Ghosts Vs Government

The ‘Phantoms of Pengerang’ already started their hauntings. It was said that four persons obtained a court injunction from Johor Bahru High Court yesterday to stop the RAPID project.

Four gentlemen namely Chong Chun Yet, Hong Thian Hwa, Chong Ah Sin and Lim Kui Hak ages between 27 and 53 years old named Johor State Government, Kota Tinggi Land Adminstrator and Johor State Economic Planning Unit as defendants in a summon to stop the RAPID project. Their complain is about the relocation of Chinese cemeteries in five kampungs all over Pengerang, which is part of Kota Tinggi district.

This is a precursor of ‘throwing spanner to works’ pertaining to the land acquisition exercise in Pengerang, which is scheduled to roll from 3 September. Any action taken by the Johor State Government against this court injunction which include to rectify the summon is expected to be made into a political issue, particularly by Chinese Chauvinist party DAP.

This is not the first time cemeteries were affected and had to be relocated. There is a beautiful Chinese cemetery created in the middle of Kluang town, as a result of grave relocation exercise. So was in Medini, near Kota Iskandar. However, this is the first time it is being opposed so close to a general elections.

The relocation of 8 kampungs around Pengerang for the RAPID project involves also 4 schools. Johor State Government already allocated a parcel of 2,000 acres for each families affected as part of the compensation scheme. This is on top of the acquisition of the residents’ land parcels, which undergone stringent valuation processs as per provided by the National land Code. A 6,000 sq ft plot for a replacement home is allocated for each family and what ever the value of their home being acquired under the exercise, would be off set for the construction of the new modern home. Johor State Government will also provide the necessary infrastructure for the new township.

Johor State Government via State Economic Planning Unit considered all the affected Pengerang residents’ plight before coming up with a comprehensive master plan for the relocation exercise. The delay with all of these hauntings would set the development of RAPID back. Petronas is expected to begin operation from 2017, where there are actively discussing with 20 different corporations which will bring the right value for RAPIID’s downstream derivative activities and commercialization programs.

32% of Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak’s economic transformation plan (ETP) announced is centered around RAPID and Pengerang. Failure to develop all these planned projects would simply set the ETP program backwards. The plan for a higher value economy and a working population with higher income would definitely be impaired. Part of the realization of a developed nation status ‘Vision 2020’ would also be affected.

The real issue is now about these Ghosts versus Johor State Government. The mandate for Johor State Government is representation of the majority’s aspiration. The majority wants progress. Even HRH Sultan of Johor reminded Pengerang folks, “Not to reject progress and make riddiculous demands“. They are just minority imposing themselves against the will of the majority.

Maybe these instigators aka ‘Phantoms of Pengerang’ need to be exorcised, first.

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  1. if Lynas is not as strategic as Rapid IE 40000 JOBS then why doesnt the AELB give the TOL – its embarrassing for Malaysia to be seen as this weak and giving in to a bunch of radicals

  2. I object to the word “gentlemen”, Sir. They are not gentlemen if they object to a hugely beneficial project.

    I’m quite sure the judiciary will see the overwhelming good to the nation compared to the few who only want to derail the project. The authorities must go to the highest court of the land. Get certificates of urgency so that cases may be disposed of expeditiously.

    Follow Lee Kuan Yew style. Just explain, have the injunction removed, then carry on with the project.

  3. ‘a beautiful chinese cemetery….’ I wonder how can a cemetery be beautiful? Would anyone like to settle down beside a ‘beautiful cemetery’? Maybe housing estates should be set up facing the cemetery. If this bunch of radicals love the cemetery so much get them to live around it.

  4. Send the skeletons dug from the grave back to China. Do not tolerate these bloody descendants of immigrants. Take away their passports, ICs and citizenship.

  5. Come onlah Ah Pek, gravesite has been moved all the time. In this case it is for the benefit of all those who live in the vicinity. Sampai bila lu mau Melayu jadi miskin? Lu mau lu punya bangsa saja ka jadi kaya?

    Itu pasatla wa bilang pigi Sekolah Kebangsaan, bukan sekolah cina, sekalang lu tak boley paham apa gomen mau bikin. Semua pun talak betui, lu dengar sama itu cibai punya Anuar, Lim Kit Siang itu macamlah jadi. Talak suka Cina sana balik lah. Tiu nia maa..

    Eh Ah Pek aar, wa kasi ingat sama lu:

    Ini Melayu sudah kasi kalah sama lu Min Yuen and itu nia ama punya Bintang Tiga. Lu bapak aar, gua punya bapak sudah kasi potong. Lu lagi bikin kacau pun lagi sikali lu misti kalah punya!

    • Ini Apek Pengerang takmo kasi ini projek RAPID jalan sebab sulah manyak tawon ini tempat jadi sarang penyeludupan.

      Kalau ada pembangunan, ini kelija tidak boleh bikin lagi!

      Ini kelija manyak untong….wooo! Apa cukai talak kina bayor! Manyak pengkalan tikus ada sulah mikin utk ini kelija!

      Mana buleh tutup ini bisiness???

      Itu Ah Long satu Johor, semua ada share!!

  6. Malaysia should learn from Singapore to overcome this type of problem.
    This phantoms are only intrested to failed this project.

  7. Bro,

    Cemetery is juz a disguise. There r more 2 it. This involved future planning (next generation) of condos, entertainment district, etc.

    It’s happening.

  8. Like someone posted in Rockybru, these “Phantoms” should go take a look at Singapore’s Jurong Island (which is a hop, skip and jump away from mainland Singapore) and ask themselves why so many oil and petrochemical companies (including Basf, ExxonMobil and Shell) have invested billions of dollars in plants there.

    It’s all about “first mover” advantage…..and Malaysia, with all it’s oil resources has been sleeping, while a resourceless island city state has forged ahead. Ironic, isn’t it.?

    And this will continue if the “Phantoms” have their way!

    By all means, be open and transparent about the EIAs for the RAPID project. Get the best international consultants involved, if that’s what’s needed.

    But don’t hold back progress, investments and good jobs in the pursuit of some unknown agenda cloaked under the cover of environmental impacts.

    • this is what has happened with Lynas. THey have done everything, past every EIA, PSC, AELB, IAEA test and still NOTHING – no license although approved at the beginning of the year 2012. So whats wrong, whos holding it up. Meanwhile the World watches and moves leaving Malaysia as a sleepy fishing village

  9. so a group of people (4) are holding up RAPID?


    40,000 jobs in the waiting and this is being held up by fear and not fact?

  10. […] by the ‘Phantoms of Pengerang’ is going another gear up, after they managed to file a court injunction to stop RAPID on 23 August. Several lawyers linked to Opposition have been detected consulting the minority of […]

  11. […] PKR came in with their ‘Lynas-scare’ activists. Where else, DAP instigated the local Pengerang Chinese to make a lot of issues from the Chinese cemeteries relocation. They are believed to be backing the group which has taken […]

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