Now everyone can get cheated

Anyone remotely know anyone who ever got these tickets, ever?

Anyone remotely know anyone who ever got these tickets, ever?

It is formal. An Australian Federal Court found Air Asia a carrier which intentionally deceived the passengers and does not disclose the full cost to be borne, which include taxes and other charges.

AirAsia fined A$200,000 for contravening pricing provision

Posted on 18 December 2012 – 02:50pm
Last updated on 18 December 2012 – 03:53pm

MELBOURNE (Dec 18, 2012): AirAsia Bhd has been slapped with a hefty fine for not including taxes and other charges on its website.

The budget airline was fined A$200,000 in the Melbourne Federal Court today for contravening the single pricing provision of the Australian Consumer Law, said the Australian Associated Press (AAP).

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said the case followed a 10-month period during which the website did not display some airfare prices inclusive of all taxes, duties, fees and other mandatory charges “in a prominent way and as a single figure”.

The fine related to flights between Melbourne and Macau, London, Ho Chi Minh City, New Delhi, Hangzhou and Chengdu as well as from Perth to Taipei, Phuket, Osaka, London, Ho Chi Minh City and Hangzhou and from the Gold Coast to Ho Chi Minh City.

Justice Tracey said unless the full price is prominently displayed the consumer may well be attracted to a transaction which he or she would not otherwise have found to be appealing and grudgingly pay the additional imposts rather than go to the trouble of withdrawing from the transaction and looking elsewhere.

He said the company would also obtain an advantage over competitors who are compliant. He accepted a court undertaking from AirAsia restraining it from engaging in similar conduct for three years.

“This ACCC action vindicates the importance of all inclusive pricing.

“Consumers must have accurate price information, and in turn, airlines require a level playing field on price representations in this competitive industry where consumers are price sensitive,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims told AAP. – Bernama


That is their business model. Lure consumers with false attractions of very cheap fares, which is practically hardly available for consumers to enjoy. Even if the said ultra-discounted ticket is available (in the usual case would just be far for the really ultra-cheap tickets as advertised), consumers are made to buy the ticket and pay it forward and travel is difficult conditions.

It is false and misleading advertising.

A flight to one of the most demanded holiday destination in SE Asia, for the price lesser than a packet of 20s?

A flight to one of the most demanded holiday destination in SE Asia, for the price lesser than a packet of 20s?

Recently, it was related that a flight was turnaround and unable to complete the flight as one of the doors cannot be closed properly. A passenger, wanted to get the refund because of unable to get to her desired destination. She was refused because she did not take the travel insurance, as offered during the ticket purchase via the AirAsia website. Even the queue for submission of claims is said to be very long.

In short, they are either liars and intentionally and knowingly operated which will eventually cheated some of the passengers, even for technicalities.

The comfort and welfare of passengers is also the least on their priorities. Malaysia Airports revealed that during the development stage of KLIA2, AirAsia wanted the dedicated low cost carrier terminal not to have the aerobridge.

The AirAsia campaign against MAHB in December 2011

One story related was about a retired army officer, fell down as he stepped off the aircraft and broke his leg. The hazard is due to the negligence of AirAsia employees. When the victim claimed from AirAsia, the company refused to entertain. However, it was proven via CCTV that AirAsia employees were clearly negligence in their duties. It was said that AirAsia is being taken to court for the damages suffered by this affected passenger.

Eight weeks ago, we scooped on the story about Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) only renewed the Airline Operation Certificate for AirAsia for six months. Some of the issues stated in the stern letter from DCA include the Flight Operations manual has not been reviewed and Flight Operations is not being executed in accordance to the manual. These are real issues, which the safety of the Flight Operations is now seriously questionable.

Doubtful operations standards and execution

AirAsia has been very cunning in the ways and intentions. This time last year, they staged an ‘Airport Spring’ campaign and getting passengers to ‘revolt’ against Malaysia Airports. Indeed, they are a low class operator.

Tony Fernandes and his management of creative and psychologically-charged marketingand style of short-selling have been ‘bullying’ consumers for too long now. Their rights have been infringed, violated and even scammed,with all sorts of fancy marketing schemes introduced by Fernandes, his management and AirAsia/Tune AIr Group for so long now. Their rapid and meteoric growth is actually attributable with the aggressive ‘fancy and creative’ marketing, which in reality is not attainable by the larger consumer s’market.

Trending down EPS: AirAsia heading for trouble?

Its time for all those who have been wronged by AirAsia to come forward and do a class action suit against the people of misleading advertising coupled with low or denied quality service. Consumers have rights. Malaysian business environment cannot progress with personalities like Fernandes. It is definitely anti-productive on Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s economic transformation program (ETP) track of making Malaysia a ‘desirable’ business destination.

Probably, instead of having his own reality tv  show to boost his ‘creative and fancy’ marketing gimmick and strategy, Fernandes should be featured in National Geographic ‘Scam City’.

*Updated Wednesday 19 December 2012 1000hrs

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  1. *Comment deleted

    This commenter has lost his privileges to share thoughts and opinion in this blog.

  2. Perniagaan yg berasaskan penipuan akan mendapat balasan bak kata omputih “slap in the face”

    • Sampai masa pengguna ludah balik kat muka Kling Karam & Kaki Belit ni!

      Melampau nor!

  3. Biggie,

    The only time I flew on AK was to Bali and back. I paid RM 1,700.00 and it was even more expensive than MH. I didn’t fly MH coz all the flights I wanted were full.

    The interesting bit is on the flight back. We were supposed to land at LCCT at 2230hrs. We did not arrive till 0430hrs the next day. It was particularly chaotic for me. Coz I had to rush home, change suitcases and depart for another flight from KLIA at 0930hrs.

    Leaving LCCT, head home in north east Kuala Lumpur. Enough time to repack and a very quick shower before catching another taxi back to KLIA. I arrived very badly in my north east Asian destination that evening, after spending 7hrs melepak in nothing-is-opened Ngurah Rai!

    Never will I fly AK again!

  4. High time we have such laws in Malaysia. And in countries where Air Asia fly to. Whack them with the fines and sue them to bankruptcy.

    Not out of vengeance but to put these unprincipled, lying and cheating crooks out of business. Or push them out to fly to the Sahara Desert and deal with the rebellious Tuaregs. In the US they can get sued for shitting on the road, let alone in the air. In the Sahara Desert they can shit in the air as much as they like.

    And their owners and Directors don’t have any sense of loyalty and patriotism for the country. Facing disagreement and unfavourable responses to their demands, they simply booted out to Indonesia, bringing only Indian pilots there. Then crawled back to LCCT.

    Possibly got the backlash in Jakarata from the bad mouthing of the country by another nasty Malaysian, Irene Fernandez. Or simply not acceptable to the Indonesians who are normally loyal and patriotic to their country.

  5. Invite tony to appear on tv and ask him all these questions

    • No way!

      He is a grandmaster manipulator of media & marketing psychology.

      Remember when he was sued by Proton for his false projection of ‘Lotus F1’ branding in a British court? He lied about the progress of the trial when media asked him!

      The proof is in the pudding. The court decided against Tony. Today, Tony Fucker’s F1 is prohibited to use the ‘Lotus’ brand and forced to be renamed ‘Caterham’.

      That’s the reality. He is a fake and knows how manipulate the media with his falsehood forward short-selling of below-the-line inferior products!

  6. last november , a morning flight from KL to Chiangmai was delayed for more than 2 hours.

    the reason – there are 182 paxs on a 180 seaters airbus and the 2 extra paxs have no seats.

    holly the molly how on earth did they are able to issue extra boarding pass in the first place.

    everybody from ariasia security, staff, duty manager came to sort out the chaos. they even offer to refund the ticket to volunteers,

    luckily some paxs volunteer to take a KL bangkok chiangmai flight offered by air asia staff.

    or otherwise we will see air asia being the first airline in the world to offer a standing ticket on a plane.

  7. Kerajaan Australia mendapi Air Asia X bersalah kerana tidak mengiklan kan tambang nya dengan betul.No big deal.Air Asiax maseh terus terbangnka Australian.
    Air Asia juga telah membeli lagi 100 airbus 320,jumlah book ordernya satakat ini ialah 400 airbus320,
    Ia juga akan beroperasi di India dengan TATA sabagai rakan kongsinya.
    China,India,Indonesia yang mempunyai pendudok melebehi 2 billion.
    Mereka boleh melupai Australia yang hanya mempunyai pendudok 25 juta.?

    • 2 billion di China dan India, berapa orang yang boleh terbang, Mak Minah wei? Kan main sokong AA ni, ada apa apa dengan TF ke?

      Jenis kamu ni Minah, selagi apa boleh buat untuk capai kehendak kamu, kamu buat ye? Kurang kurang kamu akuilah salah di Australia tu.

      Jahanam memang jahanam negara kalau ramai pompuan mcm kau ni. Ke kau jantan pakai nama pompuan takut kena balon sesangat? Ke kau jenis TF pakai nama Melayu sebab yang sama? Ramai juga di Internet mcm gitu, Minah. Ke Nora, ke hape nama kau.

    • ejaan bahasa apa kau pakai ni? ada spm ke tak? sekarang 2012, bukan 1912.

  8. Dude it is ur CHOICE. If it is bad, just do not fly.
    Come On Malaysian, stop COMPLAINING the nation’s PRIDE>

    • what?? the nation’s pride? since when AA becomes the nation pride? My GOD, some Malaysian are indeed very very sick, mentally that is!….

    • Hoi Banggang!

      Sejak bila AirAsia jadi kebanggaan negara ni?

      Penyanggak adala!

      1. Tipu pengguna

      2. Kencing pengguna

      3. Kutip cukai, pas tu tak nak bayor kat Malaysia Airports. Sampai beratus juta

      4. Tipu Kerajaan – dlm kes Mas Wings, duit subsidi RM 50j diambik, tapi perkhidmatan tak buat

      5. Kencingkan MAS – tajaan QPR

      6. Nak gulingkan GLC – Airport Spring

      7. Ambik juruterbang asing, sedankan 1,500 juruterbang tempatan menggangur

      8. Pindahkan operasi ke Jakarta sebab nafsu tamak tak dilayan, sedangkan Lion Air bersedia buka operasi disini

      9. Tamak rebut route antarabangsa yg diperuntukan utk MAS, tapi bila operasi, sekejap ja dah rugi. Lepas tu lepaskan route tu cam tu ja

      10. Kebajikan & keselesaan pengguna adalah diabaikan. Tengok la LCCT, desakan utk KLIA2 & paling mudah, makanan/minuman yg disediakan dlm pesawat

      11. Pembayaran utk supplier amat liat

      12. Syarikat berhutang dgn pembiaya luar negara. Menambahkan angka hutang negara

      Usahawan & Perusahan yg tiada integriti & kredibiliti!

  9. Air Asia the nation’s pride? ROFLOL

    More like nation’s burden

    • Soalan yg penting utk Tony F & AirAsia;

      Apa pengorbanan mereka utk Malaysia?

      Setakat ni, apa yg mereka buat hanyalah utk kepentingan kommersial mereka semata mata. Apa pun program atau projek, mesti ada keuntungan utk Tony.

      Sedangkan negara berkorban banyak utk beri dia ruang & peluang utk membesarkan AirAsia.

      Adil ke?

      Pundek adala!

  10. I hold no particular brief for either AirAsia or Tony Fernandes, but in the interests of fairness, it must be pointed out that the Australian authorities have also fined other airlines for things such as price fixing.

    If I remember right, SIA Cargo (a unit of Singapore Airlines) was fined several million dollars for this. So too were Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific and a few other well-known international airlines.

    It goes to show that the Australian regulators are vigilant and on the ball.

    Tiger Airways was grounded in Australia for safety lapses. For a few months too, while they got their act together. They instituted the necessary corrective measures and are now back to a full operating schedule.

  11. Very little knowledge of what is going on in the real world, what to expect from bunch of assholes who can hardly speak proper English let alone comment productively. No wonder bosses (private sector) don’t want to employ you lazy morons, depending so much on government hand outs. The only reason you dumb good for nothing assholes employed is cause being forced by the politicians.

    • You are a son of bitch talking like that. Most likely descended from secret societies, thugs and gangsters brought by the Chinkies from Mainland China to Penang beginning from the 18th Century and into Perak, together with the constantly warring Ghee Hin and Hai San clans, by Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim in the 19th Century to help modernize his tin mines.

      They say Scotch whiskey never varies in its excellent taste. You blokes never vary in your bastardly manners, never knowing how to say thank you for being given the tongkat – the mining jobs, and Ngah Ibrahim gave mining land leases, even capital, to some of you buggers to start new mines so he could tax to build new roads etc. And your kind are still on the tongkat until now – ask Robert Kuok about his his sugar monopoly that made him millions and Vincent Tan about the lottery license that became his launching pad.

      You DAP bastards only know the world of gangsters that exist in every Chinatown all over the world, even in the Ibupejabat Kerajaan Selangor, as said by one PKR ADUN and an independent MP some time back. and one DAP Exco behaved like a gangster banging MACC and Klang Hospital doors after the death of MACC witness Teoh Beng Hock. You buggers comment only by making wild, unsubstantiated allegations, like the above, accusing others not commenting productively yet there is nothing productive in your entire comment at all.

      You are kurang ajar. “Biadap” said then DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz of your also gangster-like boss Lim Guan Eng as the wisening old man stormed out of the chauvinistic, racist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP.

      • May I chip in about DAP, it sounds like this.

        Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed: THE MIND OF DAP’S.

        We are in a catch 484 situation living in the midst of our selfness and selfishness. A calamitous society is in the making and in dilemmas. It has evolved into a fragmented society by races. Like one DAP’s commentator commented, ” prior to Mahathir Malaysians were really Malaysians, not so racially segregated.”

        This notion suggested we are now truly fragmented society. We are living in the environment of suspicions. When we talk to friends and neighbors, we are not looking into their eyes anymore. When we walk we greeted nobody except polarizing toward our trusted kind. What it means our values of human relation are rapidly fading. We are now living in the environment of constant racial tension and waiting to face an eruption. It could be anytime and just need a crazy guy to ignite. Peace and harmony are non for an option. Scary and scary indeed! A choice to vote out with our feet is maybe a save option preferably the Chauvinists who are anti Malay and Islam.

        Why? They said, the mind of DAP’s assertion: It is because of Umno’s and its cohort doing things they did for the last 55 years. Because the Malays have been brainwashed by Umno’s and BTN’s propaganda and their racist patriotism. Because the authority does not protect the minority and only favor the Malays. Because the minority has been marginalized. Because of that Mahathir will go down in history as an incarnation of Hitler. Because Umnos poison the Malays with their lies. Because the Malay patriots yearning for a return to a Malay motherland free of pendatang. Because Najib’s vision of 1 Malaysia was absent in the recent Umno general assembly. Najib’s sincerity is i questionable. Because the lyrics of ‘Lagu Warisan’ explains Umno and Malays minds and mentalities unchanged….a bankrupt doctrine of ‘Blood and Soil’ Nationalism akin to that of the NAZIS and FASCISTS.

        My goodness gracious!! This is bad, Man! Malaysia is not a save heaven for those Chauvinists and not a good to live for peace-loving people anymore.

        They paint the pictures that these Umno and Malays are going to be Nazis and Fascists. This is no illusion and they have been indoctrinated that it is the truth!! These Nazis Malays and Fascist Umno are here to stay and defend their motherland for whatever cause, whether they win or lose in the near coming election. Umno and the Malays are not saying about Democracy, Human Rights or Civil Liberty, they are saying about War. Oh! No wonder Professor Dr Azly Rahman and Dr. Bakri Musa the fortunate Malays left Malaysia. The lyrics of ‘Lagu Warisan’ are frightening. The Malays really mean business now. Where shall the Chauvinists go? No where , Man! They said we will stay and fight back. Fight for what? What about all my good Malay friends? Who cares!!

        How they will fight? First, they want to remove and neutralize the ruling circles ,especially from Umno ranks and the official print and electronic media, particularly Utusan Malaysia and TV3. How to remove them? Maa! You must retain to shape up and be proactive in action, you must influence and get Pas and Muslim NGOs to mold up and be more active. They are not in the progressive position. We must make them use their Islamic elements to counter the politics of racial envy and hate propagated by Umno.

        My God, Bro! They are Malays. They have all in common, being Malays and their religion is Islam, culturally intact and share the same-long history. No! actually Umno and the Malays are weak now. They are fragmented. Malays Pas and Malays PKR are not together with them. You must understand this, comrades , Malaysia has changed, the Malays has changed and weak because of their own weakness. It is their doings not us. This is the time, Maa! We are firmed with our political ideologies of multiculturalism and Malaysian Malaysia, not I Malaysia. Anwar and Nik Aziz are our partners and we hug each other. Our partners know our political game. Umno and the Malays are worst and dangerous than the Communists, they are NAZIS and FASCISTS.

        The words of Mao Zedong, “Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.” let this quotation spelt out with much hope for our minds to rest or otherwise.

        Ghab, Rockers Inc.

      • What in the blazes are you talking about, you Gobbbledecock? Quoting Mao Zedong, accusing UMNO to be Nazis and Fascists and being more dangerous than communists, are you mad? You moving about with that Little Red Book of Mao Zedong’s quotations, ha? Or you forgot your Tg Rambutan Hospital pills, became high and started typing like a raving lunatic in here at 1.56 am?

        You must be a DAP bloke of the subversive kind calling Malaysia “a calamitous society, fragmented by races” and quoting a DAP wild and unsubstantiated allegation that Malaysians were not so racially segregated until Tun Dr Mahathir.

        Then you started spitting out your biased opinions, warped and demented thinking, without any justification, facts or even explanations – claiming to be “living in an environment of suspicions .. our values of human relation are rapidly fading .. now living in the environment of constant racial tension and waiting to face an eruption.” Subversive and spreading hatred and fear like the communists used to do, aren’t you? You ought to be dragged to Kamunting under ISA or its new replacement laws.

        Then you made further wild accusations, the trademark of DAP politicians – “the Malays brainwashed by Umno’s and BTN’s propaganda and their racist patriotism .. the authority does not protect the minority and only favor the Malays .. the minority marginalized, etc.” You must be a hardcore DAP bloke to be making all those wild allegations, picking up so many catch phrases from the DAP book of lies, deceits, twists and spins. No facts, not even explanations of what, who, how, when and where. All balderdash, shit man.

      • You are not only subverting but also instigating by saying “These Nazis Malays and Fascist Umno are here to stay and defend their motherland for whatever cause .. Umno and the Malays are not saying about Democracy, Human Rights or Civil Liberty, they are saying about War.”

        Yes, you should be dealt with under the ISA replacement laws. At least dragged to Court and prosecuted under the Sedition Act.

        I know the Police have a Section dealing with cyber crimes working in co-coperation with the Multi Media Commission and are watching buggers like you. They can trace you from your computer IP address like they did those who defaced the website of the Sultan of Perak and prosecuted the frustrated laboratory assistant and one other some time back.

      • Lolong G Mali,

        You stupid son of a gun don’t even know that Dr. Bakri Musa absconded the country some 40 years ago – he was among the first Malay surgeons in the 1960s but could not get promotions fast enough because the field was full of non-Malays who dominated all the professions in this country before the advent of the New Economic Policy.

        Additionally, he married a White woman, expensive and difficult to maintain in this country during those years of few supermarkets, etc. You rubbing the Malays in by praising a Malay who abandoned his country, his parents and relatives in the kampongs at a time when there were very few Malays in the profession – and the medical profession at that time had a dire need for as many qualified people as possible – it only tells the kind of bloke you are.

        You should also abscond this country, Lolong G Mali, whatever your name means. Maybe absconded already, living in US or Canada? If so, try not to feel homesick and writing about Malaysia endlessly like Bakri Musa does, paranoid of being arrested if he visited Malaysia during the Tun Dol Administration, presumptuous, delusional in thinking he was important enough to be monitored by the authorities (he isn’t subversive and seditious like you) – didn’t you read some of what he wrote?

        You blokes having absconded should focus on and be loyal to your country of adoption – didn’t you read the communist Chinese Premier Chou En Lai’s advice to the Nanyang Chinese when he was alive?

        Do be assured that those who have migrated are no longer wanted, are not missed in Malaysia – only a smattering few read Bakri Musa anyway. And don’t worry about the so-called brain drain as it’s only a political gimmick – the country is far better without nasty brains like you all. Good riddance.

      • Saying “Umno and the Malays are weak now .. fragmented”, you ultra kiasu buggers exploit every available opportunity, each and every time.

        Descended from secret societies, thugs and gangsters, gratitude never exists in your blasted DAP minds, the words “thank you” never exist in your DAP buggers’ vocabulary. From being stateless for over 150 years since before British colonial rule, not sent back to China by the shiploads like the US Chinese railway workers and hired gold diggers upon job completion – there was even a Chinese Exclusion Act in the US prohibiting Chinese staying there – and you people were given tongkats right from the days of Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim in the mid 19th Century (mining land leases, even capital, to some of those he brought in to help modernize his tin mines) until the days of Robert Kuok (sugar monopoly license), Vincent Tan (lottery license), etc of today, agreed by the Malays to be given citizenship of the country after Merdeka, yet you DAP buggers hogged the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan right from your party formation some 45 years ago.

        What bloody ingratitude as reflected by the shit Malaysian Malaysia slogan. Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Raising the sensitive issues that are enshrined in the Constitution, that are protected under the Sedition Act. DAP leaders making fiery speeches thereon during the election campaign of 1969. DAP members and supporters celebrating the additional seats won in convoys of cars, lorries and motorcycles, shouting rude and provocative words, making obscene gestures unzipping their trousers when passing sensitive Malay areas like Kampong Bahru, the Police barracks in Jalan Pudu, Jalan Traverse and Brickfields, causing the race riots of 13 May 1969.

        Those DAP buggers are the horrible, terribly divisive and destructive elements of Malaysian society, not UMNO.

        Google the words “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, published by the National Operations Council, October 1969” and you’ll get the proofs and the documented evidence on all those.

        And yet you have the gall to say that TS Muhyiddin was spreading fear when he reminded the likes of you buggers to avoid words and deeds that’ll spark another race riot. You and the likes of you should really be put behind bars.


        Please allow a reasonable length of time before you publish a new post – time for as many DAP and PR buggers as possible to read and digest the above counter-arguments to the nasty thoughts and words of the chauvinist, racist and subversive DAP running dog calling himself Lolong G Mali.

        Thank you.

    • Aiseh, idiot Cheenakiasoo,

      You fellows should know nowadays you cannot say anything you like, any time you like, any where you like without being challenged. Not like years ago. And if you are nasty, you get wankered big time like the above – nice, innit?

      Wankered not proper English? How about bamboozled, or your head banged, or gublagedukked? Stupid fellow.

      “dumb good for nothing”? No such word as “dumb good”, you stinky bugger. Forgot your comma or got a mere pass in your SPM English? And that entire sentence has no verb at all – do you know about verbs? And what the hell does “employed is cause being forced by the politicians” mean?

      You are not only stupid but a completely useless human being (or half animal?) who has nothing to say but only tried to insult others. The key word is “tried” – you didn’t succeed but got walloped prim and proper. Served you right!

    • Haa haahaaa.. your English sucks too ..

      What’s your name? .. lemme hazard a guess…you could be Nixon Kock Kong Keck or Clinton Loo Lian chau or Gweynth Pee Inn Kap? Or you coud be a Sylvester a/l Kandiah or Michael Vincent a/l Suppiah @ Kandasamy or Reginald a/l Suparminiom?

      With slit eyes, yellow skin, flat nose and a heart full of hate and venom or dark skinned, short and smelly you can’t be an orang putih maa..!
      They are too good and too cultured compared to you ..

      Regarding the morons, just leave them with their style. Afterall this is their country /motherland. For your information too, they never consider you a citizen here. To them you are just an immigrant.

  12. Orang Melayu hanyabtahu kritik yang tidak membena.Kita kena akui sejak ada Air Asia ramai orang ornag Melayu kampong boleh terbang dengan murah pergi Bandong untok shopping.Boleh pergi Medan untok makan angin,boleh pergi Bangkok untok cuci mata.
    Ini tidak pernah dimimpi sawaktu MAS memonopoli penerbangan di Malaysia.
    Yang baik kita akui yang tidak betul kita tegor.Orang Melayu itu beradab.
    Di Australia,bukan sahaj Air Asia kena denda,Tiger Air milek SIA juga kena grounded sampai tiga bulan kerana issue keselamatan.Virgin Blue juga kena denda.Kenapa kita hanya menghentam Air Asia.

    • Kamu Melayu ke? Kamu punya kritik membina ke? Cuba tunjuk macam mana membina nya.

      Kamu faham ke apa isu yang selalu di kemukakan di blog ini? Kamu tahu ke isu menyumbang kapada negara? Atau isu ta’at setia dan patriotik kapada negara?

      Kalau airport tax yang di pungut bagi pihak MAB berjuta juta Ringgit tidak di serah kapada MAB bertahun tahun, kemudian desak itu ini, bila tak di layan, cabut lari bawak ibupejabatnya ke negara lain, bawa pilots India sahaja, apeknama menyumbang atau ta’at setia kapada negara itu semua?

      Di pos ini saja isunya ia lah Air Asia menipu rakyat, ramai yang mengalami tertipu dengan iklan tak betul mereka, atau di tekan harga bila terlambat tempah dsbnya, beberapa komen di sini menyatakannya, kau tak faham ke?

      AA yang berdaftar di Malaysia, di beri lesen oleh Kerajaan Malaysia, di kenali sebagai airline kedua Malaysia, buat salah, kita kena hentam airline lain ke? Kamu sekolah mana dulu?

  13. Had been skinned too.

    Booked wrong date so changed later date where fare is cheaper BUT charged the same high price of earlier date.

    Worse still had to pay penalty for changing dates which is equivalent of 2 seats price.

    What a rip off.

  14. all because DAP wants to establlsh greater singapore with the tutelage of their soul mates in red dot

  15. Jitu,

    Alright Bro!!! You have responded with consciousness, a little bit personal but it is okay!! For your information, Lorong G Mali loves those whose aversion negates Chinese Chauvinistic minds and ideologies in DAP. Those incendiary words from Lorong G Mali’s write up were words from the DAP’s minds not from Lorong G Mali.

    Lorong G Mali quoted the quotation from Mao Zedong, “Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.” “let this quotation spelt out with much hope for our minds to rest or otherwise.” This last paragraph invites us to a political paradigm of action for those minds incongruent to being solicited by DAP’s Chauvinist ideologies persistently, either “hope for our minds to rest”, “or otherwise.”

    Lorong G Mali is in agreement with Jitu all the way, the meaning of ‘otherwise’ taken within this context.

    Ghab Rockers Inc.

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  17. […] There is also the controversy of Air Asia X was fined by an Australian Court for cheating. […]

  18. […] What is strangely funny on why Opposition MPs since as Tony Pua, Nurul Izzah or even Rafizi Ramli never raised in Parliament nor demanded that Air Asia be investigated  for all their manipulation, misrepresentation, hoodwinking, lies and even apprehension for short changing passengers and consumers. […]

  19. […] Then there is the really bad perception of the series of fines imposed against AirAsia, which include Australia. […]

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