Rocket destroyed at re-entry

Rocket destroyed upon re-entry

Shuttle Tokong disintegrated upon re-entry

It was an interesting day the DAP Socialist Youth and DAP Wanita committee elections today. In summary, it was a failed game of proxies.

DAPSY delegates voted in ADUN Bahau YB Teo Kok Seong. Teo, who is a favoured personality by the outgoing DAPSY Head YB Anthony Loke, defeated ADUN Canning YB Wong Kah Woh. Wong is a proxy of the ‘Dictator Duo’ cousins Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming.

The new face of Socialist Youth Leadership

It would strengthen the ‘Dictator Duo’s control over DAP Perak if their lap dog is the DAPSY Head. However, the popularity of the two cosusins have been clearly sent by the DAPSY delegates today.

Another interesting fact is that DAP Secretary General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng aka Tokong’s Political Secretary YB Ng Wei Aik was defeated in his bid as the Secretary to DAPSY. Johor DAPSY Secretary Tan Hong Pin was elected by the DAPSY delegates.

The defeated henchman, racist Ng Wei Aik

In a typical socialist organization, the secretary is a very strategic and powerful position. For Lim to not control this DAPSY’s post is a demonstration that the new generation DAP leaders are not into his politics.

Wanita DAP delegates elected Bukit Mertajam MP YB Chong Eng versus Lim’s own favoured woman Selangor State Exco, ADUN for Kinrara and MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok. Kok’s defeat, who is also National Organising Secretary and Selangor Wanita Head, is a big slap on Lim the Tokong’s face.

The Old Guards’ Empress Dowager Chong Eng

Chong have had a rift with Penang State Government Exco Lydia Ong, for the past two years. Even though Chong lobbied for Ong for the Exco post when DAP took over the Penang State Government from Gerakan four years ago, the soured relationship the past two years has been a setback for women issues in Penang.

Chong is definitely an Old Guard, who is closely aligned to DAP Emperor Lim Kit Siang.

The first election for Wanita DAP in 40 years, only 30.8% turnout of delegates. This is the true reflection that the party is not democratic and its members dont take their own brand of democracy seriously, even though they try to picture themselves as ‘democratic’.

The defeated female Tokongess protege’ of Mini Emperor Lim Guan Eng

Earlier in his speech, DAPSY Head Loke is demonstrating the DAP desperation in his speech:

1. Rakyat must decide to decide to choose a corrupt government which consistently play the racist game with ’13 May’ threats or vote for a better future

2. BN is panicking as the rakyat is now aware that PR is strong and backed by the rakyat

3. BN is using dirty tactics to maintain power

4. UMNO will continue to slander DAP as ‘Anti Malay’

5. DAP’s stance on Hudud is not in accordance with the Federal Constitution and not suitable for a multi-ethnic society

6. DAPSY would be more pro-active in the psychology war

7. DAPSY would continue to fight BN in all fields, including cybersphere

8. The voice of UMNO, MCA and MIC Youth is no longer relevant to younger Malaysians

Out of the 20 DAPSY leaders elected today, only two are Non Chinese; Arul Kumar Jambunathan of Negeri Sembilan and Rajiv Risyakaran of Selangor. No Malays or any Bumiputra from Sarawak or Sabah elected in any posts. So much for a multi-ethnic party. The ratio of leaders voted into DAPSY dan DAP Wanita Central Commiitee  is a demonstration of their Chinese Chauvinist agenda is very much in place.

The decision of the DAPSY delegates very much affirmed the contention that DAP is really an anti Malay political party, something the DAPSY Head said they are not.

This evening’s results proven that Mini Emperor Lim Guan Eng’s attempt to grip onto the Chinese Chauvinist party failed. Even delegates of DAPSY and Wanita DAP are not swayed into the apparent dynasty control-freak mentality.

Houston: “Shuttle Tokong disintegrated at re-entry”. True story.

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  1. Why UMNO blogger was so interested in DAP convention.I just wonder why.?
    I really pity Najib went to Penang to celebrated janji di tepati.Announcing Federal govertment want to build 20.000 affodable house in Penang.When UMNO was in power in Peneng they cant even build a proper house for the Malay in Pulau Tikus.

    In the first place where are they going to built these house.on whose land.They cant acquire the land without the help of state govertment.What happen to Jawatan kuasa Pemandu under PM department.
    A long as we have UMNO leaders like MUsa Sheikh Fadzil,or Syed Ahmad Aidid or Rahim Saibu or Ahmad Ismail,Penang UMNO can kiss goodbye of capturing Penang next elecion.

    • u would be better kissing guan eng’s asshole!

    • I think it’s refreshing for an UMNO blogger could do a report of detailed results in a DAP national congress, ahead of mainstream media and event pro-opposition media.

      I think this Malim fellow is ignorant or someone near blind. PR1MA already announced they are building ‘affordable housing’ on unutilised Federal Govt lands.

      I was in Penang recently. Many Penangites, especially the younger ones are getting fed-up with Tokong LGE.

      The older Penangites no need mention la! They are ashamed on how Tokong LGE manipulate & lie about controversial projects; Kg Buah Pala, Tg. Tokong, Bayan Mutiara, Kg Manggis.

      And all these are in Georgetown area. Obviously, they are Chinese. Tokong LGE brashness is causing a lot of embarasment for these people who had hopes for him.

      Tokong LGE also neglected his Bayan constituency. That dont augur well with DAP members & supporters, esp Penang DAP.

      That’s why the proxy-fight of DAPSY & Wanita posts today is not favouring Tokong LGE. Even the low turnout shows a lot.

      Tokong LGE’s own inner circle like Ng Wei Aik and Teresa Kok were defeated this evening. This shows the true feeling of rejection for Tokong LGE’s dictatorship!

      Next week would be interesting. I hope BD continue his posting on the subject matter.

    • What happened to sakmongkol or aspen, the fellows who washes the lim’s backsides?

  2. Ali,
    Certainly batter than First lady.Why UMNO cannot debate properly.Maybe their belly bigger than the brain?

    • So Malim, do you agree that Tokong’s proxies got their ass kicked?
      In a way its a good thing to have DAP rejuvenated.
      Its getting to much like a family dynasty party.
      Time to give back the power to the ordinary members!

      Also another thing, it seems DAPSY has no Malays.
      Care to share with us on that point Malim?

    • Why waste time spouting hot air like some over-excited school debate teams when that precious time can be fully utilised for the betterment of the rakyat.

      Obviously UMNO is busy with Janji diTepati. While pakatan pseudo-heroes go around polluting the air with lies and janji KOSONG.

    • Biggie,

      You should bannish idiots like Malim, as you hv done in the past. They don’t add credibility & progress into the debates your blog tried to create.

      They are counter productive to those who argue with facts. Freedom of expression should hv a decent limit.

      • The fellow sounds like a boy, product of a Chinese school, grammar and spelling mistakes all over the place, out to disrupt meaningful discussions, his head as hard as stone and like a communist, not bothered that he was walloped left, right and centre, in replies to his irresponsible comments in the previous posts.

        His purpose appears to be to distract readers’ attention from the anti-DAP and Pakatan Rakyat comments, and to hijack the topic being discussed. In this post alone, a total of 6 comments have been spent on him.

        And making stupid comments, too, like wondering why others are interested in the chauvinistic and racist DAP party convention. I support the call for him to be banished to the likes of Malaysia Kuno, Malaysian Outsider, Malaysian Chronic News, etc.

  3. It’s heartening to read that the Tokong Lim’s proxies were ousted and the Nga-Ngeh representative was defeated.

    But DAP being made of chauvinists and racists, its policies and manner of pursuing them are not likely to change.

    Perhaps less arrogant and more responsible when people like Teresa Kok now got another knocking on the head after the near boycott of the only 30% attendance at the recent DAP Selangor convention?

    Their wayward ways, lies, deceits, half truths, twists and spins need to be exposed, condemned and hit hard every time they appear.

  4. The big question is whether any changes in the leadership would change the DAP from being chauvinist and racist.

    The White Paper entitled, “13 May 1969: A Tragedy”, produced by the National Operations Council, stated the role of DAP in the race riots. The kind of speeches made by DAP candidates during the 1969 election campaign, the role – or absence of one – of the DAP leaders in advising and controlling the members and supporters from becoming unruly, abusive, obscene and provocative when convoying in Malay sensitive areas celebrating the additional seats they won. Clearly, DAP had sparked, if not caused, the 13 May 1969 race riots.

    We want to avoid another 13 May. We must hope and pray that DAP would change its stance, become less arrogant, not provocative and not touching on sensitive issues in their words and deeds, before, during and after the elections. We must keep reminding them of these and hold the leaders responsible if they continue in that direction again.

    And they cannot be using the argument of “scare tactic” every time we remind them of such. Especially when such reminders come from responsible leaders like DPM TS Muhyiddin.

  5. And what is the Malay looking fellow wearing a kot doing there? Told to show up at the press conference to give a semblance of “multi-racial party” ha? Multi-racial my foot.

    But the photo of the Sg Pelek (whatever the branch name) DAP members absconding the party also showed one chap wearing a songkok. Should have told the fellow not to put on a songkok lah. So that can claim no Malay cabut from DAP. Except Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz – he didn’t cabut, he stormed out of the party calling Guan Eng biadap.

    Haba haba.

    • Hey what about that Aspan Alias and Semangkol ,aren’t they good’s enough for DAP ?.

  6. How come si Mongkol Arif Sabri was not elected to any post ha? He has credential as ex-ADUN, man. Not big enough ha? Or not enough Malays to propose and second him ha?

    Or maybe just waiting to be “appointed”. To Vice Chairman post that Tunku Aziz chucked out?

    DAP like communist China ha? Claims to be democratic but only a few members of the Pulitbureau decide. Hu Jin Tao etc decided quietly the 7 members of the Central Committee, then lined them up and paraded them at the Chinese Communist Party convention.

    Karpal Singh etc didn’t stand for election ha? Where got chance if not “arranged” by Tokong Lim. But good to know that even the Tokong’s nominees and the Mentor’s proxies got chucked out this time. DAP will never appear not racist so long as Tokong Lim and such faces remain as leaders.

    • Thank you.

      We would assume that Sang Mongkol aka Sang Mangkuk aka Sang Senduk is a little bit to old to contest for a post in DAPSY or a little bit over masculine to find himself amongst the Wanita DAP.

      Probably the DAP national congress this coming weekend is a better hope for the rejected politically-bankrupt politician. The need to maintain a token Malay, as a reflection that they are ‘multi ethnic’.

      Just when they had Tunku Aziz as Vice Chairman,

      We also don’t expect his fellow politically-bankrupt comrade in arms Aspan Alias to be voted as CEC also next week.

      Make no mistake. The moment they don’t get along with Emperor Lim & Mini Emperor Tokong Lim policies and stance or failure to show “Enough love for the party”, then they’ll be out on the ears.

      Just like Tunku Aziz.

  7. […] pemilihan jawatan tertinggi Wanita DAP and Pemuda DAP minggu lepas, kuda kuda tambatan Lim semua kecundang. Ini jelas menunjukan beliau gagal mengekang kuasa langsung dalam Wanita dan Pemuda DAP dan […]

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