End of shelf life

Minister-in-charge of Communications, Information & Culture Dato' Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim Ph.D

Minister-in-charge of Communications, Information & Culture Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim Ph.D

At true dawn of the new year, a lot of actions and surprises expected for 2013. The much anticipated 13GE almost must happen in the first quarter of this year. And the event (which is more likely, will) BN wins the general election, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak gets to form his own choice line of leaders.

We at BigDogDotCom have been considering and weighing all mitigating points and arguments to deactivate ourselves from active blogging and post 13GE would be the fine time to go off air. However, recent developments does not warrant us to do so.

Yesterday was the last day for Bernama CEO/General Manager Dato’ Hasnul Hassan. His contract was not renewed. A new manager is expected to take over from him and announcement is said to be sometime very soon.

In the past, we briefly raised the contentious point of Minister of Information, Culture and Communication Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim Ph.D has a sinister habit of appointing CEOs of GLCs under his Ministry for an annual contract. This inadvertently brought up the argument of nothing strategic could be achieved for CEOs of GLCs whose responsibilities amongst other things include to develop the industry which are under their watch.

Annual contracts meant for Minister who has been described as ‘arrogant’ and ‘control freak’ to ensure these CEOs of GLCs now-tow to the Minister’s agenda rather than achieve strategic goals, outlined under what the Ministry expect to achieve on behalf of the Federal Government.

Probably it necessary to highlight that the Minister himself should be subjected to the same ‘renewal of service contract’ first. Then again, at his age of over 70 years old, he should already be retired or soon to be retired.

Minister-in-charge of archives and antiquities should qualify to be archived and an ‘antique’

Dr Rais has been in the Cabinet since December 1999, when then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad brought him back into mainstream politics in the November 1999 10GE after his dissent party Semangat 46 was dissolved in 1996 and members brought back into the UMNO fold. Dr Rais resigned in April 1987 right after the ‘Team B’ defeat citing “I have burned the bridge”, in UMNO’s worst party election.

Dr Rais along with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah formed UMNO 46 right after the de-registration of UMNO on 4 Feb 1988 by Kuala Lumpur High Court but was rejected by ROS. Then, Parti Semangat 46 was formed and became the Opposition. For nine years (1987-1996), Dr Rais was in the political wilderness and failing to win his Jelebu Parliamentary seat from UMNO in Nov 1990 8GE and Apr 1995 9GE.

Aggregating all the years of service, Dr. Rais has been enjoying the perks of ‘Ministerial’ stature for over 22 years now [4 years as Menteri Besar, 5 years as Minister (first round) and 13 years plus (from Nov 1999 till present day)].

Considering that he is already too old, he is no longer productive in his job, he is out of touch from the realism, his ‘Little Napolean’-ship  apparently has evolved into somewhat mega-lomaniac-in-a-small-pond and the blunders  he made (making a Police report against a blogger and later abused his powerhumiliating failure on the 55 Merdeka celebrations campaign and manipulated and lied to deny the screening of ‘Tanda Putera’, twice!), Dr Rais should no longer be in Prime Minister Najib’s Cabinet.

The man who is way out of season

The man who is way out of season

There should no longer be any argument on why Dr. Rais should be retired come the dissolution of the 12th Parliament and should not even be into any position with a ‘Ministerial Status’. Just like expired food, expired personalities should be garbage-bagged and sent for disposal.

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  1. Hang Rais as an exhibit in the museum of fools

  2. No way he will be retired as long as his wife is still buddy with the PM’s wife.

  3. Dh tua & tak produktif cam die ni patut g masjid buat tambah bekal tuk ari akhirat plak~

  4. Slow LRais

    1. Slow lorises are slow and deliberate climbers. Due to their slow movement, slow lorises have a specially adapted mechanism for defense against predation.
    2. Slow lorises have a toxic bite, a rare trait among mammals.
    3. They generally spend most of the night foraging alone.
    4. Individuals sleep during the day, usually alone but occasionally with other slow lorises.
    5. Scent marking with urine is the dominant form of communication.
    6. Their slow, deliberate movement is almost completely silent. The Acehnese name, buah angin (“wind monkey”), refers to their ability to “fleetingly but silently escape”

    In summary, this creature is Slow, Toxic, Lazy, Not a Team Player, Promiscuous, Poor in Communication and Cunning. Definitely not a ministerial quality. They may look cute but this particular loris need to go extinct by next PRU!

  5. At 70, he needs to renew his driving license annually.

    If he is one, membership as Board of Director need annual AGM endorsement.

    It is him that needs annual renewal. With his failing common sense, he should be on monthly renewal.

  6. read somewhere. ” say to yourself enough before others say enough”.

  7. He thinks he’s cool ..his wife too thinks he’s cool …. he..he..

    Well, the main problem is not the 2 dinosaurs … it’s Najib

    Another dinosaur that will give high grade headache to PM Najib post GE13 is Isa Samad ..

    C’mon Najib, there are so many other qualified and capabale Malaysians around … just use your common sense.

    BTW, hepi new year to all ..

  8. He is too tainted to be fielded as an UMNO/BN candidates. All those bru-ha-ha with the maid, his son, Tanda Putera, handling of UMNO/BN friendly media practitioners, the way he run his ministry, over the top projection of wife and personal images (latest example – did anybody count how many times the MC mentioned he and his wife names for new year eve do?), feudalistic behaviour etc.

    Fielding him will be one of those ‘self inflicting’ wound that UNMO/BN shouldnt do going into GE 13 battleground. It will disenfranchise large number of voters. One simple way to gauge his acceptability to the voters is by reading through the comment section of any portal (not necessarily one that is aligned with opposition) when his name is mentioned. It very likely that if he is nominated as a candidate the opposition will play up the issue to the detriment of UMNO/BN as a whole.

    The (not so)good minister should make a graceful exit while he still can.

  9. Damn good that Hasnul Hassan’s contract was not renewed. The fler was not mass media or IT qualified or have much of such expertise when employed by Bernama, was he? He didn’t appear to have a clue of what Bernama should do, what proactive role the so-called national news agency should be taking. Wasn’t he placed into Bernama because of his being a close friend of the son of Mohamed Rahmat, the former Minister of Information and UMNO Sec Gen?

    Enough of such cronyism. So much lost, so chaotic the role of dissemination of news to the public in and outside the country since Tun Dols’ time that the Opposition has been having a gala time whacking the Establishment.

    They should be going out to “search”, even help to “make” the news that’ll be useful in presenting the Establishment lines by sending out their reporters with proper and well planned lists of questions to ask Ministers and others. Don’t just let the Opposition blogs like Mkini, MInsider, MChronicle etc to spin and slant the news. Get the answers to each one of the criticisms they made or issues they raise. After all, the Oppo hippos will accuse Bernama of slanting and spinning, like they do in UK, US etc of Government-friendly news agencies.

    But isn’t there a higher chap than Hasnul? He must be responsible, too. And got rid of as well. The buck does not stop at Hasnul but higher up. For goodness sake, get people with real qualifications in journalism PLUS a well rounded experience in the news industry. It’s late now as PRU13 is just round the corner but it’s better late than never. Come on, giddiyap, whoever is responsible – Rais, isn’t it?

  10. Reading further into your post article, I agree that Rais’s services should be dispensed with. And needs not wait until after dissolution of Parliament.

    But the problem is that DS Najib is not likely to move any deadwood out of his cabinet for reasons that might include fear of being exploited by the Opposition as acknowledgement of having such deadwoods in the first place.

    So, we have to keep on shouting at what we see are possible problems for Najib and the BN to get back the 2/3 majority. The potential for getting the 2/3 majority is there but Najib must not only look for every vote he can get but also get rid of every stumbling block that exists along he way.

  11. Not just Rais Yatim should go. PM should know that 3/4 of his cabinet are useless. The biggest monkeys among them are Hishamuddin, Chan Kong Choy, Nazri Aziz. My blood boils whenever they open up their mouth, as everything they say will be stupid. Get rid of them now.

    • Very much agree with you Kabinet Bodoh esp on hishamudin. He is not fit to be a minister at all.

  12. Probably appointed by Dolah Badwi laknatullah. The guy is Black Moses’ crony.

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