A nation of murderous terrorists

This is the story of the criminally incepted state of Israel. Murderous terrorist inflict utmost pain, to take aways homes and land which are rightfully owned by peaceful and dormant Palestinians.

Before World War II, the Palestinians did nothing against the Jews. They were never in any part of the Nazi ‘Final Solution’ against the 6 million perished Jews in East Europe between 1941-5. And yet, the Palestinians were made to suffer by clearly who the Jews really were, war mongering murderers.

The Zionists did their own genocide against the Palestinians during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Some people believe that this was about the Zionist movement. Its a pure racist political movement to unlawfully and criminally establish the State of Israel, at the expense of the Palestinians.

Even 39th US President James Earl Carter, Jr. described the Israelis of violating Palestinians’ human rights and practice of ‘apartheid’, which is direct violation against United Nations resolutions. “Sustained occupation of other people’s lives and properties”.

After these criminals and murderous terrorists took by force homeland of the Palestinians, they sowed anti-Arab sentiments

and even sheer racism

Considering that State of Israel was incepted criminally on the blood of innocent women, children, old folks and non combatants and these murderous terrorists still committing atrocities against Palestinians continuously since the 1940a, the Malaysian who is darling of the Washington D.C. Neo Con Jews and aspire to the next Prime Minister, supports the notion of the “Two State System”.

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  1. Eh bruder…what are you smoking? What about Syria? So it’s ok when you murder your own? Typical 3rd grade dumno intellect.

    • It wasn’t Syrian Forces who started first. Like any other legitimate security agency of a legitimate sovereign nation, they were fighting insurgents. FSA Rebels are the ones who started armed rebellion against the State. And they are supported from outside, especially the United States. Even non Syrians come and fight.

      The Rebels are no different from the Jewish terrorist immigrants. They are the aggressors.

      And as an aggressive force with ill-intent, the FSA Rebels time and again refused to sit down to negotiate. They want to spill blood, to gain power. Just like the Zionists.

      Majority of Syrians don’t support the FSA Rebels. Otherwise, Syrian Govt would hv received the fate of Saddam, Gadaffi and Mubarak. It is clear majority of Syrians don’t support the FSA Rebels.

  2. Syria civil war is supported by foreign forces to overthrow Assad regime which does not bend to the wills of the US and Israel. The FSA was infiltratef by foreign elements from the very beginning. When a band of rebels like the FSA began using sophisticated weapons as well as guerilla tactics to destabilise Syria and overthrow and incumbent govt, we can expect retaliations from the Syrian govt. That unfortunately turned into a gruesome battle with many loss of lives among civilians. There were reports that at the early stage of fightings in Homs, unknown snipers with high powered weapons were responsible for shooting civilians, not the govt military.

    Israel and its zionist regime will not stop using covert ops to destroy any govt in the MidEast which it thinks is a threat to it. Syria and Iran are what it considers as a threat to Israel.

  3. What’s happening in Syria resembles a foreign covert operation. The FSA has been too power crazy and too eager to take power from Assad, to realise that it has become a foreign proxy,

    • Its very clear the FSA Rebels are getting direct support from the West.

      1. Insurgency has been active for over 18 mos now. How could a band of rebels fight that long without arms, ammos, supplies, medicine, monies and most of all, intel?

      2. FSA Rebels now use UAVs

      3. Look at the pressure US, NATO and other EU nations threatening against Syria

      4. Turkey, which is a NATO Force, has now taken active military actions against Syria

  4. I’m very happy that Obama is re-elected. Projected so by CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, BBC, Aljazeera just now, although Romney has not conceded.

    If Romney wins, the Zionists and terrorists in Israel will bomb Iran nuclear facilities, knowing Romney won’t mind, might even encourage/ back it. Obama won’t. He was even said to have a tiff with Setanyahu who kept pestering him to bomb Iran.

  5. […] behaving these past few days and the past 67 years, since the days of Haganah? Weren’t they brutalizing and committing atrocities against the Palestinians, and criminally taking away land… that belong to other people in the quest for  an illegal […]

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