting and backing BN in this upcoming 13 GE. The Chinese Chauvinists have been fanning Chinese racial issues such as the demand for an independent Chinese school in Segamat as a run up of political rundown against BN, particularly MCA in Johor. 10 Chinese majority DUN seats are in the target sightings of DAP for this campaign.

Soon, we shall see the hauntings by these ‘Phantoms of Pengerang’.

*Updated 1100am

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  1. No, don’t allow them to terrorize the State. Let’s get groups to counter- demonstrate each time the Pakatan blokes try to make a nuisance of themselves. Only don’t get confrontational or physical.

    Let’s get ready with all the placards, banners and sepandok. Store them somewhere and get them out as and when they come out to demo. UMNO Youth and non-party members. Make sure they’ll get good food and drinks during the demos. Reimburse their transport costs liberally. Get a large database of people willing to join in such counter-protests. Call them each time there is a need to do so.

    Get newsmen and photographers ready to cover our own shows. Surely the BN-friendly mass media can and will publicize them. Drown out their voices. And their sorrowful state of affairs. Those that will protest anything and everything they could find. No, no, no to them.

    • sudah buat dengan lynas. tak lebih 100 orang yang datang sokong bn/lynas

      mungkin boleh sewa orang bangla. kos setiap orang jauh lebih murah. tanyalah khairi mana boleh dapat bangla.

      • Korang pakai kominis dari China. Pemikiran komins nak jatuhkan Kerajaan dengan kekasaran masih haram kau tahu. Nanti di heret ke penjara. Atau apa yng ganti ISA.

  2. if they still play the cemetery issue then just leave the cemetery alone then tell them to enter the cemetery yard they need special pass to enter because all around already convert as petronas etc then without pass they all get into trouble to enter the complex.

    and it also course security issue for the petronas etc

  3. Why is it the Chinese keep asking for their own Chinese school whereas Indians stop asking for more Indian school? Are we not living in Malaysia and should be going to national school?

    • Ini akibat Kerajaan terlampau nak jd populis! Yg dikejor tak dapat, yg dikendung berciciran!

      Demi persepsi kunun kunun ‘nak jaga hati’ (padahal nak tagih undi!), sanggup gadaikan integrasi Malaysia masa hadapan.

      Sedorlah weii! Cina Cina yg begitu di’ampu politik’ ni bukan akan undi BN pun!

  4. If residents who are affected are fully compensated in cash and alternative plots of land, well that could be deemed as a fair deal. As for the relocation of the cemetery, how is that to be done?

    • Perhaps get the religious authorities to agree first, excavate one grave after another, place the soil and all the bones of each individual into one container each, have them re-buried with the do’a at the new grave.

      For the Chinese graves, Lee Kuan Yew’s method may be followed. No harm in liaising with the Singapore authorities on those.

      Having done the best the authorities can do under those circumstances, tell those protesting to go to hell. Or bury themselves in the new graveyards.

      No alternative but to remove the graves elsewhere. It’s ridiculous to have graves in a huge petrochemical complex.

  5. It is better not to relocate any cemetery. That will silence the PR once and for all, since its strategy is to tap on sensitive issues and play it to the gallery. Shut the tap, and PR has no gallery to play to.

  6. Tuan Z,

    Selamat Hari Raya.

    Nampak sgt isu RAPID ni sebenarnya keadaan dimana segelintir org Cina betul betul menggunakan kuasa undi mereka. Ini tidak lain utk sebagai ‘peras ugut politik’.

    Pertama, RAPID bukan kawasan pertama rantau ini dibangunkan sebagai hub petrokimia. Lihat Jurong, Kerteh, Bintulu & Brunei. Brunei sebuah negeri kini membangunkan SPARK, walaupun hasil kekayaan Brunei Shell tak habis makan beberapa generasi!

    • Sorry. Lom habis komen lg!

      Kalau setakat soal ‘alam sekitar’ ni, jgn temberanglah! Industri petrokimia antara paling ketat pengawasan/kawal selia dlm hal hal keselamatan & kesan kepada alam sekeliling, termasuk tumbuhan, hidupan liar & yg dlm habitat semula jadi mereka.

      Kedua, Cina Pengerang ni bukan tak beroleh kenikmatan dari pembangunan yg RAPID bawa. Silap silap boleh majukan macam macam bisness lg.

      Ketiga, apasal nak tentang pembagunan RAPID? Melainkan ada dikalangan Cina Pengerang ni nak ugut dari Kerajaan terutama Johor utk jauh lebih banyak banding dgn harta mereka yg diambik!

      Keempat, ni bukan pertama kali kawasan kubur mahu diubah demi kepentingan awam. Sedara mereka seberang beberapa ratus ela tu tanah kubur mak-bapak-atuk-moyang mereka kena pindah, takda pun buat FB! Takda pun nak buat demonstrasi!

      Memang benar Tuan Z kata. Ini semua ulangan episod Lynas. Kalau takda Pembangkang belakang Lynas, mana mungkin ianya jadi sampai hujah Ahli Parlimen PAS Hulu Langat sendri yg sebenarnya pakar sains nuklear ni mereka buat buta-tuli ja!

      UMNO Johor mesti bertindak. Jgn biorkan DAP/PKR menggunakan isu RAPID sebagai modal politik & akibatkan Kerajaan terpaksa kompromi atau tangguhkan RAPID.

      Kalau UMNO Johor teragak agak bawah Ghani, nanti kita kumpul org org Melayu baah NGO seperti Perkasa dan bertindak. Baru berentap dgn Cina yg mengada ngada ni. Baru buku bertemu ruas!

      Sebagai Anak Watan Tanah Melayu, kita memang nantikan projek seperti RAPID ini dibawa kepada Bumi Melayu. Pengerang akan maju & tidak ditinggalkan arus perdana lagi walaupun hampir keseluruhan Selatan Johor dah nikmati pembangunan akibat ekonomi limpahan kemajuan serantau.

      • he he he. pengerang ini projek orang cina taiwan. apasal nak mintak perkasa/pekida/pekasam sokong kepentingan bisnes n ekonomi orang cina?

        masa bersih n lynas itu perkasa pergi berRUNtap, bukan berentap. ibraheng ali pun tertidor kat parlimen. he he he

        lynas itu pun hak milik orang ostralia. kelakar sungguh tengok orang umno bn sokong atas alasan ia hak melayu

  7. Hantar dia orang pergi Singapore saja. Baru dia orang tau Lee Kuan Yew gali kubur Cina nak buat pembangunan berpuluh tahun dulu. Dia tak peduli apa pun.

    Mengada ngada anti-nasional punya jenis.

  8. Since Information Technology & Multimedia is to be Malaysia’s “next engine of growth” why not Petronas build a virtual reality refinery to keep the critics happy 😉

    More seriously, I’m glad that the PM’s Economic Transformation Programme adopts a more holistic approach to national development, rather than rely on one “sexy,” “prestigious,” industry, which has not been able to save the economy of the United States or of California for that matter, and while IT may provide many jobs for IT professionals in Bangalore, it has not done much to improve the livelihoods of most people in India, where there is over 50% cellphone penetration but where about 33% have ACCESS to a toilet, while the rest have to do it in the open, like behind a bush.

    Sayang IT
    Makan IT
    Muntah IT
    Berak IT

    BTW. The Facebook share price is in the scheiss haus

  9. […] ‘Phantoms of Pengerang’ already started their hauntings. It was said that four persons obtained a court injunction from […]

  10. Isu sebenar pada pandangan aku (menantu orang pengerang), apa yang aku dengar.

    Pampasan Tanah – masih menjadi teka-teki dan tanda tanya (ada kata 20sen sekaki persegi / ada kata RM15 sekaki persegi ada yang kata patutnya RM25 sekaki persegi dan ada yang kata lebih dari itu)

    Pampasan Rumah – masih menjadi teka-teki dan tanda tanya (ganti rumah baru ke?, macam mana taksiran harga rumah sedia ada?, satu geran banyak rumah diganti dengan bilangan yang serupa ke?)

    Pampasan pokok buah2an/tanamam – masih menjadi teka-teki dan tanda tanya (khabar angin mengatakan RM30/pokok – adakah logik.pokok rambutan/durian/mangga dll yang menghasilkan pendapatan lebih RM200/musim di tafsirkan begitu)

    Pengalihan kubur – masih menjadi teka-teki dan tanda tanya (khabar angin mengatakan waris akan menanggung kos pengalihan kubur (ada yang percaya walaupun tidak logik))

    Pada pendapat aku, hampir keseluruhan orang melayu bersetuju untuk berpindah, tetapi pihak berkuasa masih lagi bermain teka-teki dalam hal-hal asas di atas. sehinggakan ada pihak mengambil kesempatan meniupkan khabar angin yang tidak menyebelahi kerajaan.

    Selagi pihak berkuasa masih berlengah untuk memberikan maklumat yang tepat dan menjawab persoalan penduduk, semakin sukarlah untuk pihak berkuasa untuk memperbetulkan keadaan kerana sekarang `fitnah2′ yang ditaburkan oleh pihak berkepentingan lebih dipercayai dan diyakini.

    Berkaitan dengan isu alam sekitar pula – pada pendapat aku itu hanya mainan politik sahaja.

  11. […] hauntings by the ‘Phantoms of Pengerang’ is going another gear up, after they managed to file a court injunction to stop RAPID. Several […]

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