PAS members spoiled DAP event

The abrupt cancellation of Chinese Song concert in Bentong, appeared in Sin Chew Jit Poh

The abrupt cancellation of Chinese Song concert in Bentong, appeared in Sin Chew Jit Poh

The entertainment for an organized DAP dinner near Kg. Telemong, Bentong on 17 Novembers 2012 was foiled. It was abruptly cancelled by the organizers because local PAS members strongly opposed the concert.

According to insider sources, part of the dinner event planned was a forum where DAP and PAS leaders share a stage designed to spread their politics to local folks. The dinner plus the planned entertainment was supposed to hype the event and tens of thousands Ringgit was spent to get several Chinese singers and songstress to entertain audience. One of the songstress was ‘dressed inappropriately’ and local PAS members protested as soon as she finished performing.

Kg. Telemong is a Chinese new village.

As a consequence, on 11 December 50 local Chinese kampung folks staged a demonstration in anticipation the arrival of DAP Supremo Emperor-for-Life Lim Kit Siang. Their leader, a village head Lee Shu Ren tried to complain to Lim about the abrupt cancellation of the enetrtainment during the 17 November concert but the latter ignored the matter.

The abrupt cancellation of the entertainment for the dinner is a demonstration that DAP Chinese Chauvinists ways are not acceptable to the conservative PAS  especially in the rural areas and it is obvious between the two, they don’t have a middle point.

The two parties are ideologically, culturally and set values on the opposing end. They don’t seem to have a common focal point except the desire to oust BN for power.

Most importantly, Emperor-for-Life Lim are not ready to meet the grouses of DAP grassroots even in a Chinese turf like Kg. Telemong. In Pahang, they are the minority. Even if the Opposition Pact manage to wrest over the state, the Menteri Besar would naturally comes from PAS. It is obvious that DAP leaders would not attend to the political grievance of local Chinese at the expense of their relationship with PAS masters.

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