Ready, aim…..

The YouTube video first uploaded by blogger Jiwa Paradox about a man believed to be Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, drawing his automatic pistol from a fleeing car in Kampung Rim, Jasin, Melaka on 8 September.

In the YouTube video, the man was in a black Toyota Camry leaving a scene as another man was running away in opposite direction from the fleeing car.

Zimbo, clearly taking aim against no one near him (probably a jeering crowd plus photographer/videographer) in a threatening act as the black Camry flees the scene

In slow motion, it is clear the man not only used his right hand to draw and took aim with the pistol but also used his left hand to support the aim. That should be construed as taking aim at a target just moments before pulling the trigger and had the intentions to discharge the weapon.

Then again there was no clear indication of any threat was eminent to the black Camry. The man in the black car’s action is a serious act of agression. In a situation of such crisis, that act warrants an act of self defence.

Supremo Journo-Blogger Datuk Rocky identified the man as Zimbo.

We hope there was a Police report made for this. This looks very serious, as is. Not too long ago, bodyguard to Anwar and PKR legal goons was quick to make a Police report against the Police for “An attempted murder” when they discharged teargas against Bersih protesters.


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  1. From the video, it is clear there is no threat whatsoever to the perpetrator. The one guy that appear on the video is running away from him. Therefore there is no basis for this guy to take aim toward anybody/target. Holding a firearm with both hand is only done when one intend to precise his aim toward a particular target before pulling the trigger.

    In military term or rules of engagement, this behavior is what construed as a ‘hostile act’. In other word it is way passed ‘hostile intent’ phase, thus a preemptive response (open/returning fire) in self defense is certainly warranted.

    There is a big different between bearing and aiming a firearm.

  2. Terancam apa ke jadahnya? budak-budak kampung Rim, Jasin ni ada senjata api ke? kalau setakat memekak memprotes sebab menyampah dengar Anwar kelentong apa bahayanya? Mana punya samseng Anwar pakai? Gengster ni la kot bakal dilantik jadi menteri dalam negeri agaknya kalau Anwar jadi PM.

    Ini mengingatkan kita kepada perjuangan rakyat Palestin. Bebudak tu cuma ada batu dan kayu untuk lawan askar zionis yang ada pistol dan senapang. Askar Israel tu pulak memang bersungguh-sungguh pertahankan pemimpin Zionis diaorang.

    • Anwar ni memang didukung Yahudi Neo Con Amerika & ‘buah hati’ Zionis Israel pun!

      Tu sebab bodigad dia perasan budak budak kampung di Jasin ni bersenjata api semuanya

      Kalau cam tu pemikiran, buat apa naik bas. Mintaklah US bagi mana kereta kebal Bradley yg dah lama sikit tu. Ada perisai kebal & 25mm chain gun. Ramai budak budak kampung boleh kojol sekali bedil!

      Tak main la setakat pistol 9mm!

  3. Under pakatan rule, freedom of speech will be countered with deadly firearms or court case to create a silent obedient rakyat.

  4. Lord Biggie of Canineshire,

    I am convinced Anwar Al Juburi Wal Jimak Al Dolly needed the armed and highly trained bodyguards.

    It’s not for the protection of the Opposition Leader.

    Ita actually for the protection and comfort of the Rakyat. With the bus and armed with streams of lies, manipulations & fabrications of facts to lie, he is going around the nation to instigate & turning t=our people into anarchists & political mobs.

    This is not withstanding the fact that he also sodomise & adulterate, whenever he can conveniently slot it. We’ve seen videos that even people’s waves are his target.

    It is the public who needed protection against him & his goons. These are what the armed bodyguards should be doing.

    • Oooh !! When think of it , you are right . It is more to protect the people ( non hairy one especially )  from this sexually  insane lunatic ,  the in-waiting Prime Minister , The Maniac   . Oooh !! I hate to be wrong .

  5. Mohon dipautkan blog saya di blog ini.


  6. This is nothing compare to the UTK police who like to use C4 explosive

    • Why you compare that one, stupid? This one is a bodyguard wanting to harm the rakyat. The c4 case is one individual, some believed already murdered, only want to obliterate.

      Where you put your head? Between your legs and below your tail?

  7. This is misleading, an edited video, the partwhich show the mob threaten to damage the car was deleted.

    • You mean the Bersih mob overturning the Police car ha? Where got on this video one?

    • Even if it is so, that point had passed and he ‘MAY’ and only have the right to first and foremost, warn them off by indicating (displaying?) that he is armed. If there is a threat to his or his charge safety, he is still required by procedure to fire a warning shot (typically a shot in the air). In case the person who posed the threat stil advances to a point where he/she became an imminent threat to him or his charge, then by procedure he is required to disable him/her. In other word he is not allowed to shoot with the aim to kill unless that is the only way to end the threat .

      Simply put, he have no right to do so AFTER THE FACT, which apparently is the case in this video. By the way his charge (Anwar) is safely tucked away in the bus!)

    • Pathetic and stupid comment. Were the ‘mob’ armed like Anwar’s gangster or actually caused damage like the Bersih mob?

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