Merry Christmas

Glad tidings and season greetings. Merry Christmas, all.

If one is on the road during the duration of this extended long weekend/holiday/end-of-year season, please be extra careful. The frequent really wet weather and the pressure to catch-upon-time-lost after extraordinary lengthy and psychotic bumper-to-bumper jams have been hazardous to motorists, especially in the massive number of vehicles on the major interstate roads and highways.

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  1. Merry Christmas and happy new year. May all of our Christian friends and their loved ones be blessed with happiness, good health and a bountiful 2013.

    Selamat menyambut hari natal dan selamat tahun baru.

  2. If Najib is smart he should allow the Christian use the word Allah.

    • Aiyya, don’t like that la. U inviting people to say don’t be stupid la. At least say why la.

    • Christmas brings peace, love and joy to Christians. With peace, love and care in mind, Happy Holiday and may peace be with our Christian brothers.

      • Nora,

        You are dreaming of White a Christmas…..and when all the White is gone, you will drink all the Red. Happy Holiday.

    • Nora, I am not commenting about your post; just that I had missed commenting about this hoo-haa which surfaced some time ago.

      Personally, for someone who is already secure about his own faith, I don’t really care much how other human beings want to call out to their Creator, which after all has many names chronicled since Adam set foot on the planet (or he came from the Annunaki’s test tube, whatever). Also, never mind that in Indonesia it is widely in used; I sometimes got myself confused by the word when watching YT spiritual videos uploaded from Indonesia.

      But then again, I just wonder how the use of the word Allah would help strengthen the faith of Xtians in this country, as if by ‘not being granted’ the use implies that their faith is somewhat dimmed (although in private they can call out the name if they want, no body would know).

      I also find it quite comedic that how one’s faith in God is now kept
      on hold pending approval from mere mortals as the approving authority.

      There is no better word I can distinguish this than “disingenuousness”.

      Something really, really fishy, you know what I mean …

      OK I know it is the holiday season. I am not out to spoil anybody’s fun, but then again I am not an approving authority.

      Now that the government suddenly approve of Xtian ‘pilgrimage’ to the Holy Land (which I think they have the right being Xtians), the word “disingenuousness” crept into my mind again.

      Something really, really fishy, you know what I mean …

      Anyway “Happy Holidays!” to all readers. In spite of the economic situation, try to be cheerful as much as we can.

  3. Hallo.Lolong G.
    This is election strategies.You check mate DAP.
    Or If Najib smart let the court decide.

    • This fellow does deserve the word stupid. The matter is before the Appeal Court and she (or is it a masquerader he?) asks Najib to let the Court decide.

      If the fler has something else to say, sure weird way of saying it. That’s the problem with the usual 1-2 lines of wild allegations without proper explanations typical of Opposition comments.

  4. Biggie,

    Surah Al Iklas-

    Say, “The truth is: Allah is One. [1] Allah is Besought of all, needing none. [2] He neither begot anyone, nor he was begotten. [3] And equal to Him has never been any one.”[4]

    Allah is ONE!

    Not in three. Allah has no son. Allah also is not represented in the form of holy ghost.

    That is what the faith and understanding of the majority of this country.

    Why some of these minorities purposely want to confuse the majority?

    The Malays can no longer be apologetic & soft on the matter. This is far too much!

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