Salawat to Rasulullah

Masjid Nabawi in Medina. The green dome rest over Muhammad S.A.W.’s tomb

Muhammad Bin Abdullah was born to the Hashimite clan of the Quraisy tribe in Mecca, Arabian subcontinent this day, in 570AD. He was an exemplary child who grew into an honest business manager and eventually an entrepreneur.

He grew in the times where Meccans were idol worshipping barbarians and made money from the pilgrims that have come to the city. Idols erected around the Ka’aba which was build by prophet Ibrahim A.S.

In search of his own answers to the greatness of God Al Mighty the Maker of universe, Muhammad started to isolate himself in Hira’ cave on a mount An Nur, 2 miles outside Mecca. At the age of forty, during on of the nights Muhammad was in self isolation Archangel Gabriel appeared and forced him to recite the first Quranic verses of Surah 96 Iqra’.

Muhammad S.A.W. became the last prophet that night. Bit by bit, words of Allah S.W.T. in 6,666 verses in 114 surah (books) to mankind were presented through Muhammad S.A.W. in the medium of Al Quran. Muhammad S.A.W. also taught religion of Allah S.W.T. for 23 years via his own words, articulations, examples and actions, also known as hadith and sunnah.

Many of the commands of  Allah S.W.T. mentioned in the Al Quran were articulated by examples by Muhammad S.A.W. This include prayers.

Muhammad S.A.W. was brought to Al Aqsa mosque and to the heavens to meet Allah S.W.T. in an incident known as Isra’s Mikraj on the night 27 Rejab on the twelve year of his prophethood. He flown on the Buraq accompanied by Archangel Gabriel, brought across all seven level of heavens and back, to witness the greatness of Allah S.W.T. and a whiff of the future.

Even though Muhammad S.A.W. was an illiterate, he was a great communicator, teacher, administrator, military leader, examplry family man and community leader and was just to all. He also practiced remarkable diplomacy and  a renowned as an unsurpassed strategist.

In 20 years of Islamic teachings, Muhammad brought the Arabs out from the dark ages to be superb traders, military force and advocates of Islam. Muhammad S.A.W. passed away in Medina at the age of 63 and his teachings, legacy and the spread of Islam was continued a series of caliphs beginning with his most trusted confidante Abu Bakar As-Siddiq.

The holy Al Quran and Muhammad’s hadiths and sunnahs brought upon the once barbaric Arabs to be a world superpower in international diplomacy, military might, trade, mathematics, science and technology, administration and arts within the next 250 years.

Salawat to Muhammad S.A.W. Rasulullah.

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