40,000 were in Stadium Merdeka for ‘Swinging MILF Day’

Swinging MILF Day ‘is done. Nothing untowards happened. In fact, the media who attended says it was boring as Opposition Leaders especially Anwar Ibrahim was just repeating old and irrelevant cries. This is because the purpose for this ‘peaceful assembly’ is nothing more than dramatization to stay relevant, in the eyes of media attention.


Maximum capacity is 30,000 and yet there are sparse spots seen

Maximum capacity is 30,000 and yet there are sparse spots seen

Blogger Captain John F Seademon says 40,000 attended. Sounds about right. That is inclusive for idiots who brought their little ones, including toddlers and babies, to attend a political rally.

MP for Kota Belud Dato’ Abdul Rahman Dahlan commented (via his tweet):

1. It was a political gathering

2. ‘1 million’ was a hoax

3. Anwar’s speech was old stuff

4. Peaceful if no hand gestures

Then again, their own portals claim its double that amount. Let independent photos posted tell the real stories, like like this one.

UMNO got 100,000 members at Bukit Jalil Stadium in May

Now, compare that to when Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak did his UMNO celebrations on 11 May 2012. 100,000 UMNO members converged in National Stadium in Bukit Jalil. This was driven by the spirit of nationalism.

Spirit of Nationalism

Bigger stadium, yet filled to the brim. More attendees. Today was much smaller stadium, yet there were sparse spots. More importantly, no Police intervention. Still, no numbers.

*Updated 2005hrs

Bulletin Utama reported only 45,000 attended. OCPD Dang Wangi ACP Zainuddin Awang also estimated the same number of attendees, during his media conference.

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