Children pretending to be men

This sort of things only happens in America. They do all sorts of unimaginable childish stunts to gain attention. Even when they are supposed to be grown ups. In their open-ness, the resulted to some serious immature pranks, in the name of public interests.

Eccentric celebrity billionaire Donald Trump challenges President Barack H. Obama to release his personal records:

President Obama responded with style and humour:

Stephen Colbert responded directly to Donald Trump:

Maturity is a virtue. Ability to think, is too. For the Middle America, combination of both is probably divine. In seven days, they decide who shall become President. Literally the most powerful man in the world.

However, there are active campaigners like Joss Whedon:

The outcome of next week’s race shall assume the self-appointed role of ‘World Policeman’.

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