Stand up for Gazans and Palestinians in condemning the unjust war

In the urgency of recent developments in Gaza, Perdana Global Peace Foundation will be organizing an emergency event on Tuesday morning at Putra World Trade Centre. This emergency event would be held  just before the scheduled Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission on Palestine hearing would commence.




Date    :           Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Time    :           8.00 am

Venue  :           Dewan Merdeka, PWTC KUALA LUMPUR


8-9oo am  –           Convening of NGOs, members of the public and members of the media

9oo am     –           Arrival of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

9.05     –           Address by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

9.15     –           Launch of Gaza Emergency Fund by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

–                      Hand over of cheque to Medical Aid for Palestine

–                      Pledges of support from NGOs and Corporations

9.40     –           Ends.

Note   :                        All present are invited to proceed to Dewan Tun Dr. Ismail for the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission Hearing on Palestine at 10.00am.


This is the whole program schedule for the next four days:

We are pleased to inform you that Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) and its sisters Foundation,  Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War (KLFCW)  will be organising a series of International Conference and Commission Hearing from 19 – 22 November as below :
1.  19 November 2012 – Monday (from 9am – 6pm)

     International Conference on “(9/11 Revisited – Seeking the Truth)”

     at Dewan Tun Dr Ismail, PWTC
     YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir’s keynote address will be at 9am
     Press Conference will be held at 6pm.
2.  20 – 21 November 2012 – Tuesday & Wednesday (from 9am – 6pm)

     Commission Hearing on Palestine

     at Dewan Tun Dr. Ismail, PWTC
     (we will bring in 10 witnesses from Palestine to give their testimonies on Israelis war crimes towards Palestinians)
3.  22 November 2012- Thursday (from 9am – 12 noon)

     International Conference on War Affected Children

     at Dewan Tun Dr. Ismail, PWTC
     YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir’s keynote address will be held at 9am
     Press Conference will be held at 12noon.
4.  22 November 2012 – Thursday (from 7.30pm – 10.30pm)

     Dinner to launch the Children’s Charter to Criminalise War

     Guest of Honour – YAB Prime Minister and wife and YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and wife
     at Dewan Tun Dr. Ismail, PWTC where Children’s Charter to Criminalise War will be signed by 17 Children representing 17 countries from all around the world.
All queries maybe addressed to:
No. 88, 5th Floor, Jalan Perdana,
Taman Tasek Perdana,
50480, Kuala Lumpur
t: +603 2092 7248 
f: +603 2273 2092
Find us on Twitter @perdana4peace and Facebook

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  1. Tuan.
    The date is wrong.

  2. I think we are wasting our time with Palestine.As long as we have a bunch of idoits in Palestine leadership,their people will suffer in the hand of Isreal army.
    They know vary well,the have only a small rocket made ,yet the want to disturb the honet nest.keep firing into Isreal ares with no impact.The other Arab country like Saudi and Qatar are only paying lip service.Thy are under the contol of Uncle Sam.
    Take for exemple like the war in Syria.The american just want to distabilise Syria ,so the Isreal will leave in peace.They want to cut the like between Syria and Hasbulllah and Iran.Saudi and Qatar appear to support Free Syria Army.But my question s this people after going to war with Assad,they are receiving military support like heavy artilerry(anti tank and anti aircraft).Americn and Nato worried this weorpens will used to attack Isreal.

    This are the hypocrate Arab leader.My view is we dont get emotional and dont waste our time.Let them suffer.Ths is their owned doing.

    • What a careless and irresponsible stand to take. It smacks of narrow mindedness on your part.

      In any society there are the idiots and the wise ones. If you think some more about what you write, you might know which group you belong to.

      You don’t appear to know that even the Zionist Israelis have their idiots. Read about their politics, the parties wanting to have power over the country, also quarreling among themselves like Fatah and Hamas do. And early next year is Israeli elections for which Netanyahu has started grandstanding for votes, including by showing he’s fighting for the security of Israel.

      Don’t you realize that despite having only a few rockets they are fighting like hell? Telling the world that they should help. Without fighting with whatever little they have, the world’s attention might have been side-tracked to a host of other world issues and the voices on the plight of the Palestinians become muted.

      Read the post in here that was published on NOVEMBER 16, 2012 AT 17:39 and the comments under that post. You should then have a better idea of what the Israelis and the Palestinians are all about.

    • To : Mustafa

      Trust me I have been following this case on Palestinian struggle far longer than you. I am sure of that based on how ignorant your post is.

      I can’t blame you though. We all have been fed by the intl news media bent on telling how our subliminal mind should interpret in the way they want it to appear in our mind.

      Dude, for the 2008 and 2012 events, plse do a thorough research on the actual chronology of events and ask yourself why the events were triggered, for what purpose, for whose benefit.

      I hate to write this post. If I were to explain myself it would take too long. Suffice to say, and I really hope you are not a real Muslim, reading your post, I can only say you are a debased Muslim with no eeman whatsoever.

  3. Sorry you should read they are NOT receiving military support…

  4. “We support the legitimate authority but legitimacy should not deprive us of our legitimate rights…”

  5. Singapore: Israel of Southeast Asia
    The new war in Gaza, Israel atrocity and the new Zionist of Asia. Blame it on Singapore?

    I remember a Middle East diplomat mentioned about the ‘little republic in Southeast Asia is another Israel-in-the-making’ during a conference in Casablanca in 2008, not naming the nation but was sharp enough to criticise its leadership as having similarity to that of Tel Aviv.

    Zooming in to the ‘little republic’ will lead us to Singapore, the only Asean country that defies ZOPFAN (Zone of Peace, Free and Neutral) by hosting the Israel Embassy, engaging the Zionist military experts to boost its armed forces, doing much trading with them and recognising Israel as among its most important business partners.

    And when Anwar Ibrahim went against all odds by supporting the rights and security of Israel, linking him and his political allies DAP with Singapore’s PAP and Bank of Israel, the askance toward our south neighbor grew thicker.

    And here, Jim Sleeper, a lecturer in political science, Yale University, produced a lengthy-logical analysis about Singapore-Israel strong bond, sharing similar capitalist character and a diplomatic approach which can be described as ‘arrogant inteloper’.

    Lee Kuan Yew has set the pace, and his successors just follow the chartered path.
    In 1965, when Singapore declared its independence, its first prime-minister (and, for many years, its virtual dictator) Lee Kuan Yew asked Israel to design, set up, and supervise its military machine. Israel did precisely that. How successfully? Just this month, the Bonn International Center for Conversion published a world-wide survey ranking Israel the world’s most militarized nation — and Singapore the second-most.
    But we in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, are aware of it. As long as nothing across the Causeway harms or provokes us, we are fine with it, right?

    Malaysia puts diplomacy above all, and so are the Muslim Indonesia. However, as regional and international diplomatic and social landscape take a new turn, we can expect something ‘torrid’ to our relations in the years to come, particularly if Pakatan Rakyat wins the upcoming general election.
    The similarities of these two little engines that could (and did) become models of state capitalism with high per capita incomes and growth rates haven’t often been noted. Both have been governed and stamped by the British. Both have populations of 5 or 6 million, including 2 or 3 million second-class citizens and non-citizens, some of them migrants, some of them openly despised.
    I guess many would like to read this interesting part:
    The Israelis militarized Singaporean society, even with Israeli military songs, to which Lee’s soldiers marched in one of Singapore’s first real Independence Day parades. Less symbolically, they showed Singapore how to establish military conscription in a hitherto un-militaristic populace that, according to at least one survey, ranked the profession of soldier far below that of thief, while placing artists, teachers and merchants on top.

    So determined was Lee to adjust this that when Israel won the Six-Day War in 1967, vindicating his decision to work with it and boosting Singaporeans’ confidence in their Jewish military mentors, Singapore’s UN delegation surprised other Third World nations by abstaining on a resolution condemning Israel.
    Read Jim Sleeper’s Blame the Latest Israel-Arab War on…Singapore?

    Posted by bujai at 10:56 AM
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    • What are you trying to say, man? Posting someone else’s comment in toto, without even stating your opinion? Any body could do that and we will be littered with all sorts of comments in here.

      Malaysia made its greatest mistake when Tengku A Rahman gave Singapore away FOC to Lee Kuan Yew. He could have done what was done to Kelantan by Tun Hussein Onn – sent troops when the politicians there behaved badly, declared Emergency law and ruled the state by a Director of Operations.

      And Lee Kuan Yew created havoc in Singapore when he got it to his own. Damn. The chauvinistic LKY imported Chinese who now form 72% of the population, upsetting the status quo, and taunted his southern and northern neighbours by bringing in Zionist military advisers. What a nasty fellow.

      If you are a Singaporean, I personally do not welcome you and your views – though I don’t own this blog. But I must have it on record here that for the sake of peace and stability in this region, there must be mutual respect to one another’s hopes and aspirations, and that should have included not bringing Jews into our midst – Malaysia and Indonesia – which are predominantly Muslim.

      Now that the Zionists are engaged as military advisers in Singapore, I feel that the leaders of this region must tread respectfully in words and deeds, bearing in mind the sensitivities of Muslims on Zionist presence here. And I want to see Anwar Ibrahim, who has sold himself to Neocons, Jews and Zionists for the sake of power in this country be trashed until he actually retires from politics like he said he would if he does not reach Putrajaya in the coming elections.

  6. Look at Sudan and South Sudan.They make the same mistake like Malaysia.Instead of giving only autonomy they allow South Sudan to become a soveraign country.Now South Sudan engaged all the military experts from Isreal to advice them on military strategy.

    Why Allah make all the Muslim leaders dunggu.(idiot).Leaders of Qatar,Saudi,Iran,Abu Dhabi,Kuwait,Sudan,Jordan.Yemen.and Hamas and Fatah .All of them are worshipping Uncle Sam.

    We are lucky, our PM Najib is not one of them.

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