Ready, aim…..

The YouTube video first uploaded by blogger Jiwa Paradox about a man believed to be Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, drawing his automatic pistol from a fleeing car in Kampung Rim, Jasin, Melaka on 8 September.

In the YouTube video, the man was in a black Toyota Camry leaving a scene as another man was running away in opposite direction from the fleeing car.

Zimbo, clearly taking aim against no one near him (probably a jeering crowd plus photographer/videographer) in a threatening act as the black Camry flees the scene

In slow motion, it is clear the man not only used his right hand to draw and took aim with the pistol but also used his left hand to support the aim. That should be construed as taking aim at a target just moments before pulling the trigger and had the intentions to discharge the weapon.

Then again there was no clear indication of any threat was eminent to the black Camry. The man in the black car’s action is a serious act of agression. In a situation of such crisis, that act warrants an act of self defence.

Supremo Journo-Blogger Datuk Rocky identified the man as Zimbo.

We hope there was a Police report made for this. This looks very serious, as is. Not too long ago, bodyguard to Anwar and PKR legal goons was quick to make a Police report against the Police for “An attempted murder” when they discharged teargas against Bersih protesters.


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