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Can anyone, especially the organisers, promoters and backers and particularly the Opposition leaders for the 12 Jan 2012 police-approved demonstration at Stadium Merdeka, explain what is this all about?

The first time the nation saw this sordid stunt was when some bastards who thought their parents wed on the eve of 55th Independence Day. Apparently, the Ne0-Min Yuens’ struggle is very much alive even though the Communist Rebels laid down their arms and opt for peace 23 years ago.

To those who are historically blind and ignorant about the past of this nation, please refer to renown Malaysian historian and academician Prof Dato’ Dr Ramlah Adam:

*Updated 0130hrs Thursday 10 January 2013

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  1. Kurang ajar!

    Semakin dibiar semakin berani “pijak kepala”. Orang Melayu nak biarkan sahajakah?

    • Anarkis!

      • The Opposition obviously planned & hv been working with the Neo-Min Yuens for a long time now.

        Their young cadres, probably students, have been indoctrinised. They are ideologically charged to bulldoze through any Police line.

        Their alternative media plus heavy support from foreign media would hv been well equiped. Stories are damaging and rights of Malaysians, eeially minority groups are oppressed.

        Just waiting to strike. Just waiting for ‘Malaysian Spring!’ to happen.

        Then the marines would come. ‘To provide cover for the expats’. Then ‘fight off the brutal Malaysian army, killing their own’. End of story.

        Malaysia would be a British protectorate again this democracy is restored. End of story, for those who thought our sovereignty would last forever.

  2. Next change: Malaysian Spring

    • No, we will not allow that. In the first place, Bersih 3.0 attracted only 25,000 people. Though Ambiga said 250,000, Anwar claimed 300,000 nonsense.

      Good that the Peaceful Assembly Act states places where they could assemble. In a stadium they can shout and dance to their hearts content. When leaving the premises, they can be led to the trains, the buses, the car parks etc. The Police have their Field Force or Reserves brigade. Many thousand men, I think.

      And I remember before Bersih 2.0 the Military also said they were willing to help if necessary.

      No doubt Egypt and Libya had their change of leaders. But those are cases where there were no elections for 30-40 years. And we in Malaysia have been having elections every 4-5 years for 55 years since independence.

      No, the vast majority of Malaysians will scoff and shun those idiots who have now turned subversive and anti-national. They must be seeing those blokes being simply too much, defacing the Malaysian flag. Screw them.

      • Police is useless. They are thugs. they don’t even dare to wear name tags during bersih 3.0. I guess they will do the same this time. The police will be without name tags again this saturday for fear being recognised.

      • The Arab Spring was preceded by dire economic conditions for the people, not some political ideal nor the lack of elections. Brunei has had no elections since 1962 but there is no Brunei Spring, since the people are comfortable economically.

        So unless Malaysia suffers from dire economic conditions with no jobs for most people, I don’t think a Malaysian Spring can happen, unless though the ballot box.

        Anyway, what did the elections following the Arab Spring produce but a continuation of the dire economic conditions and unhappiness with the elected president Morsi.

      • The bloke using the name Bersih deserves to be called stupid and gangster-like. Accusing the Police useless and thugs when when it was blokes like him who had caused rowdiness, broke laws, taunted and provoked the Police during Bersih 3.0 rally. Even over-turning a Police car. How thuggish can you get.

        Accusing the Police of not using name tags but not providing the proof and the evidence. The usual Pakatan wild and unsubstantiated allegation.

  3. The oppositions and their cohorts continue to provoke on issues such as the flag and kalimah Allah because they perceive the scenario of liberalism in this country gives them the carte blanche to bare naked their ambition, chauvinism, divisionism and kurang ajarnism. Once the flood gate of political and social liberalism is opened, which unfortunately the govt has done, there is no stopping these bunch of ambitious fools who have completely lost their minds and drunk with power ambition to make their mark among the people in a big and effective way. Who can check these provocateurs? Look again at the many security related laws that had been repealed or amended. Those laws are not archaic. They were meant to stabilise the society from the archaic and naked ambitions of the remnants that had been stymied for decades. Now the ghosts of the past is back.

    • If there is war involving our country Malaysia, the bastards involved in the planning, drafting, sketching, printing the banner, arranging for the banner to be put up high nearing the roof of the structure, putting out money for the cost, approving and condoning the action as shown on the photograph –

      they will not only not hold high our Malaysian national flag, but simply will not hold at all.

      Instead these bataards will hold the enemy’s flag every time it’s possible for them to do so without being shot to smithereens by our Exorset missiles or bazookas, their heads splintered into tiny bits as small as pieces of sand,

      The Police as well as the Military must build a database of these bastards, keep it active and updated all the time, so that the moment we are involved in a war, they be hounded from wherever they may be, rounded up and dragged by the collar into Detention Camps, like the Japanese in America were interned when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941, even though they held permanent-stay Green Cards or even US citizenship cards already at that time.

      And banish them to the islands in the South China Sea that we have been claiming all this while. Let them face the enemy out there – even though the enemy may be the ones they have been supporting.

  4. The banner is provocative. It reflects the bandits of Neo-Communist revival in reality which advertises “THE PEOPLES UPRISING RALLY”

    The calls: “Join the Jan 12 rally against oppression.
    Organized by civil activists groups with the participation of the Pakatan Rakyat this rally promises to be the most peaceful in the country.
    It assures businesses in Kuala Lumpur of good business as it is an event that is expected to bring 1 million Malaysians together  in what could turn out to be the best marketing event for business this country ever had.
    Called the “Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat” (The peoples uprising rally) it is scheduled for 12th January 2013 at the  Merdeka Stadium Kuala Lumpur, bring your friends, your neighbours and all who care for this nation.”

    Malaysia has manufactured a bunch of political looney corseting to the materialistic consciousness ascribing to anarchism. The organizer who are the leaders of the major political parties come from the line of production of looney by leadership, with that of Psychosis to lead the country. But the emergence for the making of political looney are growing like fungus and Deepak is not spare either.

  5. We can’t blame them and future copycat traitors if the Home Minister prefers to play with his doll house at home instead of doing his job! Perhaps when Patriots take the law into their own hands by whacking the shit out of these people who desecrate the National Flag, that’s when he quivers with his fingers in his mouth looking like a bimbo wondering where to begin.

    • I’m prepared to accept the authorities are trying to show they want to live by the spirit of the Peaceful Assemblies Act. But I don’t understand why they don’t stick to asking that the rally be held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

      If anything untoward happens to morrow, I’m sure the PR goons are to blame for trying to cram so many people into a stadium meant only for 30,000 people. But the authorities will have to learn a bitter lesson for allowing these people to have the upper hand.

      Let’s hope nothing untoward happens to-morrow.

      • on the contrary, I wish the stadium collapse tomorrow – at least, KL will be free from stupidity (at least for awhile). Make sure the dinosaurs from PAS, PKR, DAP are there as well. I have zero symphathy for people who betrayed their country.

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