Musa: Ramli is the ‘White Knight of PDRM’

Former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan, still a crime fighter

Former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan, still a crime fighter

“He is the ‘White Knight’ of PDRM”, dry sarcasm by former IGP Tan Srì Musa Hassan as he smirked when asked to comment about former CCID Ramli Yusuff ‘s recent statement about Musa “Abusing his powers”.

“Someone is giving him the platform to attack me”.

“He should be investigated”, when asked to comment on Ramli’s declaration to the Police Disciplinary Officer dated 4 Sept 2007 on the listed 52 assets of ‘unexplained Wealth‘. “I’m not like Ramli. I don’t influence the (current) IGP”. Musa also asked “Why link me with only one fellow (Tengku Goh)? Why not I linked myself with 1o other Underworld Kingpins? Better, I could make more money! (with having linkages with many Lords of the Underworld Vices)”.

“He is a salaried civil servant. As a civil servant, we may live a life of comfort. Not a life of luxury. Probably he has ‘links’ somewhere”, when asked about Ramli having relationship or linkages to ‘undesirable individuals’ and making a declaration for accumulated wealth beyond his means as a Police officer.

Musa was giving a media conference for the newly formed anti-crime NGO MyWatch. “Investigate all cases. We have to be fair. Crime is crime, who ever does it”.

He made suggestion that Federal Government disclose full information on crimes. “Disclose the full picture. Not just street crimes. There are other crimes. We want to know about all these crimes also. Not just the statistics which is affecting NKRA results. There are confusion”.

When asked about his linage for coming out and speaking against these crimes figures, “No. This is not politically motivated. I’m not politically linked or a politician”.

Musa also said in the same media conference that when former MACC Advisory Panel Member Robert Phang came to see him when he was the IGP. The latter offered to be an ‘Adviser to IGP’.

“I refused. Why do I need an ‘Adviser’?”.

Musa also revealed that Phang’s involvement in a large communications project in PDRM. However, the project wasnt completed and the project superintendent refused to commission the project.

“He threatened the Police officer! If the Police officer refuse to commission the project, he threatened to transfer the Police officer out”. It is believed the project is called RMPnet.

It is obvious that Robert Phang is the sort of man who abuses his position of authority and influence. The latest is Datuk Rocky’s posting, where he admitted his abuse and interference with a statutory declarationIn the past, Phang even wanted to bribe a KSU of a very tactical Ministry, which has power over security matters.

The person mentioned in Phang’s SD is lawyer Rosli Dahlan, who is a close associate and probably a partner-in-crime with Ramli Yusuff. There are real issues here that warrants an thorough investigation, not only by Police, MACC, but also Bank Negara and Royal Customs (for money laundering) and  Inland Revenue Board (for tax evasion and failure to disclose ‘unexplained wealth’).

On the issue of integrity of PDRM and some Police officers, Musa said he didn’t agree with the suggestion of IPCMC. “There are three clauses of IPCMC that I dont agree. 1. Commissioners can investigate any Police officers who abuse their powers. 2. Commissioners have the powers to punish 3. Commissioners also have the powers to recommend investigated Police officers to be charged BUT the Police officers have no right of appeal. Police officers investigated have no recourse”.

“Instead, I suggested to then Prime Minister (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) to have a Police Integrity Commission. Credible personalities could appointed as Commissioners. However, nothing happened”.

Musa admitted majority of Police personnel are good officers and living within their means. “Only a handful are bad hats”.

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This is what Free Malaysia Today reported:

‘Black knight’ Musa vs ‘White knight’ Ramli

Teoh El Sen

| December 10, 2012

The former IGP took a swipe at his critics for portraying him as the bad cop out to destroy the PDRM.

PETALING JAYA: Former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan today lashed out at his critics, especially his former colleagues Ramli Yusuff and Mat Zain Ibrahim, suggesting that they have strong backing from powerful figures.

“I think this Ramli, he has strong influence with IGP [Ismail Omar] and the police,” he told a press conference here.

“From the outside, it seems like he’s the white knight, saviour of PDRM [Royal Malaysian Police]… while I’m the black knight who is destroying PDRM… the picture has been painted as such,” he said when asked about Ramli’s unending crusade against him.

Musa, the patron of the new anti-crime NGO MyWatch, said that he suspects that Ramli has the backing of certain powerful figures that he did not name.

“I just want to know who is behind him… who has given him this platform to attack me,” he said.

Musa maintained that he had no links with underworld figures, a claim that Ramli, retired Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) director, has repeated, and instead asked the latter himself to answer to the public.

“He should answer to the public… how he owns so much riches and wealth when he was still in service. Even I don’t have so much…”

Musa said despite the courts clearing Ramli of failing to declare some RM27 million worth of assets, for him, it was still an unresolved question.

How could a police officer only holding the post of CCID director amass such money? he asked.

Asked if he was implying Ramli was linked to “undesirable individuals”, Musa said: “It is hard for me to answer. Because those who have wealth of that nature will have some links somewhere.”

He also denied former KL CID chief Mat Zain’s claim that he (Musa) had fabricated evidence, relating to three reports on the injuries Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim received while in police custody in 1998.

Mat Zain had said: “I state, yet again, that I am willing to declare under oath in any judicial proceeding or before any judge that there was indeed an agreement between [Attorney-General Abdul] Gani [Pattail] and Musa to use Dr Abdul Rahman [Yusof] to fabricate the three so-called special reports on the injuries Anwar received while in police custody in 1998.”

Musa said he has no knowledge about any such reports, declaring that he has no power to order any doctor to do anything.

“He [Mat Zain] is the one who investigated the case. He should have the reports,” he said.

He said Mat Zain, along with Ramli, was trying to discredit him.

“They are plainly trying to stop me from speaking out. These people are back in operation. They have to say something. They know I can’t stand this kind of things, so this is a preemptive strike by them,” Musa said.

“Let me ask them now: who are the real kingpins? Why have there been no actions [taken]?”

Defamation suit

Musa also denied rumours that he is coming out now because his request to be made the Malaysian High Commissioner to Brunei was turned down, saying that he had in fact rejected the offer.

“I was [in fact] offered the post [but] I refused. I am a policeman,” he said.

Meanwhile, MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan said that his NGO was giving former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission adviser Robert Phang three days to apologise and retract comments he made about the organisation.

“He has mentioned in his statement that MyWatch is bankrolled by underworld syndicates. I will give him a grace period of three days to apologise for his statement, or we will initiate a defmation suit against him.”

“He has no clue about MyWatch. If he is defaming us, he is indirectly defaming Musa,” said Sri Sanjeevan.

Meanwhile, MyWatch adviser S Gobi Krishnan denied that the NGO was politically linked.

“MyWatch is an NGO… neutral. I can be a party member, but MyWatch doesn’t take instructions from anyone, or report to anyone.”

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