Minority’s agenda side tracking for dictatorial’s sake

Space shuttle Challenger meletup semasa berlepas ke orbit

Space shuttle Challenger as it ascends to orbit

Democratic Action Party (DAP) would be having its national congress in Penang on next weekend. Its their 16th national convention. This is an interesting convention because of the resolutions that were derived from DAP conventions at state level.

Amongst the resolutions that were passed from these state level conventions:

1. Protest against the privatization of AES instead the program should be managed directly the Police and JPJ and all summons passed straight to the Treasury

2. The support for the proposed ‘Anti Hopping Law’ and urge all DUNs to table and passed at each state assemblies

3. Support all anti corruption and graft initiatives and efforts

4. CEC and state DAP leaders should avoid criticizing amongst themselves within the party

5. Federal Government should heed for the DAP’s call to close down Lynas and its operations

6. All party leaders should focus on environment issues and ensure the rakyat’s quality of life is improved

7. All party leaders at branch level  should pay attention to party leaders’ activities and provide assistance and logistics for them

8. All state DAP leaders should notify leaders at branch level and get them to participate in all party activities

9. All elected DAP representatives should be fair and serving all quarters of the society

What is interesting to note, DAP confidence in other states such as Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan is waning. Even in Sarawak. DAP is no longer focusing their attention and effort to states like Perak and Negeri Sembilan, where all these while they claim that these are “Almost ours” battlegrounds.

The DAP national convention in Penang demonstrate they are desperate to ‘circle the wagon’ and hold on to what is close to them and apparently the best bet for them at this juncture, instead drawing a formidable battle ground in  states where once they declared as ‘front lines’. Compare them to PKR which held their annual convention last year in Johor, as Anwar Ibrahim felt it is necessary for them to draw their battle lines in Johor, a BN strong hold.

DAP’s desperation for  support is evident in their sordid effort to use various religious groups for their ‘Politics of Hatred’ agenda. This is DAP Secretary General’s strategic move, to capture the imagination of a bigger circle within the Non Malay society

Party of family members and nepotism

The fact is that, the support for the party is waning. Even amongst DAP members, they are openly bitching against the party. It is evidently clear that the Selangor DAP convention in mid November, where they barely manage to get the 25% quorum for the meeting to proceed.

The Penang DAP convention last Sunday, half of delegates left after lunch. The Kedah DAP state, national Wanita and DAPSY conventions will take place and it is interesting. It is also interesting to highlight that this is the first time in 40 years that Wanita DAP is having an election for their leaders. All the while, CEC decide who will appointed as office bearers.

That is democracy, DAP style.

The growing number of party members not happy with the nepotism within the party. So much so, the party Chairman Karpal Singh put forth the notion that ‘one candidate, one seat’ suggestion. On the 12GE, majority of Lim Guan Eng’s henchmen hold seats as MPs and ADUNs. Personalities like Ngeh Koo Ham, Nga Kor Ming, Teresa Kok and Anthony Loke are Lim Guan Eng.

DAP for pigs

Teresa Kok is a good example for a personality who is favored by Lim Guan Eng. Only only she is MP for Seputeh, ADUN for Kinrara and an Exco for Selangor State Government. She is also DAP national organising secretary. She also is said to be paid extra RM 10,000.00 for not able to ascend as the Selangor Menteri Besar post 12GE, when DAP aspired to run the state.

The Democratic Action Party is the least ‘democratic’ political party in the nation. Delegates to the national convention elect the 20 Central Executive Committee members. Positions such as Secretary General and Deputy Secretary Generals are left to be decided behind closed doors amongst the 20 CEC members.

This is the reflection of the ‘communist iron clad’ power play as the tradition of DAP.

The permanent feature of DAP: A combined of more than 100 years in party leadership

The permanent feature of DAP: A combined of more than 100 years in party leadership

The fact is that, DAP has now been splintered. There is Perak DAP. There is one side Kedah DAP and  they and Penang DAP don’t actually see eye-to-eye. Naturally, someone who was deposed from Melaka DAP would find it prickly to have a firm footing in Penang DAP. And more and more within Penang DAP is getting uneasy with their Johor-born-Melaka-politician imposing himself against the sensitivities of indigenous Penangites as their Chief Minister.

If the issue of democracy is raised, then the freedom to voice out should be the two weeks ago CEC had a meeting that outlined the warning to talk to media, especially mainstream ahead of the national convention where CEC election is the main agenda. Last week’s Penang DAP convention, reporters from NST and Utusan Malaysia were barred from covering the event.

The fact is that in the DAP Constitution, the Secretary General post is limited to three terms only. If Lim Guan Eng is appointed to the Secretary General again by CEC next Sunday, then this should be his last term. Unless DAP will amend their constitution. However, amendment will be reflective for DAP upholding the dictatorship for the Lim Dynasty.

Democracy is dead in DAP

DAP leaders lately have become too dictatorial and combined with their neglect on the grassroots, more and more members are getting uneasy. Factions are now building in Selangor, because of leaders like Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu and Perak in the likes of Ngeh Koo Ham and Ngar Kor Him.

The proxy fights in this DAP convention is very apparent. Example is  in Selangor DAP leadership is Teresa Kok versus Teng Chang Kim. In Penang, the Prof P Ramasamy versus Karpal Singh. Lim Guan is forming his ‘Tokong’ dictatorial controls in strategic state leaderships. What happened in Perak DAP when Hee Yit Foong turned her back against the Perak Pakatan Rakyat, it was all about the dictatorship of Ngeh and Ngar in the state.

The relationship between DAP and the enstranged-backstabbing-bedfellow-partners-in-a-marriage-of-holy-(in)convenience is very prickly. It was said that today, Former Penang PAS Youth Leader Ustaz Hafiz Nordin presented a cake to Lim Guan Eng. The cake is white on the outside but black in the inside. It is a reflection of how PAS feels about Lim.

The Politburo: formality of Lim Guan Eng’s dictatorial Tokongship

The fact is that Lim is firming his dictatorial agenda using his ’28 Floor Boys’. They are blatant in wielding their power, much like any stalinist-communist leadership. For example, Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz tenure as a Senator representing Penang was not renewed for criticizing against the BERSIH 3.0. He resigned and spoke against DAP, especially Lim Guan Eng.

DAP is about a group of minority trying to impose their Chinese Chauvinist and Anti Constitution agenda via ‘Politics of Hatred’. Within DAP itself, much smaller circle of minority is imposing themselves into the party of minority. No wonder Lim Kit Siang is still calling the shots even after 45 years.

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  1. DAP does not beleive in environmental issues . Look at all the environmental problem in thier states that have worsened. What happen to promise they will clean up all rivers. The use of environmental issues and quality of life are issues being manipulated since that will resonate easily with international communities when they post them in blogs and international media. These are also issues that attract the young, the way they identify with animal protection and climate change.

    In reality penang and selangor have quickly become the cause of the destruction they complained about inspite of their screams to protect the environment.

    But as usual the young in barisan nasional are asleep. zzzz BN must fight to retake Kedah and whoever control fresh water will tip the balance in penang.


  2. Chinese Communist Party in China.PAP in Singapore and DAP in Malaysia have the same concept where Party Secretary General is the most powerful person.Do you think DAP will follow exectly what PAP did in Singapore.The success story of PAP in Singapore had influence a lot of Chinese in Malaysia to support DAP.A major problem for UMNO which they precive as corrupted party.

    For you to ponder.

    • No need to ponder. PAP got kicked out of Malaysia in 1965, now over 40 years already DAP had not got anywhere except in Penang. Even so, they have been got rid off before.

      True, the ungrateful, arrogant, self-alienating and gangsterish fellows will always go for DAP. The kind like Selangor DAP Exco Ronnie Liu who banged the doors of MACC and the Klang Hospital mortuary after the death of Teoh Beng Hock, and now threatening to dismantle the AES traffic cameras system. Stupid fellow, didn’t even ask the State Legal Adviser when issuing the threat. Only today he checked himself when the State Legal Adviser advised otherwise.

      Many Chinese do support them. Especially when they see DAP in cahout with PAS wanting to implement Hudud, even want to segregate the men and women in cinemas and hair salons.

  3. I can only see pictures but where are the text?

    • Why do you have to tell people your imagined blindness in here? And not being smart, too, calling yourself glassman yet can’t see the text. Trying to be a smart ass, aren’t you?

  4. Scores of criticisms can be levelled at the 9 resolutions passed by the DAP State conventions. For example, on the first one – Protest against the privatization of AES –

    1. They said they want to study the matter first, but until now they have not come out with the result of any study, either by themselves or quote reliable studies on the AES by others at home or abroad.

    2. The gangsterish Selangor DAP Exco Ronnie Liu (remember he banged MACC doors and Klang Hospital mortuary doors after the death of Teoh Beng Hock?) threatened to remove the AES in Sepang without even consulting the State Legal Adviser. Yesterday he toned down his gangsterishness after the State Legal Adviser gave his advice.

    3. Just for the sake of opposing, they didn’t even bother to think that AES is an additional means of lessening traffic offences and loss of lives on the roads. They simply don’t care about road safety and saving lives.

    4. The DAP goons don’t seem to accept the concept of privatization – or, again, it’s because they oppose simply for the sake of opposing, those irresponsible blokes. They opposed highway privatization, they opposed Penang Bridge privatization, they oppose tolls and whatever else. Yet, they did the RM1 billion sPICE Project in Penang on privatization basis.

    They are, indeed, cakap tak serupa bikin blokes.

    • Wan, on your point no 3 re. the AES.

      Seriously, you think AES concession holders’ care about road safety and saving lives??

      Get real Wan!

      • You people never cease to amuse me. Coming out with 1-2 lines disputing, accusing, questioning what people say or do and think you can get away with it?

        Don’t you deserve to be called stupid? Ever heard of such things as justifying what you say, claim or accuse?

        There you go, I can also ask you a question. 3 questions, in fact. Am getting very real with those questions, man.

        But I suspect you don’t know the real answers other than more accusations, claims and allegations. Coz, if you did, or can prove, you would have stated them in the first place.

  5. “CEC and state DAP leaders should avoid criticizing amongst themselves within the party” –

    I think this resolution would be hotly debated at the Penang convention. Karpal Singh has said one man/woman one seat only at PRU 13, except for Tokong Lim – pandai that wily old man called DAP Chairman but wanna ampu his Secretary General boss (he should have tried communist China Chairman Mao dictatorial authority).

    Teresa Kok and several others have reservations. Some people say she with ADUN and MP allowances, plus Exco allowance, and allowances for sitting on state government bodies, takes home some RM50,000 a month. But an ultra kiasu like her will not want anything less. This is the kind who are hard headed, never mind head broken so long as can continue to speak and fight to retain whatever she has.

    But fight with Karpal Singh she has to, la. See if she can win against the lawyer and party Chairman.

  6. Haba.
    PAP got kicked out of Malaysjia in 1965.Blessing in disguise for Singapore.If they remain in Malaysia,they will be a poor state like Sabah and Serawak.Now Singapore ,without anynatural resources like oil,tin,or timber is richer than Malaysia.Cleaner than Malaysia,

    Surely most Chinese in Malaysia looking foward to DAP to make Malaysia like Singapore.That is why Rosmah and Najib have to take panadol when they think of GE 13.

    • You are comparing a tiny nut (the “Little Red Dot” said former Indonesian President Habibie, now visiting Malaysia entertained by Anwar Al Juburi) with a huge melon, what for?

      With only 600 square miles, the longest road Lee Kuan Yew had to build was only 30 miles across. Yet he ruled it with an iron hand, Big Brother always on the wall, listening and watching whatever you people do, even in your bedroom at night. Blokes stealing roadside landscaping plants, he forced them to replant them on the roadside in front of live TV cameras for all Singaporeans to see. He sued MPs to bankruptcy until at one time there were only 2 MPs in Singapore Parliament.

      What proud of Singapore are you talk, man? And “most Chinese in Malaysia looking foward to DAP” because DAP leaders tried to ape anything LKY did yet did not succeed even in tinier still Penang, smell his shit and say. “Wow, it’s so damn nice”. like you do. What utter shame.

    • Malim Maling

      You know the story of the Hare and the Tortoise? Slow and steady Tortoise wins the race while the arrogant Harey was asleep with his “visions” of grandeur.

      The sprint winner was so conceited that he had failed to realise that life is more like the triathlon rather than the 100m dash.

      • Yes, the chauvinist and racist fellow dashed to fill the Island with Chinese, including those from mainland China, until the island became 72% Chinese.

        Then he regretted when finding that those fellows started demanding and demonstrating for higher pay, better conditions than even what they have been used to in communist China. As they say, padan muka.

  7. Though I hate DAP like nobody’s business, I fully support Resolution No 1 and No 3.

    • Hah, by saying you hate DAP you sound to be on the same side as I do. But not explaining clearly what you said has led to my assuming you are on the other side in my 10:39 am reply to you.

      Do try giving reasons why you don’t support the privatization of AES – others have given their reasons like relieving some of the Police and JPJ duties in view of increasing traffic offences.

      Then we can have a discussion rather than mere claims, allegations or repeating of opinions.

  8. Haba.Little red dot was said by Gusdor(Abd Rahman Wahid) and not Habibie.
    I thought Mahathir was smarter than LKY .I was wrong.LKY outplay Mahathir.
    Now Lee H Leong his son.outsplay Najib.We hand over our railway land around 200 ac in Tanjong Pagar in exchange withn two piece reclaim lan in Marina Bay.After we sign the exchange agreement,we were told that we have to pay $ 1 billion sing development fees in order to develop the land.
    Our UMNO leader and PM look stupid.

    Singapore have two AWAc planes and four vary advance submarine.Our sub look like toy to Singapore.

    Singapore is small but they are rich smart ,strong and clean.Free from Corruption.

    • You talk cocx come from your nose otherwise from your arxe hole. Google the words singapore red dot indonesia, several sites would come out saying it was said by Habibie, not Gusdur.

      And you talk as if you know everything. Balls, man.

      You having bullshitted on Gusdur in the first paragraph, the rest of what you said is not worth listening to or reading about. Mere shit.

    • Free from Corruption?? Obviously you just came out from under a coconut shell. The red dot is cash rich but freedom of speech is denied, much like living in a golden cage with iron locks.

    • Biggie,

      I’m sorry. This Malim guy is definitely an idiot!

      He is factually wrong! Look at the facts he presented. Even the numbers are wrong.

      How could SAF Kockums subs be better than RMN Perdana Class? Both of our subs sailed back home from Europe. SAF’s piggy backed.

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