Flying the hot-air balloon in their heads

Opposition MPs are spinning based on wrong information again. This time, they are taking potshots against Former Ambassador to United States of America Dato’ Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis. They are alleging that the Former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation is the ‘dark horse’ behind newly launched Malindo Airways.

DAP Chief Strategist and former Economic Adviser to DAP Secretary General Tony Pua’s statement a week ago.

Malindo part-owned by JJ’s kids, MP alleges

UPDATED @ 07:06:10 PM 24-10-2012
By Clara Chooi
Assistant News Editor
October 24, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 ― The children of senior Barisan Nasional (BN) politician Datuk Jamaluddin Jarjis have an indirect stake in Malindo Airways, a newly set-up airline that has been criticised for the lack of clarity surrounding its financial and safety records, a lawmaker alleged today

Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua (picture) drew the link through a search with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), which showed that one of Malindo’s investors ― Malaysia’s National Aerospace and Defence Industries Sdn Bhd (NADI) ― is part owned by DZJJ Sdn Bhd, which in turn lists Jamaluddin’s two children as directors.

Pua added that according to CCM’s information on NADI, the firm had failed to file is audited accounts from 2007, casting even more suspicion on the state of its finances.

Documents obtained from CCM showed that for the year 2007, NADI reported revenue of RM307.3 million and post-tax profit of RM90.5 million.

It also had RM684 million in current assets and RM496 million in current liabilities in 2007.

He repeated his earlier allegation that NADI’s partner in Malindo ― Indonesia’s Indonesia’s PT Lion Grup, which operates Lion Air ― has also run afoul of the industry authorities numerous times over its failure to comply with safety guidelines.

Pua had previously pointed out that Lion Air is on the list of airlines banned in the European Union since 2007 due to safety concerns.

According to previous media reports, Lion Air has also been denied membership in the International Air Transport Association (IATA). A search on IATA’s website confirmed that Lion Air is not a member.

“These issues were raised before but until today, no response has been given,” Pua said.

The Malaysian Insider reported analysts as saying on September 14 that the lack of clarity surrounding the financial and safety records of Malinda Airlines’ backers may make it difficult for it to challenge AirAsia’s supremacy in the budget airline skies.

Analysts said that the new joint venture airline could be facing years of losses as it tries to take market share away from both AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines so much will hinge on the robustness of its two investors — NADI and Indonesia’s PT Lion Group.

CIMB noted that there is a lack of clarity about the financial position of NADI since it has not filed its financial statements with the CCM since 2007, as is required.

“If NADI cannot inject sufficient capital to cover the losses for the first few years, we are unclear if Malindo will be able to execute its expansion plans,” said CIMB.

CIMB added that Berjaya Air would have been a far more potent partner for Lion in Malaysia, as it has a vast and profitable business empire and the ability to raise finance but Lion and Berjaya could not agree on terms.

CIMB also said that Lion Air does not offer any public financial disclosure but from discussions with sources, it suspects that Lion has a very high gearing level due to its massive aircraft order book and that its core domestic Indonesian business may also not be very profitable.


This is the joint statement by DAP Chief Strategist and MP for PJ Utara Tony Pua, PKR Vice President and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar and PAS MP for Shah Alam Khalid Samad, as per reported by KeAdilan Daily.

Beri lesen penerbangan untuk syarikat kroni, Najib mesti jawab

(Oleh Aisha Geoffrey)

KUALA LUMPUR 29 Oktober: Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak digesa menjawab penganugerahan lesen penerbangan baru kepada Malindo Airways, syarikat milik anak bekas Menteri yang dijadual akan memulakan operasi Mei tahun depan.

Malindo Airways merupakan hasil kerjasama antara National Aerospace & Defence Industries Sdn Bhd (Nadi) dan Pt Lion Grup dari Indonesia.

Salah satu anak syarikat dalam Nadi ialah DZJJ Sdn Bhd, dimiliki Nur Anis Jamaluddin dan Ikhwan Hafiz Jamaluddin, anak bekas Menteri Sains, Teknologi dan Inovatif (Mosti).

September lalu, Najib menghadiri majlis pemeteraian perjanjian usahasama antara Nadi dan Pt Lion yang membentuk Malindo Airways.

Nadi akan menguasai sebanyak 51 peratus kepentingan dalam Malindo Airways, manakala selebihnya daripada PT Lion Grup.

Malindo Airways akan berpangkalan dan beroperasi di KLIA2, Sepang.

Pakatan Rakyat mempertikai mengapa syarikat Pt Lion yang mempunyai rekod buruk di Indonesia dibenarkan membentuk syarikat penerbangan di Malaysia.

Menurut Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara, Tony Pua, Pt Lion telah disenaraihitam di Eropah.

“Syarikat itu mempunyai rekod paling buruk di Indonesia, juruterbangnya pernah didenda kerana mengambil dadah,” katanya dalam sidang media di Parlimen.

Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar berkata, kewujudan Malindo Airways hanya akan menambah risiko penerbangan negara.

“Malah, kapal terbang syarikat itu pernah mengalami kemalangan pada 12 September lalu, justeru kita persoal bagaimana Najib dan Menteri Pengangkutan boleh meluluskan kerjasama tersebut,” kata Naib Presiden KEADILAN itu.

Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad turut meragui kekayaan anak Jamaluddin Jarjis sehingga boleh menjadi pemegang syer sebuah syarikat besar.

“Kita hairan, anak menteri boleh ada saham berjuta ringgit, dalam usia semuda 25 hingga 27 tahun,” katanya.

Anak Jamaluddin dilaporkan turut mempunyai syarikat sistem radar di Subang, Selangor.


Obviously, their statement both against Dr Jamaluddin, National Aerospace and Defence Industries (NADI) and Malindo Airways is wrong. In fact, it was with malice with the explicit purpose to ridicule the rakyat.

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak with NADI CEO Tan Sri Ahmad Johan, Transport Minister Dato’ Seri Kong Cho Ha and Lion Air CEO Rusdi Kirana at the launch of Malindo AIrways

Neither Dr Jamaluddin nor any of his children are directors nor shareholders in Malindo Airways. For the matter of fact, the only three directors of Malindo Airways which is a Sendirian Berhad company incorporated in Subang with a paid up capital of RM 5 million are Tan Sri Ahmad Johan, R M Chandran and Rusdi Kirana. Rusdi is the CEO of Lion Air. NADI owns 51% of the paid up of Malindo Airways and 49% is held by PT Lion Air, an Indonesian incorporated company.

Another fact, Dr Jamaluddin nor any of his children or immediate family members sit in the Board of Directors (BOD) of NADI.

Most of the BOD members of NADI are former generals in the Malaysian Armed Forces, particularly the air force. This include former Chief of Defense Forces Jen. (B) Tan Sri Hashim Mohamed Ali. former Chief of Army Jen (B) Tan Sri Mohd Shahrom Hj Nordin and former Chief of Air Force Lt. Jen. (B) Tan Sri Mohd Yunus Tasi TUDM. So are some of the senior managers, like Executive Director Brig. Jen. (B) Dato’ Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman.

This proven the strategic interest of the Malaysian Government in NADI. For a matter of fact, Minister of Finance Inc. is still a shareholder of NADI.

Board of Directors of NADI

About ten years ago Ahmad, through a corporate restructuring of PJS Holdings Sdn. Bhd., took control of NADI, consolidated and rationalised the management and operations of Airod, ATSC Sdn. Bhd. and SME Ordinance. Ahmad also became the majority shareholder. He and the new management team restructured the NADI group and turned it around. Today, NADI’s consolidated asset is worth more than RM 700 million.

DCA is in the process of issuing a license to Malindo Airways, which is legally and technically a Malaysian incorporated airlines. It will be treated like any other application where the safety issues would be a major consideration. What ever safety issues of any of Malindo Airways shareholders face elsewhere should not be part of the consideration, since the merit for the airline operating certificate (AOC) is treated independently.

An immediate example is the recent Air Asia’s renewal of AOC was only issued for six months.

On the argument is that Lion Air’s blacklisting from European aerospace is not too clear. Some people doubt this ‘blacklisting’ as being speculative as this story was never substatianted with relevant report from European Union aerospace authority.

PM Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak with Dato’ Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis, when US Trade Rep Ron Kirk and US Ambassador to Malaysia Paul W Jones called on the former

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s support for Malindo Airways got nothing to do with Dr Jamaluddin. It was about pro-actively getting new Malaysian participation in the regional air carriers business, ahead of the ASEAN Open Sky policy in 2015. Malindo Airways is a strong partnership between a successful Malaysian company in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector and an upcoming leader in the region’s promising air carrier sector.

In some quarters, many had the firm belief that Prime Minister Najib’s support for Malindo Airways is about teaching Tony Fernandes and his arrogance a lesson.

An electrical engineer by training Dr. Jamaluddin was a successful businessman in his own right, since over 30 years ago. He formed DZJJ and acquired a small Chinese owned manufacturing company EPE Power in 1985. After building the company, ten years later he listed EPE Power Corporation Bhd. in then KLSE. All these happened way before he was a Parliamentarian, let alone a Cabinet Minister.

In the ‘economic boom’ of the early 90s where Malay technocrats started to take centre stage in the mainstream Malaysian business and corporate community, business media already had Dr. Jamaluddin in the radar screen as a ‘man to watch’. EPE Power then was in the same cohort as Crest Petroleum and Sapura Holdings.

Obviously Dr Jamaluddin was a wealthy man, even when Pua was yet to be in the job market and Nurul Izzah was still in lower secondary school. For him to part some of that wealth and riches to his children for a head start should not be any big mystery.

Dr Jamaluddin as the Malaysian Ambassador to the United States, at the presentation of his credentials to President Barack H Obama at the Oval Office, White House

The strike against Dr Jamaluddin and Malindo Airways is obviously another sordid attempt to discredit Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak. The former is a very important link for the Malaysian Prime Minister to the Washington D.C. administration and politicians, especially in global issues such as ‘Global Moderate Movement’ and common issues which Prime Minister Najib shares closely with US President Barack H. Obama.

The MP for Rompin is also a key person for Prime Minister Najib to progresively and effectively engage the American business and academic community. The relationship is forming stronger and proven to be productive for both countries. This is also amidst Washington D.C.’s New Con Jewish blue-eyed-boy Anwar Ibrahim soured and now estranged relationship, for his ‘anti semitic’ strikes against ‘The Jews’ when the Opposition created APCO controversy.

Nurul Izzah and Pua have been on the ‘character assassination’ track for quite a bit now, especially manipulating inaccurate facts and then sensationalise it, with a malice intent. The more recent was the radar system for the ATC Tower II for the upcoming KLIA2 terminal.

The Opposition is drumming up any opportunity of their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy where ever they can manipulate or ridicule, even fabricate if they have to, in the run up to the last corner before the 13GE expected sometime in the Q1 of 2013. Especially after non deliverance for the votes the rakyat gave them in the 12GE. The have to keep up with this manipulation or fabrication of facts momentum or otherwise risk losing bad at the polls.

It is a mark of desperation. All nothing but ‘hot-air’. Nowadays, they have fly the hot-air balloon, in their heads. Like flying hot-air balloons, they have to maintain the furnace burning. Otherwise their gondola will fall.

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  1. Obviously DAP wants to put the Establishment down. Theirs has been a business of opposing, even just for the sake of opposing, making noise on each and everything that they can find and blame all on the government in power. They have been doing those for the past 46 years since their party formation. Yet the majority of the rakyat doesn’t believe them.

    Even when they don’t find solid evidence of BN wrong doing, they will make noise. The CCM information is not conclusive. Any mention of DS Jamaluddin’s interest in the venture is only indirect. And it’s only a fellow with teeth looking like the cartoon Bugs Bunny rabbit who would try to exploit it as much as he can. For his Master Lim Guan Eng who the Penang PKR Chief and Deputy Chief Minister complained as “arrogant, cocky and tokong”.

    Even a fellow Pakatan Rakyat Coalition party chief can’t stand the attitude of the DAP Chief who also issues Gag Orders from time to time. So his errand boy would not dare mention about the nepotism and cronysim the bossman practices in his own party and in the Penang state government. Himself having benefited from his father appointing him as DAP Deputy Sec Gen before, he gave his wife a Malacca DUN seat to contest, his sister a place on the DAP state committee. Aren’t those not nepotism?

    More than those, the Chinese-owned newspapers said he “bulldozed” the decision on the RM1 billion sPICE Project which ended in his crony, the Penang contractor and Chinese Chamber of Commerce President getting it. And that’s a turn-key project which allows kickbacks and hanky panky all over the places, as the contractor can appoint his own Architect, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc. Aren’t those not cronyism? WTF.

  2. The ultimate intentions of Lion Air are not clear.

    Note the reports that Rusdi Kirana is in discussion with the Singapore authorities about setting up a Singapore-incorporated airline (with Lion Air holding a 49% stake) and making Changi Airport a key hub for Lion Air.

    One wonders if Rusdi’s strategy is to play off MAHB/KLIA against CAG/Changi Airport and extract the maximum concessions from both.

    Nothing wrong with that. It’s what hardheaded business tycoons do.

    So, claims that Lion Air and Malindo will do great things for KLIA and Malaysia’s in-bound traveller traffic have to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Especially when it seems that more Indonesians prefer to travel to Singapore than to KL (count the number of weekly flights between Changi and Indonesian cities and compare that against the same figure for KLIA).

    Also what is known is that Lion Air is facing increasing competition in it’s home market from a restructured and resurgent Garuda (which is led by a dynamic no-nonsense CEO), AirAsia Indonesia and a revitalized Mandala Airlines (where Singapore Airlines affiliate Tiger Air has acquired an equity stake).

    Therefore, Rusdi’s move to set up Malindo Air could be a “flanking move” to get into a “softer” market (Malaysia), where MAS is mired in all sorts of problems.

    If Lion Air and AirAsia are going to fight for the bulk of Malaysia air passenger traffic, what does that leave for MAS, upcoming oneworld membership notwithstanding?

    • Malindo Airways was a brilliant check, against Tony D’Fucker’s move. The real check-mate is like what BD posted last month where DCA renewed AOC for only bloody six months!

      Its been one month now. I doubt it AirAsia managed to rectify their problems. Otherwise, Big Raya Kling Party for Tony D’Fucker!

      And he will make sure the whole bloody world knows about this!

      MAS has a loyal fan-base. With improvements in service & coupled with New assets delivery (A380/A330/B737-800), new products offered would be marketted to Woo back once those who enjoyed MAS against other competitors.

      The point-to-point like London Heathrow, Paris Charles De Gaulle, Amsterdam Schipol, Tokyo Narita, Hong Kong Chap Lek Kok and Shanghai Hong Qiao straight to KLIA, plus the One World alliance would be the reasons why MAS would survive this round.

      • Not really, Karam.

        And, btw, what do you have against Indians, seeing as you have “Anti Kling” in your nick?

        Ok, back to basics.

        There is no “magic formula” for Malindo Air to carve a dominant swathe in the Malaysian air transport market.

        For starters, it will be subject to the same cost pressures as other airlines. Jet fuel prices, staffing costs, aircraft lease payments – just to mention a few factors which are bedeviling the airline industry.

        The Malaysian traveling public is not especially noted for brand loyalty. They go for the best deals around, especially in the “economy tier” market.

        So, if AirAsia and Malindo Air are going to fight for passengers using low air fares as a competitive tool, it will just be a race to the bottom. Who will be the “last man standing”?

        If Rusdi Kirana’s track record in Indonesia is any indicator, he will be running Malindo Air as a “lean and mean” non-unionized operation. Will the Malaysian government give him a free hand to “hire and fire” in Malindo Air as operational realities may dictate?

        I raised earlier the suggestion that Rusdi may seek to play off MAHB/KLIA against CAG/Changi Airport? Are you dismissing this possibility?

        And if MAS’s “low end” passenger base is going to be creamed off by AirAsia and Malindo Air (and Jetstar Asia, Tiger Air, Cebu Pacific etc), then what part of the pie is left for MAS and Firefly?

      • I’d reckon Malindo Airways’ biz model is about complementing Lion Air’s market not too far in the distant, as the largest low cost carrier in the region, if not the world.

        I am confident abt many Malaysians loyal to the national carrier. I fly to London a few times in any year. The flight is usually full to the brim, despite many other ‘cheaper alternatives’. MAS is a brand they trust & know what to expect, in terms of service & reliability.

        BTW, bottomline Air Asia’s fares are not that competitive. Considering the delays & how lousy food served is, many bitch when they arrive on Air Asia.

        Malindo Airways promised to provide ‘full premium service at low cost fares’. That’s so far of compared to ‘Now everyone can be delayed’.

        I’m also confident Ahmad Johan would not allow Kirana to hv a free hand to his heart content. BTW, Air Asia is Non Unionised too.

        On a personal basis, pls read my handle properly. It says ANTI KLING KARAM. Not ANTI KLING. Do you understand what it means by ‘Kling Karam’?

      • Good one, Anti Keling Karam,

        Next time you fly to London, pls tell Boris Johnson the London Mayor to get AA to land at the Thames Estuary airport that he spoke about.

        And no point trying to talk to Richard Branson, the Kling Karam’s UK contact man – Richard still having a hangover on the loss of the Railway franchise bid.

      • That’s not very convincing, is it?

        Just so that we are clear about this, please tell us who/what is “Anti Kling” and “Karam”?

        Ok, back to the topic.

        When is a bailout not a bailout?

        Answer: when the federal government plans to issue RM5.3 billion of Islamic notes under a 20-year programme via a SPV in order to fund MAS’s fleet expansion.

        Isn’t this a sugar-coated way of bailing out MAS? Again?

        Doesn’t MAS have the financial strength or credibility (seeing as how Khazanah is a major shareholder) to go out to the capital markets or financial institutions on it’s own?

        You may say what you like about AirAsia, but it hasn’t gone cap-in-hand to the Malaysian government to ask for funds to finance it’s fleet expansion.

        You may raise the example of Japan Airlines. But JAL went into bankruptcy, did a drastic restructuring which involved swinging staff cuts and routes rationalization, and emerged a much leaner and profitable operation.

        Since it was set up, Singapore Airlines has not sought funds from the Singapore government. Neither has it been “bailed out”. Yet it’s profitability record and fleet expansion and service enhancement plans puts MAS to shame.

        For how long is the federal government going to keep on propping up MAS by tossing it one lifeline after another?

      • Sigh… Gooberman (can guess who you are, how you chose that name though is a mystery), we all know you have nothing but praise for AirAsia – that’s your prerogative, as is your opinions to which you are entitled to air here – but do you mind reserving some of your criticism for AirAsia as well? You always speak as if AirAsia and AirAsiaX can do no wrong, but the apple-of-your-eye is no angel. Where was ‘the team’ when SL showed up for audit? Out flying of course, funny that. So now a new face at AAA? And after all the trouble to get him back from QR, hmmm. Loyal staff don’t just go sour for no reason… for that matter neither do passengers. You’re right there, passengers here do tend to be loyal to price and only a fool believes AirAsia is always the cheapest.

        If MAS was so screwed up they’d have died long ago a’la DRB-HICOM before The anGel dropped out of the skies. Fundamentally MAS is operationally sound – not perfect, but at an operational level they’re not idiots. Numerous IATA/IOSA audits reinforce that fact as does their joining OneWorld (even if it’s partly political). The CEOs of AirAsia can bleat all they like about IATA, etc citing politics and cost etc, but would they pass a pre-entry audit? Very easy to say “we don’t want/need to be a part of THAT club”. Definitely they’ve been able to raise the ire of the Australian regulator on an annual basis and get audited, MAS just gets a few warning letters.

        MAS goes wrong at Management level – or more to the point, Management interference and that goes all the way to the top of the flagpole. MAS is a GLC with too many hands in the till, figuratively speaking (maybe literally too). Sad to see a proud flag carrier hobbled by politics, corruption and generally abused for outside financial gain. Yeah sure SQ never went cap-in-hand to LKY but then what kinda stupid statement is that – of course they bloomin’ wouldn’t because that would be like asking themselves, duh.

        I think A Brick In The Wall said it and it’s worth repeating, MAS formed out of a need to connect a nation, that was the Government’s desire in the day (Singapore had a very different geographic perspective and a different leader). That is still one of the mandates that MAS follows today but in this screwed up financial, business world we operate in today the social service of national connectivity head-butts with economic reality and this is a puzzle which can never be solved to everyone’s satisfaction. At the very least until the decision (at Govt level) whether or not MAS’ service to the national interest or service to their shareholders is the top priority they will likely never ‘move on’. The rakyat also needs to decide what they want (since we’re all taxpayers). Realise though that while MAS may appear to cost millions in taxpayer’s money annually, the airline brings in (and generates) billions in revenue each year in multiple industries touching practically every Malaysian in some way. To wish MAS gone, or be more like AirAsia, or some other utopian fantasy… be careful what you wish for. The likes of AirAsia will never completely fill the shoes of MAS, it isn’t economically worth it for well… guess. National carriers which made painful transitions from legacy to accountable got leaner and meaner in every sense and not always pleasantly so.

        AirAsia maybe a national icon, but MAS is a national treasure (albeit with too many key holders). I for one hope MAS can clean up her act a little, but operationally we’re on top of things (and our 2 year extension of AOC proves that!). I wish our Management was different, but you can’t have everything. I hope this bunch will be honest, hopefully that’s not asking too much. AirAsia… can go fly a kite! (just not a wau kuching).

  3. Apa daaa Nurul Izzah mau cakap pasal kroni.

    Tengok parti PKR saja dah lah. Bapak dia, emak dia, dia, Azmin Ali.

    Bukan saja kroni, nepotism, beb.

    Pulak bapak dia cakap kat Amerika tak demokratik Malaysia ni, konon. Tak demokratik kepala hotak dia.

  4. You can see a trend here. The opposition strategy is to create doubt and inculcate hatred on every decision or measures the government make and especially when it involved successful Malay figure. Also what better way to do that than the trusty ol’ corruption and cronyism theme. Look at how they attack Syed Mokhtar and at the same time happily look the other way when it come to all the other Apek tycoon.

    Bloody hell, since when being rich and successful Malay is an offense in this country??

    • Admittedly, DAP blokes will find each and everything they can to exploit against the BN, and the Malay race, as it symbolizes BN. But they have been doing it so often and since so long ago that they have become known as anti-Malay and anti-Islam, the religion that the Malays profess.

      When DAP started hogging the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan upon the party formation some 46 years ago, they already appeared to be anti-Malay. Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays under Article 153 of the Constitution. I agree with Tun Dr Mahathir that equality in this country is subject to recognizing the Special Position clause in the Constitution and that is one of the sensitive clauses that are protected under the Sedition Act 1948 – cannot even be discussed, let alone amended. Questioning that will invite counter-questioning of the citizenship rights of the non-Malays (the quid pro quo) and it’s not good for everybody.

      DAP has been trying to subvert that in statements and speeches, culminating in the fiery rhetorics put out during the election campaign speeches of 1969. Those had led to heightened feelings, and the race riots erupted on 13 May of that year.

      We must therefore warn the DAP to avoid doing the same in these months leading to PRU13, and keep on whacking them and their “strategy .. to create doubt and inculcate hatred on every decision or measures the government make and especially when it involved successful Malay figure”, and blast them for trying to make it appear that “being rich and successful Malay is an offense in this country”.

  5. DAP is getting a free ride on the backs of PKR and PAS to attack UMNO, BN and the latest Syed Mokhtar Albukhary. The minute that DAP bangsat attacked Syed Mokhtar, pakatan has lost many more votes from the Malay fence sitters. Only the hardcore supporters and the gullible Malay supporters can stomach the crap and bull from DAP esp in putting down successful Malays.

  6. On 18 November 2011, the airline jointly announced with Boeing for a record-setting order of 201 Boeing 737 MAX and 29 Boeing 737-900ER planes setting the record for the world’s biggest single order of 230 planes for a commercial airline worth $21.7 billion.

    • Your point being what, precisely?

      Is it a numbers game?

      There are other LCCs who have also placed sizeable orders for new aircraft to expand their fleets.

      Hubris or sound business sense?

      What about comparing the fleet expansion plans of, say, MAS and SIA, based on available information in Wikipedia?

  7. Parti Keluarga dan Rakanrakan.Parti Kelentong Rakyat.
    yang betul diaorang aje….bapak kickback no 1 di negara adalah ketua umum mereka semasa dia berkuasa…

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