Survival technology

Iran, which is a country classified ‘rogue’ by Unites States of America, United Kingdom and Israel and under United Nations economic sanction, did what it necessary to remain relevant as a sovereign nation. This means that they have developed indigenous weapons based on borrowed and available technology.

Iran unveils latest indigenous helicopter Toufan 2

Wed Jan 2, 2013 8:59AM GMT

Toufan II

Toufan II

Iran has unveiled its latest combat helicopter Toufan 2 (Storm 2) during a ceremony attended by the country’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi.

Speaking during the ceremony on Wednesday, Vahidi said the chopper belongs to a new generation of combat helicopters and enjoys modern and advanced technologies, including high-precision targeting capability.

He noted that Toufan 2 employs Iran’s latest indigenous achievements in electronics, optics, laser and armament capabilities.

The Iranian minister hailed Toufan 2 as a symbol of creativity and self-sufficiency in the face of the enemies’ sanctions.

Vahidi stated that the aircraft will dramatically boost the combat power of the Iranian armed forces once its mass production begins.

Developed by the Iranian Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO), Toufan 2 was unveiled on the sixth and final day of naval exercises spanning the Strait of Hormuz to the Indian Ocean.

Iran also unveiled its first domestically manufactured helicopters during the inauguration ceremony of the Sixth International Aviation Industry Exhibition on December 12, 2012.

Panha 1 and Panha 2 helicopters are designed to conduct military operations and logistic missions, and can carry 14 and 8 passengers respectively.

The Shahriar, a completely overhauled medium-lift, twin-engine helicopter with a capacity of 20 passengers, was also displayed during the 2012 ceremony on Iran’s southern Kish Island.

In recent years, Iran has made great achievements in the defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in essential military equipment and systems.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly made it clear that its military might is merely based on the nation’s defense doctrine of deterrence and poses no threat to other countries.



It is a carbon copy of Bell Huey Cobra attack helicopter, now in the employment of United States Marines Corp.

This is survival technology. Ever since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Iran has been isolated from the world arms market. Especially during the Iran-Iraq War 1980-88 where the West sided with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

After the Islamic revolution, Iran found itself severely isolated and lacking technological expertise. Because of economic sanctions and a weapons embargo put on Iran by the Unites States, it was forced to rely on its domestic arms industry for weapons and spare parts, since there were very few countries willing to do business with Iran.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards were put in charge of creating what is today known as the Iranian military industry. Under their command, Iran’s military industry was enormously expanded, and with the Ministry of Defense pouring investment into the missile industry, Iran soon accumulated a vast arsenal of missiles.] Since 1992, it also has produced its own tanksarmored personnel carriersradar systemsguided missilessubmarines, military vessels and fighter planes.

In recent years, official announcements have highlighted the development of weapons such as the Fajr-3 (MIRV)HootKowsarFateh-110Shahab-3 missile systems and a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles, at least one of which Israel claims has been used to spy on its territory. In 2006, an Iranian UAV acquired and allegedly tracked the American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan for 25 minutes without being detected, before returning safely to its base.

On November 2, 2012, Iran’s Brigadier General Hassan Seifi reported that the Iranian Army had achieved self-suffiency in producing military equipment, and that the abilities of Iranian scientists have enabled the country to make significant progress in this field. He was quoted saying, “Unlike Western countries which hide their new weapons and munitions from all, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army is not afraid of displaying its latest military achievements and all countries must become aware of Iran’s progress in producing weaponry.

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  1. Maaf, slightly off topic tetapi masih berkaitan patriotisme dan ketenteraan. Ini tajuk dalam portal Suara Pakatan Rakyat – “Kanang Bukan Hero Sebenar”.

    Antara lain artikel itu menyebut:

    – Bulan ini sahaja kerajaan BN dikesan telah membelanjakan sejumlah besar wang rakyat untuk mengadakan upacara pengebumian negara bagi menghormati pemergian 2 orang ‘tokoh’ iaitu bekas Presiden Gerakan, Tan Sri Lim Keng Yeik dan terbaru, Temenggung Datuk Kanang a/k Langkau.

    – Pemimpin politik seperti Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim contohnya, sanggup berkorban termasuk dihumban dalam penjara bertahun-tahun lamanya untuk memperjuangkan hak-hak rakyat. Inilah ciri-ciri hero yang sebenar dan layak mendapat penghormatan sedemikian!!

    – Yang penulis tidak faham, atas alasan apa pula kerajaan memutuskan untuk mengadakan pengebumian negara untuk mendiang Kanang? Adakah untuk popular?

    – Biasalah untuk askar menembak dan ditembak. Sebab itu mereka dibekalkan senapang dan latihan yang secukupnya bagi menghadapi situasi seumpama itu. Tidak lupa, dibayar gaji juga semasa berkhidmat dan pencen selepas bersara. Tapi itu sahaja bukan alasan kukuh untuk menjadikan mereka sebagai wira negara sehingga bila mati, istiadat pengebumian negara perlu diberikan bagi menghormati kematian mereka.

    Inilah dia belang PR. Taksub dengan penjenayah seks dan koruptor tapi tak segan silu menghina wira negara. Pengganas Komunis digelar wira negara, anak watan yang berjuang mempertahankan kedaulatan dan keselamatan negara diperlekehkan sewenang-wenangnya.

    Ini adalah satu penghinaan terhadap semua anggota tentera dan veteran ATM.

    • Yes, hantam sama dia orang. Tak guna punya PR.

      On the post subject, I think it’s good that Iran does their own production of military hardware in the face of so much bullying by the Americans and others.

      They have links with Russia but even Russia plays politics on the international arena and have not supplied Iran with as many Russian-made weapons as the Iranians may have asked for.

      I think Malaysia should do the same. Start producing the drone thing – unmanned military vehicles fitted with weapons. It’s not that difficult and costly, is it?

    • I guess PR has just lost all the potential votes from veterans and active servicemen.

  2. Iran has the right to self defence to protect its territorial integrity and political independence. These principles are safeguarded under the UN Charter. So, the modernisation of its military assets and capability is part of its rights as an independent State to defend itself against foreign attacks and aggression. Sure powers like the US and its ally will chastise and demonise Iran for that. It is expected that US and Israel will spin tales about how dangerous Iran has become. Some gullibles will believe but many more will not. The worse part is when those powers will begin to infiltrate into Iran covertly like what they had done to Libya and Syria.

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