Bloggers honoured at TUDM media open day

Today, Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM) treated 60 new media practioners which include 30 bloggers for a open day for media in TUDM Kuantan. Special guest is Minister of Defense Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Panglima Tentera Udara Jen Tam Sri Rodzali “Rod” Daud is hosting.

Bloggers, just before departing from Pengakalan Udara Subang

All the VIPs and media would be flown onboard C130H Hercules military transport from Pengakalan Udara Subang to Pengkalan Udara Kuantan. The organizer for the event is Corporate Communications Unit, MINDEF, in collaboration with TUDM.

MiG 29Ns from Sdqn No 17 approaching the C130H carrying the bloggers for a ‘Forced Down’ interception demonstration

A spectacular show would awaits them. During the flight from Pengakalan Udara Subang to Kuantan, show started when the C130H carrying the media was ‘intercepted’ by two MiG 29N and demonstrated for a ‘Forced Down’. ‘Five terrorists’ were apprehended by PASKAU commandos upon their arrival in Pengkalan Udara Kuantan.

PASKAU commandos extracted after a successful mission

They would be treated with the MiG 29N ‘Smoking Bandits’ launch alert and Hawk 206 attack aerial display and several static displays. The new media practitioners are free to shoot and write about any objects or movements they see and observe in Pengkalan Udara Kuantan, without any restriction. The highlight of the day would be two bloggers been specially selected and flown to a height of 10,000ft and they would do a tandem-free-fall jump from the military transport.

SENTRY Command Control System: Monitoring 150 aircraft movements all over the Peninsular

Minister of Defense and all guests were brought to Sqdn 320 Sector Operations Centre 02 (SOC02), were live demonstration of the SENTRY Command and Control system is being displayed. Real time air defense operations involving two MiG 29Ns from Sqdn. No. 17 callsigned ‘Taufan Ganas 1’ and ‘Taufan Ganas 2’ were deployed to intercept an identified approaching aircraft designated as Bravo Bravo 100.

The visit to Pengkalan Udara Kuantan will also be demonstrated with the TUDM alert readiness and PASKAU deployment and extraction from the combat area of operations.

The new media posse is expected to arrive back Pengakalan Udara Subang at 1830hrs. A special sumptuous BBQ dinner awaits them.

*Updated 1200noon

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  2. Tahniah TUDM. Bijak mengendalikan urusan Public Relation. Semoga cabang perkhidmatan ATM yang lain juga dapat belajar dari langkah bijak ini.

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