Giving up on fate

Apparently, a family of ethnic Chinese committed suicide in Pengerang, Johor. Probable reason is depression attributable to their inability to cope with their own circumstances and fate.

The Opposition especially the DAP would thrive on an opportunity like this to thrash the Federal Government. Better still, if they can sow anti-Government sentiments amongst the Chinese. Pro-PKR news portals naturally took the opportunity to lambast on the ‘inequality, inefficient and/or unjust’ of the land acquisition for the Petronas RAPID project.

Family in Pengerang commits suicide

January 2, 2013
by: Alyaa Azhar

PETALING JAYA: Three members of a family in Pengerang, Johor, unable to cope with the loss of their home, committed suicide by inhaling charcoal smoke in an enclosed room yesterday.

The family had received a notice informing them their home was being acquired for the controversial RM60 billion Petronas’s Refinery and Petrochemicals Development project.

They were told that they would receive only RM20,000 in compensation as the land on which their house was on was owned by another.

Gabungan NGO Pengerang, a grassroots group opposing the oil plant, said the man sought help from the ruling political party, and had informed the party he wished to commit suicide.

The group’s treasurer, Chua Peng Sin, said the man, by name of Pang, suffered financial difficulties as he was earning a living helping out at a restaurant.

He was forced to quit his job to care for his wife, who had suffered a stroke, and their child, who was diagnosed to be mentally disabled.

“We are saddened with what that has happened. The government must take note and if the related parties are still adamant in going on with this project, it would not come as a surprise if more tragedies to occur in Pengerang,” said Chua.

Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) added that the family was found dead because they could not take the strain of life after being driven out from their home where they have lived for a long time.

SAMM chairman Badrul Hisham Shahrin or better known as CheguBard said the incident should be viewed seriously and urged people not to resort to desperate measures.

According to reports, the state government has already invoked compulsory land acquisition under Section 8 of the Land Acquisition Act 1960 to resettle seven villages occupying the 6,424-acre space earmarked for Petronas project.

The fact is that, the man of the house is 67 years old. The lady of the house is in her 50s and is bed-ridden. And their disabled son who is said to be a down-syndrome person is in his 20s. This family is living of the RM 450.00 per month subsistence from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat and what their own siblings could offer to help, probably from the restaurant job.

The family is living on a land which belongs to a Malay. And the said land has yet to go into the consultation process by the Pengerang Land Office for the acquisition exercise on behalf of Petronas.

It was said the brother of the deceased made a Police report denying his brother’s and family multiple suicide is linked to the Petronas RAPID project.

Even though he is not the land owner, upon the land acquisition he is entitled to some cash which is RM 20,000.00. And if he is really classified as a hard core poor,there exist so many programs to ensure that families like these would not be isolated from the development of Pengerang. One of the program is ‘Rimbunan Kasih’ housing scheme.

It is highly probable that this man’s own predicament and circumstances probably drove his mental state into depression. Probably he gave up on hope and decided to give up on his own life and also his entire family.

It is sinister for the Opposition to manipulate this case up and make this into another ‘Teoh Beng Hock’ death. The DAP has been fanning anti-RAPID hatred sentiments to the local Pengerang Chinese and has also been drumming up Johorean Chinese and Malaysian Chinese living in Singapore for the same agenda. One of the issues the DAP has been fanning up is the relocation of Chinese cemetery.

It is almost certain that would happen very soon. Especially when 13GE is very much around the corner and Johor is a BN ‘Fixed Deposit’. DAP has been concentrating on Johor for a while now and fanning anti-Government sentiments in any way and opportunity amongst the Chinese had been their tactical game.

*Updated Thursday 3 Jan 2012

Johor Police issued a statement based on the investigation that was made, after the brother of the deceased man made a Police report

Johor Police statement ! Jan 2012

Johor Police statement 2 Jan 2012

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  1. My symphathy to the family of the deceased. I hope they rest in peace.

    For those trying to take advantage by spinning this issue, there is one word for you – Despicable!

    Do you have no decency and respect left that you even try to take advantage of the tragedy that have befallen upon others. How could you turn this into political polemic?

    Nobody know for certain why they decided to commit suicide. If anything, the closest we can get is the deceased brother who denied the deceased commit suicide because of the land acquisition exercises, he even made a police report to the effect. Otherwise, all we know is that was a sad thing to have happened.

    Fact of the matter is:

    1. They are living on other people’s land to which they have no legal right to do so. Yet a typical Malay being Malay, decided to leave them be probabaly out of sympathy and feeling the need to honour his/her “guest”.

    2. The deceased about to be compensated and become RM20,000 richer for a ‘land’ to which he does not own.

    3. He is already a recipient of RM450 monthly allowances from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.

    Now if somebody jump off Penang Bridge, should we also jump into conclusion that it is because he/she can no longer bear the ‘inequality, inefficient and/or unjust’ living condition under DAP and Lim Guan Eng?

    Geez, and I thought Communist Party of Malaya propaganda division was dead…

  2. These people who lie through their teeth have been badly brought up. I don’t know what kind of values they possess and practice. I suppose these are the type that have no problems getting up in the morning and looking at themselves in the mirror. It’s because they actually see nothing in the mirror!

    Guess they fall under the category “bastards” or “anak haram”: no religion, no values, no nothing. They live off I don’t know what. Ah, what the f*ck.

  3. Don’t blame anybody else, just blame and whack the DAP. The reasons are explained in the article posted above.

  4. Agree with Varuna. There are poorer people. They dont commit suicide. Dont blame the gomen for every death, in whatever way. Unless you have nothing else to do but show how myopic you are.

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  6. Regardless, the Federal govt and State govt must handle this issue with care, sensitivity and wisdom. BN cannot afford to lose Penggerang.

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