The tale of shrinking tower and reach

Across town in parties and social dos, Malaysians are still laughing at Tony Fernandes for getting the egg thrown to his face due to rapid approval and Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s support on upcoming Malindo Airways launch recently.

That is not withstanding the fact the Malaysia Airlines-Air Asia ‘share-swap’ inked August last year was over turned on Labour Day. It was Prime Minister Najib’s gift to the Malaysia Airlines’ work force, who were solid up-at-arms with so many Malaysians against Fernandes’s ‘control’ over the national carrier.

Recently, Malaysia Airlines celebrated its 40th anniversary. To many of the workforce, the BOD without Fernandes is something to be thankful.

Then again October 2012 would be a ‘Dark October’ for Fernandes.

It is believed that Air Asia has been allocated a plot of land in the vicinity of the new KLIA2. Rumours are circulating about Air Asia building their headquarters on the plot of land. They wanted to stamp their mark.

Part of that rumour is that Fernandes wanted a 10 storey building. Building plans were submitted and waiting from comments from relevant authorities. It should be a pride for Air Asia, and a personal trophy for Fernandes.

It is also believed Department of Civil Aviation’s (DCA) comment to the approving authority for the proposal of the 10 story building to be rejected. It was way too tall to be so close proximity, particularly the intruding into the operations of the KLIA2 new air control tower. It was also rumoured that Fernandes’s reaction to this “Tell them to build the control tower taller”. In all likeliness, this statement could not be possible for a award winning corporate leader to utter such childish words.

So, rumour has it that a new proposal was submitted for a five storey complex. However, to suit the new proposal, they wanted more land to accommodate the building.

Now, the situation has become like how famous Malay proverbs are frequently repeated to best describe the situation; ‘Belanda dapat tanah‘ and/or ‘Bagi betis nak peha‘. They simply wanted more and win at any situation. This very much reflect the attitude, which is coming very apparent lately.

However, that is not as sensational as this other rumour. The market is buzzing about the story that Air Asia received a very stern letter from DCA with regards to their operations.

Apparently, the alleged DCA technical audit report dated 26 September had these findings:

1.0. ‘Flight Following’ which is the Communications between Flight Operations and pilots are flawed. Issues raised have not been addressed properly

2. There are failures detected in the Director of Flight Operations discharging his duties:
2.1. It is believed that the operations manual has not been updated
2.2. The execution of the flight operations is not in accordance to their manual

3.0. There is a management system failure where the lower graded staff not executing their task in accordance to the flight operations manual

It was said DCA recommended the Air Asia’s Flight Operations and Director of Flight Operations be reviewed.

As such, it was said in certain quarters that on 1 October DCA only renewed Air Asia’s Airlines Operation Certified (AOC) for six months. It will be reviewed only after all the issues have been addressed and resolve.

Air Asia should quickly mitigate all these. If their Flight Operations people are not the right people, then they have to review the team as per the said DCA recommendations. All these got to be implemented very quickly, as Flight Operations is the heart and cardiovascular system of any air carriers.

Most importantly, offer the right explanation to all stakeholders.

The confidence is at stake. This is not about Fernandes, even though he has been very a pain in everyone’s neck for quite a bit. It is about air travel via the most promising and award winning low cost carrier in the world.

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  1. iAiyoo .. now everyone can die!

    Give them an airport terminal and they will want to takeover MAHB.

    Azman Mokhtar would be stupid to succumb to their request. That is MAHB earnings.

  2. This story is really frightening!

    This Tony Fucker should really be taught a lesson. Malaysians are serious at stake here!

    First, it was demonising MAS.

    Then, rubbishing Malaysia Airports.

    Convince ‘Tingkat Empat’, mess up MAS’s domestic routes & hand over to Air Asia. Then fucking the Fed Govt for Rural Air Services mustn’t be forgotten.

    Of course, the refusal to pay up the RM 106m owing to Malaysia Airports.

    Consumers should know about ‘accidents’ that disrupted airport & other airlines operations, because of ‘cowboys’ flying their rodeo.

    Then when dirty hands quickly slide into MAS after they got control via ‘share-swap’, operations is impaired at MAS’s expense for AA. Serious sacrifices made.

    Then, Tony Fucker staged the ‘Airport Spring’ to errevolt against Malaysia Airports, last december. Total display of ungratefulness & opportunistic.

    Going to media to rubbish on the development and construction of the new KLIA2 with manipulated & fabricated facts. To make their case stronger, they perpetuated lies.

    Consumers dont get their deal. Being late is now habitual. What about consumers’ rights for refunds? They take money upfront & refuse to entertain changes?

    Now, Big Dog tells us the Flight Operations is not up to mark. AOC is only for six months & Air Asia better sack the Air Boss! In short , safety issues highly questionable!

    God help us all!

  3. @22/10/2012
    Malaysian airline stock price rm1.01
    Airasia stock price rm3.12
    Market still very confident on airasia cause they make profit every quarter unlike MAS hitch continue to make tremendous losses in billion and in the way to next bailout with tax payer money.

    • Your comparison is just measurement with share price only, is it?

      The fact that MAS revenue is RM 13.6b, compare that to Air Asia RM 4.6b. That’s more than triple!

      How about passengers-km flown?

      Size matter la weii. That’s why Tony Fucker gave up on supposed to be lucrative routes such as London & Paris, where as others are expanding.

  4. The writings are already on the wall.

    These are very serious rumours.

    The AK HQ obstructing the ATC tower is one thing.

    BUT AK DFO being reprimanded by DCA & AK AOC only renewed for 6 mos…… is like the DFO is incompetent, the FO manual is obsolete & they don’t actually follow the FO manual.

    As far as I know, MH never had any record such as these. No issues against DCA ATC. Certainly, no DFO being reprimanded. Infact, MH DFOs are highly respected captains. Even after they retire

    No wonder Najib allowed for Firefly jet service to re-assume & now Malindo Airways to take to the skies.

  5. Why building a 10 story HQ at KLIA2?

    Whatever happened to the huha baout making Jakarta his HQ?

    Already kena sodom by the Indons ha?

    • Biasalah.

      Wayang seorang keling-kaki-wayang. Bikin kecoh tak habis habis.

  6. “Fernandes finally say yes to KLIA2” …reports the newsprint.

    TF now is trying to make amends with the Gomen and rakyat Malysia

    With Malindo in the pipeline and the fireflies flying higher he is now a worried piece of shit.

    There you go TF, …serve you right … you think you are indispensable, aren’t you..?

    You can winked, cheated, lied and fucked whomever, wherever and whenever you like during sleepy Dol era. But what comes up must come down and what goes around comes around too.

    So now mau berbaik-baik semula. ??? Sudah terlambat la laa Tony F.

    You are not worth anything to malaysia. You wud make everybody happy if you just disappear.

    • Agreed with you, he totally fucked up and treated Malaysia and Malaysians like a piece of dirt.. You think the Indons will give him face? Actually Malaysia should have given him similar professional payment no landing.

      All the big talk about AA India, Korea, Japan and his latest destination….was also informed he and Kamaruddin bought AA shares… why?? is AA share tak laku anymore? People are dumpig AA shares?? I wonder…AA shares are a time bomb and will be toxic very very soon..and how much is CIMB’s exposure to AA corporate loans???? Nazir, you are smart but like everyone else, fooled big time by TF… hahahahaha Bank Negara Malaysia should look into the sustainability of AA, just like BNM looking into the company trading in gold….if cannot sustain, then just go in and take every document and freeze their accounts….

      And some more so fast change his mind about Indonesia being his HQ….sheeeeesh…..but look at how The Star glossed over him just because he is on board… and the Star is also his keldai….how I wish EVERY one ( Corporate bodies included, the TF will take advantage of everything and everyone…you have been warned , fellow Malaysians…)

      High time Malaysian support our national airline, firefly and next year Malindo ….

      • Never fly with AirAsia! Never will!

  7. Agreed to you all fella, incompetent and inability personal in ak should be removed. Tony should employ those who are capable and qualified people to be the management, not by working on buddies system employment as usually happen in Malaysia. And no nationality discrepancies. Like Tony always say we are family and everyone are equal.

  8. Bigdog,

    What’s the update on this story about 6mos AOC & incompetent DFO/FO manual?

    School holidays coming up. End of year also within 2 months. Many travelers would be flying.

    Most of these poor souls would wanna fly AK. No?

    They need to know what’s going on with ‘The most successful low cost carrier’, don’t they?

    • i would just like to say that the dfo is an asshole and treats the airlines like his personal play thing.his son is in teh company as a fo and he had done the cadet programme when there are hundereds of staff that have paid their due in waiting for jobs and cant get one.some have applied many times and along comes this bald fuck and he gets it staright away.

      they promote who they want when they want. half the time he is not even in the office at all. too busy playing golf i guess to notice that the manuals had not been updated.and the previous CPO just prior to the audit was acused of sexual harraement at emirates airlines.

      with these guys at the helm how did we even get the 6 months AOC

  9. Tony has earned enough and already built his own empire somewhere else lar… who care about your people life… Cheap flight but not convenience at all….

  10. […] immediate example is the recent Air Asia’s renewal of AOC was only issued for six […]

  11. Ok so you want the company to fail.? Are any of you willing to pay us once we don’t have a job? Before anyone mouths off, just remember there are thousands of us and another ten thousand mouths to feed. But hey, I earn my money the right way, by working hard, unlike MAS who hardly work and yet get paid the most, and yes, that to with tax money.

    • You’d better change your nickname from “Halal” to “Haramjadah” for trying to stupidify us all. MAS’ financial and its top (mis-)management woes are one story, but MAS staff’s work is another story altogether. If MAS’ workforce really “hardly work”, then how on earth Malaysia Airlines keep winning accolades year after year?! Those airline rating agencies and true passengers who have been submitting their reviews are not stupid, I’m telling you.

      • Yeah Halal, rant all you like. Some of you guys might be busy some of the time and everybody has mouths to feed lah. But don’t go waving a lazy flag at MAS workers until you wave it at your own. Different departments, different workloads, different processes. Workload and efficiency are relative measures. If you’re moaning about MAS practices being outdated (and therefore somehow lazy) then I’d reply AA practices are ad-hoc so everyone is chasing their tail. So who’s actually busy now? Work smart, not stupid. AA has been a nut-house since the pre-LCT days, nothing has changed, same like the OM recently with DCA, same crap different year. I worked my a$$ off for both and AA pays better (generally) but MAS has been the better reward (personally).

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