No Birthday Wee-sh

Malaysia Airlines first A380-800 getting the traditional welcome at KLIA, as it arrives from Airbus Centre 29 June 2012

It is one minute to the end of the day. But yet, no ‘Birthday Wish’ from our own ‘Malaysia Airlines Watch’ Member of Parliament. Looks like the MP will miss the ‘flight’ to wish the national carrier, ‘Happy Birthday’.

YB Wee Choo Keong has been on the rabid track which is nearing obsession, chewing onto Malaysia Airlines since the ‘share suap’ announced 6 August last year. However, even though on 1 May the ‘share suap’ has been reversed and Tony Fernandes and co. are no longer in control of the national carrier, Wee has been still hard on his mauls.

He has been producing documents and information, which should be considered as ‘confidential’. One particular example is the complete passenger manifest of Flight MH 5439 from Toulouse to KLIA on 28 June 2012. This information should not be made open for public consumption, much like occupancy list in a hotel for any given time. Then again MP for Wangsa Maju probably is over zealous in ‘uncovering’ certain stories, clearly being fed by disgruntled personalities within Malaysia Airlines.

We would like to remind Yang Berhormat that he does not enjoy immunity for doing so in the public domain, unlike in the Dewan Rakyat when Parliament is in session.

Did the blogging MP ever think through the implication of putting the manifest into public domain? What if any of the names listed take Malaysia Airlines or Airbus Industrie to court, for  the negligence in divulging information which is deemed to be private and confidential?

Probably many would now think twice taking flights on Malaysia Airlines because their travel information could easily be leaked and eventually appear in public domain for scrutiny. The perception of the privacy of travelers is easily compromised, especially through elected representatives.

Without a ’40th Birthday Wish’ from Wee, it illustrates the indescriminate bashing attitude instead of using the bloggosphere as a communication tool to reach out to more people.  Moreover, the gross lack of having the positive and progressive intention for Malaysia Airlines. Probably he has been taken in by disgruntled Malaysia Airlines employees with their own specific agenda, who have been feeding him with a lot of privy information all these while.

If that is the case, then the respectable Yang Berhormat could lose credibility in anything that he champions from now on.

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  1. Perhaps he’s just busy with parliament currently in session?

    • That’s right.

      Then again it just took me fifteen minutes, to whack him. And I just stepped in from a lengthy dinner meeting.

      How long is it again to come up with a paragraph to wish the national carrier, which he is known to be ‘championing’ the past one year, ‘Happy Birthday’?

      • It’s his prerogative to wish or not biggie.

        Anyway, as an MP he has done quite well in defending MY Airlines from TF’s share suap. The way i saw it the other MPs were just too stupid to understand the repercussions to MY Airlines in respect of the suap.


    • YB Wee did post a new piece on his blog. He praised AJ for the “People Engagement Survey”. Even posted AJ’s circular e mail to the Group (Ref. No. GCEO/CIR 028/12), marked “STRICTLY FOR INTERNAL CIRCULATION ONLY).

      But no Birthday Wish to MAS. He could hv just added a simple line.

      What a pity!

      Anyway, Happy Birthday MAS. Had a lot of fond memories flying with you, since the 70s.

  2. Anjing gemok macam babi peliharaan MAS memang mulut puki.

    • ni mesti anak luar nikah yg tak ada bapak …..

      tu yg ckp merapu tu..

  3. Papagomo sakit dan tidak berblogging. Macam mana dia boleh beri komen demikian?

    • Papagomo tengah menyelam tu. Masa LIMA tu hari kena soh keluo dr sub sebelom sempat dive. Kata org, mengganggu missi.

      Camana boleh tulis komen, walaupun dlm laut?

      Sbb ada bela hantu raya kut…..

  4. Aisayman Yb, come on lah, pandering to the plight of the frustrated bunch is one thing, but tak kanla wishing MAS as a whole a happy birthday or something to that effect pun tak boleh.

    Lupa kalu, still got time one, do it here oso can mah..

  5. […] politician who had ‘jumped’ around at least three different corners, also went after Malaysia Airlines over six years […]

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