A very BIG THANK YOU to all

Big Dog, when was still a Small Pup with late uncle Mohamad Tahir Abdul Majid

I was born on the operating theatre at Hospital Assunta, Petaling Jaya at 240am 45 years ago at the very same day. Dr R S Mc Coy did a C-section to my mother as the baby in her wombs was already suffocating and getting weak. Not until two days later, she knew that her son survived.

God bless, I survived. And here I am forty-five years later.

I would like to offer my utmost gratitude and appreciation to all, who have been instrumental and participative in the process, for me to arrive at this point. Me arriving at this point include having a gem of a wife and a cheeky but ultra manja daughter. My parents, My parents-in-laws, my brother, sister, their spouses, my brother in laws sand their spouses, all my nieces and nephews, aunties, uncles, cousins and their off springs and all my distant relatives, who have been there for me as they should be, my relatives.

Not to forget my work colleagues and associates, clients and even competitors.

Then there are my mentors and those who I really look up to. Most of all, to those kind persons who took an incorrigible fellow like me under their wing, and part a thing or two, which I will always treasure and uphold.

Of course, my blogging brothers and sisters whose immense support, encouragements and faith me brought this blog this far.

A very huge thank you to all. God bless all.

*Updated 900pm

I was with an intense meeting with top management of a corporation. We exchanged views, but not without debate. This is a ‘surprise’ they had installed for me:

Thank you

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