Golok bombings & Mat King Leather


On the day Malaysians celebrated 55th Independence with joy and fireworks bang, across the border was something alarming. Golok Police Chief announced 30 live bombs were found.

In three provinces in the South where many Thai Muslims reside, persons believed to be members of separatists movements burned the Thai flag and hoisted Malaysia’s Jalur Gemilang instead. This is baffling to many because these separatist never wanted or struggled to be part of Malaysia. Their struggle is along about their own separate state or independent from Thailand.

Spokesman for Thai Government regional security agency Col. Pramote Prom-in told reporters the insurgents were trying to damage relations between Thailand and Malaysia. However it would not have any impact, since “Thailand and Malaysia have had a good relationship all along”.

Two months ago, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was exactly in the same area. Could this be part of his network’s effort to create discomfort between Malaysia-Thailand good relationship?

Thai Premier Yingluck Shinawatra and PM Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak in Perdana Putra

Newly elected Thai Premier Yingluck Shinawatra has enjoyed cordial and very close working relationship with Malaysian counterpart Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak. This is something that Anwar Ibrahim is not comfortable, especially when he was close to Thaksin Shinawatra. Anwar Ibrahim has been known to have used his ‘international connection’ for his politics. Just like Indonesian-staged opposition feeling towards Malaysia and staged demonstrations and attacks against Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta.

It is no surprise that Anwar Ibrahim’s hands are in this new development around Sg Golok area. After all, he is Malaysia’s Supremo Drama King.

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  1. BD – Special Branch and army intelligence should not take this possibility lightly ,that Liwatman and gang may be involved. We should not be in denial because truth is uncomfortable like the KDN Minister keeping a blind eye on the insults and anti nation behaviour on eve of merdeka. U can petend it didnt happen and it was not an illegal gathering. But the facts are plastered over the internet- worse than the may 12th urinating incident – ie pictures of young chinese in act of defecating the picture of the Prime MInister and cheering each other to deface the picture of PM and his wife. The more dangerous action was the rejection of the Malaysian flag and to be by replaced flag ala Singapore. THe KDN minister like the govt would be uncomfortable to admit such hatred towards the govt. But this is the hatred that will evolve into something bigger. Of course as what happened in may 13th 1969, the leaders of opposition and communists will deny and feign surprise at what had happened. But this is the game and will be played to again to pretend its not them but the people showing their anger.KDN Menteri and Malaysian government you better have the stomach to deal with this NOW. If you dont know what to do then all is lost. There will be bigger movements in your face come elections.

    DAP and Gerakan had refused to accept that it was their rascist insults and racial slurs thrown at the Malays that became the catalyst of May 13th.1969. The exhibitng of private parts at the Malays- how different is that on eve of merdeka 2012? Thats just for starters. But its similar to what happened prior MAy13th – from 1967 when hartal chinese did the same- starting with and spitting at the faces of police on duty and the police had to remain calm. It was a mistake.It was taken as a sign of cowardice.

    To prevent this from spreading please suggest that all blogs carry still photo grabs of the ‘anti nation of malaysia ‘ activists – faces of the man and women who stepped on the photos of PM with such hatred and sadistic glee. Faces of the men and women carryiing the antion nation of malaysia flag. Ppalster them over the internet- ask for who they are and for people who know them to identify them. For police to call them in. And for the organiser marina chin and leaders of oppostion to be plastered with the anti national flag on their chest. Asks them if this is what they want shoudl they be happier if they are sent o live in Singapore ? What are they doing in Malaysia? Name them and shame them> shame them with users plastering picture of turd beside them. We should gather infront of their houses and their leaders and do t he same to them.

    Last but not least- if the government ignored dataran merdeka and did not usher merdeka on 30th at Dataran but made a commercial decision to celebrate at KLCC then you cant blame others if they use that opportunity to grab the pole at dataran. Lucky Marina Chin, Samad Said and Mat Sabu didnt urinate on the flagpole. If not all will be traumatised by a Ugly Merdeka nightmare!


    • i fully agree with limkitboo. this incident is not to be ignored or looked at lightly. KDN Minister should take action pronto. please do not let these ungrateful hooligans turn our country into chaos.

      thank you.
      -Hantu Siber –

    • The behaviour of those who urinated and stuck their a***es on the photos is disgusting and an act of uncivilised lunatics. No democratic rallies anywhere in the world would condone such acts, which make many of us believe the rally was purely a circus of clowns and lunatics, stripped of any form of decency and civility. And the ugly socalled alternative ‘national flag’ looks like a prelude to the establishment of a republic country.

  2. These Opposition buggers are exploiting the non-confrontational stand which Government appears to have taken in view of PRU13. The whole lot of them takes advantage of each and everything, including Maria Chin even organizing the yellow shirted blokes turning up at the Dataran Merdeka on Merdeka eve despite being told by the Police in no uncertain terms that they didn’t apply for a permit within the 10 days stipulated by the new law, they therefore have no permit and rallying that evening would be illegal.

    They did it all the same. Acted with impunity. And Maria, like Ambiga, is a lawyer at that. Arrested at Bersih rally but got away and therefore became emboldened to do such an illegal act again.

    But Anwar has been a Deputy Prime Minister, a highly responsible post that should have drummed into him a strong sense of responsibility, including being sensitive on Malaysia-Thai relations. Whatever he did or didn’t do in Pattaya, Narathiwat etc, he had no business to be going there. His very presence would have stirred some sentiments among the majority-Malays Thai population there, perhaps encouraging some to act boldly against the Thai authorities against whom they have been engaging in a war of independence. It’s utterly stupid on the part of Anwar – to say the least. Yet it cannot be ruled out that he may be having thoughts of embarrassing the Malaysian Government or causing friction in Malaysia-Thai relations.Damn him.

    Until the Malaysian Government takes drastic steps to control this kind of buggers from doing further damage to the country, we must continue to whack them endlessly and frequently here, there and everywhere. And keep on urging the Government not to just watch and sigh at such happenings. ISA is no more but the replacement to that needs to be tested on. Test it on these blokes.

  3. The Malaysian Malaysia agenda is still alive and kicking. That flag is a telltale sign of political desperation or a “testing of the waters” strategy. All this while, the south neighbour had been very careful to remain low profile.

    Coupled with the incident of Thai flag burning, this points to intended neighbourly “support” or “interference”. As for Indonesian “interference” many incidents in the past had “agitated” peoples of both countries to indulge in political bashing.

    Namewee, Manoharan and pakatan had all along been critical and dismissive of Jalur Gemilang and the national anthem. Anwar had always relied on his political foreign allies to “assist” him. Nurul had sought Estrada’s help, Anwar himself ran to the Turkish embassy to escape “assassination” attempt. Articles and reports in the Singapore media expressing “approval” of anwar and pakatan, is no secret.

    ‘Tanda Putera’ had them suffering sleepless nights – suspecting a “brainwashing” attempt of the younger generation Malaysians. They are petrified that the truth will be exposed and had prompted LKS to loudly deny any role in the May 69 racial riots. Bersih1234 and ‘Arab spring’ had failed miserably and the foreign sponsors are jumping mad.

    These incidents point to the deeply entrenched mission of destroying the Malay-led government. The sheriff in South East Asia must be monitored closely. Malaysia should exercise ALL caution and not dismiss any of these incidents lightly. Collectively they denote a political “homicide”. Better err on the cautious side.

    Legally, preparations of paperwork to penalise instigators and provocateurs must be initiated NOW (or even yesterday) to pre-empt getting caught off guard and unprepared.

    P.S. I do hope the intelligence had anwar tracked all this while, and even ambiga etc.

    • Yes, I’m sure they have. Our Special Branch and Military Intelligence can be relied upon.

      Only the political masters not acting. Waiting for “the right time”. Any time before the general elections is not the right time. Hope it’d not be too late a time.

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