The Swinging MILF Day

MILF Swinging Star

Allegedly MILF Swinging wife of PKR Deputy President

Right smack in the city tomorrow is about these sexually deviant pro-LGBT supporters defending the right of a MILF to be a ‘swinger’. All other issues either have been resolved or no longer remain as issues that warrants 50,000 men, women and some unfortunate children with really irresponsible parents wearing different colour-coded t-shirts to march from different entry points towards Stadium Merdeka.

That is all. Nothing to it than making the MILF-Swinging wife of PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali to be a ‘heroine’ for her own alleged infidelities.

Ummi Hafilda Ali, her own sister-in-law, has been talking about her ‘swinging tryst’ with Opposition Leader former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar Ibrahim. She also believed they have a daughter together. She even asked Police to investigate all her claims against her own brother and sister-in-law.

Former tennis partner, pimp and Treasurer of the party of her husband’s Boss Nalla S Karupan also been saying the same thing. In fact, Nalla wants to put her on the stand end of the month, to support his claim. Twice-acused-for-sodomy Anwar Ibrahim has taken Nalla to court.

These people should be demanding the transparency of DAP CEC election results, re-election of CEC and investigation by the ROS. This should be a more important agenda because the highly-probable-fraudly-elected DAP Secretary General is the Chief Minister of Penang. There is definitely infidelity in how DAP conduct their CEC election recently.

12 January would now be remembered as ‘Swinging MILF Day’. Sexual liberty will bring the LGBT agenda closer for a totally ‘Open Malaysian Society’.

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