An Anti-Constitutional warning

The Regent of Perak HRH Raja Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlah Shah in his contstitutional capacity, issued a warning to all the Anti Consitutional elements which include the Opposition leaders.

Published: Thursday October 11, 2012 MYT 6:24:00 PM
Updated: Thursday October 11, 2012 MYT 8:30:02 PM

Raja Nazrin: Desecrating flag an attack on nation’s sovereignty

KUALA LUMPUR: The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, likened the act of desecrating the Jalur Gemilang, which is one of the national symbols, as an attack on the nation’s sovereignty.

“Whatever our political or ideological differences, our national symbols belong to all citizens.

“By allowing these symbols to be trashed, we are opening ourselves up to a host of consequences, including the possibility of inflaming passions, inviting tit-for-tat retaliation and so forth.

“Hate and anger are some of the most powerful human emotions. When they take hold of society, they are difficult, and oftentimes impossible, to control.

“Our national symbols should therefore be placed above the political fray,” he said when launching the Malaysia Brand Forum 2012, here on Thursday.

Raja Nazrin said the act of desecrating a flag was more than one individual’s statement of disrespect and criticism.

“The act is deliberately designed to insult what many others treasure and consider a source of pride and joy.

“Whatever one may think of the rights of individuals to express themselves, the larger consequences of their actions cannot and should not be ignored,” he said.

Raja Nazrin said some countries had enacted specific laws to protect their national symbols, including Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland, with specific penalties for the desecration of their national flags.

Raja Nazrin also expressed concern over the tendency of some quarters to discredit and undermine the national symbols that play such an important role in Malaysian national life.

“I am also concerned about the extent to which some are pushing against the institutional pillars that are holding up this nation.”

He said there were at least two reasons why this might be the case.

One is a fundamental misunderstanding of how individual rights and freedoms are to be exercised within the context of a nation.

The other is the impact of generational change in eroding the significance, meanings and value of nation building and its symbols.

Raja Nazrin said human beings had always craved for freedom, however, “if boundaries are disregarded in the exercise of individual freedoms, we will end up weakening rather than strengthening the bonds that bind us as a nation. We need to instil in our young a sense of responsibility and community”.

As with generational change, he said: “With each passing generation, people become less familiar with the circumstances around which this country was formed and built. That is why I cannot over-emphasise enough the need for both well-thought and well-taught history in our schools.

“In this way, our students can better appreciate and respect the national institutions and symbols around us. This appreciation and respect are clearly missing when national symbols are deliberately desecrated.” – Bernama


They have clearly demonstrated their Anti Constitutional traits, in their sordid attempt to come into power and impose themselves against the will of the majority. In the process, they have desecrated Jalur Gemilang, honour the leftists who were outright supporters of the communist rebels and terrorists, insulted Islam and Muslims and insult HRH Malay Rulers.

The plot gets thicker. Some Opposition leaders not only take their politics to the church, but openly support some churches effort to prosetylise Muslims. This is is clearly against the Federation of Malaysia Consitution, where Islam is the religion of the federation of Malaysia.

Even younger Malaysians openly demonstrated their Anti Constitutional tendencies, due to the ‘Politics of Hatred” strategy.

For a Ruler to issue such a strong titah, really reflect the severity of these Anti Consitutionalists. And his is not a first time a ruler issued a warning via a titah. HRH Tuanku Sultan Johor also issued similar titah against former DAP-puppet Menteri Besar of Perak Nizar Jamaluddin for his twitter insult against HRH Tuanku, in the opening ceremony of the Johor State Assembly on 14 June.

Some Opposition leaders have been advocating and practicing these Anti Constitutional traits since 45 years ago. It is clear they are unable to convince the majority for their support, via the democratic political process. So, they resorted to the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

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  1. They are “testing the waters” and the patience of the authorities. When only warnings are given day in day out, nobody will respect the laws of the land.

    Each time an offence is committed, only warnings and advisories are given. So these power-hungry instigators and subversive elements will merrily challenge the OB markers to see how far they can go.

    The perception that the authorities are reluctant to take action will soon become a reality.

  2. The youngsters who raised the Sang Saka Malaya were misguided and ignorant about the sanctity of the national flag, the Jalur Gemilang. The Regent of Perak is right in pointing out the dangers of such behaviour. Still, it goes to show just how much the youths involved hate the government of the day. They seem to associate the BN with the Jalur Gemilang. They need to be educated on the how’s and why’s this flag came to be. Bottom line is they want to rid the country of BN to the point of changing the flag if possible. It reflects badly on BN when the young people are so pissed off with ruling party. Too bad, their votes will go to Pakatan Rakyat. Long live Anwar! ABU!

  3. Desecrating the Jalur Gemilang was the latest in a string of many acts designed to destroy whatever have been the building blocks of our nation. It is as if there is an orchestrated attempt to deny the coming generations of our nation’s history and to rewrite that history to fit the ‘struggles’ of a particular individual, party or parties.

    It is too simplistic to say that the youths involved were merely demonstrating their hatred for the BN government unless of course you deliberately intend to blur the bigger picture. The demonising of our judiciary, system of laws and those tasked with upholding and defending those laws started not too long ago. Now our national symbols have been targeted. I may not be wrong if I say that this movement began even before the day a certain individual was convicted of corruption/abuse of power way back in the late ’90s. And along the way, opportunists jumped on the bandwagon. The parties concerned saw this as an opportunity to destabilise the nation and take power for themselves through whatever means presented to them. They will not stop in their provocations until they are successful in creating such a great wave of anger and hatred that they believe they can use to achieve their ends. The hatred of one individual and his lifelong determination to seek vengeance is behind all these, with the support of political opportunists, religious bigots, racists and foreign interests who are into these for their own ends.

    There is one thing or another happening every year: Bersih, Lynas and now Penggerang. Very well planned and sustained. The puppeteers always seem to get away.

    We ignore them all at our own peril!

  4. What about perak? Did the people vote umno or BN? Did they? Simple question.

    • Hey funny-name fellow Sshsn whatever,

      What has that got to do with the price of salt in Timbuktu?

      I wouldn’t even use the traditional phrase “price of tea in China” because a communist subversive like you, who always disrupts discussions or conversations by bringing in non-related subjects, would be idolizing communist China.

      Who’s talking about votes, stupid?

      • Hey Haba

        Their brains got twisted after being fed with too many lies. They see connections where there is none, and when there is concrete and solid evidence, they see none!

        Denial syndrome ‘sudah jadi darah daging’.

        Amazing these pakatan brains …..

      • The bloke is trying to hijack the discussion, bro.

        This kind of fellows have no idea what loyalty is, what respect for and living by the Constitution means, no clue about a sense of belonging to the country or nationalism, or love for country or patriotism. That’s why they can’t say anything in a discuss about desecrating our national flag. And makes a hijacking attempt.

        Worse than that, the bugger tries to inject seeds of distrust, throw doubts and innuendos on a matter that has long been decided – at the material time, the Fook Tan Rakyat did not command the majority in the Perak DUN and therefore cannot rule the state.

        I’m glad TS Muhyiddin decided History to be compulsory in schools beginning 2013. Loyalty, nationalism and patriotism should come out from that.

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