The right to defend what was all along Rights

The Opposition is packaging PERKASA and UMNO in the same racial anti-Malay overtone in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to come into power, especially staying relevant to the Non Malays and the younger and educated but liberal Malays.

Perkasa is outsourced by Umno, says Anwar

By Zurairi AR
January 25, 2013

PETALING JAYA, Jan 25 — Perkasa can get away with racial slurs and religious insults because it is backed by Umno, Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim alleged today.

Malay rights group Perkasa and its president Datuk Ibrahim Ali have been playing up racial and religious issues as Election 2013 looms, without any rebuke from the government or the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN).

“(Perkasa) is an organisation outsourced by Umno to fend racist and religious bigotry at the behest of Umno,” Anwar (picture)claimed here.

During Perkasa’s convention in Penang last weekend, Ibrahim had urged Muslims to unite and burn all Malay-language bibles that contain the word “Allah” and other religious words in Arabic script.

“We have not yet found a tough response by the Umno leadership nor the prime minister, nor the home minister,” said Anwar.

“This is, to me, disturbing … you may have differences between PKR and Umno, Pakatan Rakyat and BN, but you have to draw the line.”

Anwar said that parties on both sides of the political divide can continue their political battles, but should never resort to defending racial and religious bigotry.

On Wednesday, Anwar had called for Muslims nationwide to condemn Perkasa’s threat to burn all Malay-language bibles.

The opposition leader, a Muslim, said those who profess Islam and claim to protect “Allah” and the Quran should also defend their faith and morals by preventing the spread of racial insults, which were discouraged by the religion.

Yesterday, Perkasa insisted that its president’s words were actually a “wake-up call” to prevent possible violence against distributors of bibles containing the word “Allah” and other religious words in Arabic script.

The group’s secretary-general, Syed Hassan Syed Ali, said Perkasa was merely protecting Islam and its position, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution, and this included rejecting those who insult the religion and who try to spread their own faiths to Muslims.

Ibrahim’s remarks had immediately sparked furore among Christians and politicians across the political divide and invited calls on the government to cite him for sedition.

The “Allah” dispute, which first erupted after the watershed Election 2008, remains a hot-button topic in the run-up to this year’s polls.

Debate resurfaced last month after DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who is also the Penang chief minister, called on Putrajaya in his Christmas message to lift a ban on Malay-language bibles in Borneo Malaysia.

Hot on the heels of the DAP leader’s remarks, several state Rulers and Islamic religious authorities reminded non-Muslims of state laws banning use of the word despite conflicting with a 2009 High Court judgment that ruled “Allah” was not exclusive to Islam.


It is expected of Opposition Leader and former-abuse-of-power-convict Anwar Ibrahim to manipulate situation. The basis is far from how it is put forth now.

The ‘Kalimah Allah’ in Malay bibles and other literature by Chrisitian organizations issue has been seen  provocative to the sensitivity of the Malays. It is also seen as an avenue to legalize bit by but attempts to profess the teachings and prosetylise Malays into Christianity.

PERKASA President Dato’ Ibrahim Ali was just defending provisions that has been enshrined in the Federation of Malaysia Constitution, Article 11(4).

Majlis Syura PAS media statement 13 Jan 2013

Majlis Syura PAS media statement 13 Jan 2013

In his Christmas speech, DAP Secretary General Lim Kit Siang reiterated the call that ‘Kalimah Allah’ be allowed in Malay bibles. That stirred a lot of reaction from the Malays. On 13 January 2013, Majlis Syura PAS rejected the notion of ‘Kalimah Allah’ be allowed to be used as depiction of God by Non Muslims.

Ibrahim was just expressing in passing his dismay on the issue of provocating the Malays  which now traspass via the provisions in the Federal Constitution with regards to Islam, during the PERKASA convention last Saturday in Permatang Pauh. Of course, the context that these Malay bibles with ‘Kalimah Allah’ is meant to profess and proselytization the Malays to Christianity, which is against the law. In August 2011, 100 Muslims were found in a proselytization event in a raid by JAIS at Damansara Utama Methodist Church Petaling Jaya and 12 were brought in for investigation.

Islam is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia. It is one of the defining elements for Malay-hood. The Malays are the majority of Malaysians and have not been restrictive for the Non Malays to practice their religion and culture provided that it does not contravene against what is sacred to the Malays.

What Ibrahim said in passing during his welcoming speech, was blown out of proportion for a specific agenda to use PERKASA, to sow the ‘Politics of Hatred’.

The fact still remain, PERKASA as a Malay NGO is defending what ever has been provided with regards to the interest of the Malays as per the Federation of Malaysia Constitution and nothing more. Neither PERKASA nor its leaders like Ibrahim ask what ever rightfully and earnestly owned by the Non Malays to be returned, for any reasons.

UMNO has never asked PERKASA to act on its behalf for any agenda, be it political, social or cultural. UMNO is capable to all of the issues with regards to the interest of the Malays through its own channel, be it in the open via its leaders’ speeches and statements made or behind certain forum, which include the Cabinet and Barisan Nasional avenues.

It is clear that Anwar is desperate to manipulate issues like this to stay relevant. However, so many persons including one time his own staunch supporters are convinced that he is no longer relevant.

“What ever Anwar is saying now is no longer relevant, especially he has been proven to be a New Con Jewish lackey”, Murshidul Am TIBAI Zahid Md Arip said.

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  1. What is disturbing is the rise of counter-hegemonic movements in Malaysia using ideological issues and getting the support of their various alliances in the society to effect political and power change. Some issues raised are deemed to have the intention to undermine ideologies and norms that have been accepted by the society for decades. The society equilubrium has been disturbed and this is made possible by the more liberal and neoliberal climate that have been introduced into the society through the removal of acts and laws that have kept this multu racial society harmonious and balanced for decades. The above assessment is made in the context of Neo Gramscian thoughts and theory founded by the Italian philosopher, Antonio Gramsci. Counter hegemony thrives under liberal and neoliberal environments and the core use of liberal principles is not to uphold those principles but it is used as a means by certain quarters to seek political power and control. Too bad the so called young liberals perhaps failed to discern that liberalism and conservatism act as checks and balance to prevent the polarisation of a society and to prevent from the liberal society to be used as a step ladder to an unknown form of political power change.

    • Hence by idolising liberalism excesses and denouncing conservatism, norms , political history and tradition, the young liberals may have built for themselves a prison of liberal activism , autocracy and fascism.

      • People that champion liberalism do not break into another person’s premise, ransack it, steal things just because that person acts and talks in a way the so called champions of liberalism don’t like. They say they champion liberalism but they act like fascists.

  2. My concept of liberalism is plain and simple – it must be based on the Constitution of the country. The Constitution is the highest set of laws in the land, all other laws emanate from it and no law shall contradict any part of it or that so-called law doesn’t become law – it becomes ultra vires.

    And no Malaysian is liberal if his views do not conform to or are against the Constitution. For example, the Constitution says the religion of the country is Islam, no other religion is mentioned in it. Therefore, any one supporting the stand of the anti-Islam DAP and Lim Guan Eng who tries to promote the idea of non-Muslims using the Kalimah Allah – a subject which is at the Appeal Court anyway – is not liberal at all and, like Anwar Ibrahim, is anti-constitutional. He has not spoken much about Hudud but he is himself kudut, supporting Israel, Neocons, Jews and Zionists with whom he is in cahout.

    Anwar simply cannot be liberal because he is not even democratic. His party, PKR – he is boss, his wife the President, his daughter the Vice-President and his crony Azmin Ali the Deputy President – lawyer and former Cabinet Minister Zaid Ibrahim scooted out of the party in disgust with the party election procedures.

    And Anwar cannot be liberal when he, even as a fellow Muslim, could not see that Ibrahim Ali’s statements on the use of the Kalimah Allah by non-Muslims are, after all, the same as that which PAS Syura Council eventually declared – the terminology cannot be used by non-Muslims. Home Minister Hishamuddin has said that he has personally spoken with Ibrahim who denied that he was instigating the so-called burning of Malay Bibles with Kalimah Allah. What actually happened was that a priest found a note in his letter box threatening to burn such Malay Bibles, made a Police report, that was hyped up and propaganda-ised, and Lim Guan Eng made a huge issue about it. Wanting votes from it but it unnecessarily created alarm and despondency that communists and subversives of yore tried to create to destabilize and weaken the country. Damn.

    • Exactly, the use of liberal principles by certain quarters are not for liberalism per se but for acquisition of power and authority. The methods use border on liberal activisim, autocracy and fascism. And still many think UMNO and BN are at fault? They fail to see the rise of counter hegemonic movements out to destroy norms ; traditions and equilibrium in the society.

      • Agreed. The methods used are even more on autocracy and fascism.

        Hence the Pakatan Rakyat component parties hardly agree even on basic issues like Hudud, Kalimah Allah, Sdomy, LBGTs, Israel, etc. One man, Anwar, trying to bulldoze his views on the others. Tried the sabotage method by getting the Erdogan group in PAS under Khalid Samad to quietly and suddenly outdo the Ulama group and threw out Negara Islam and Hudud at PAS Muktamar 2011.

        Then the Ulama group did them up by getting Hudud back again as the party’s flag bearer at PAS Muktamar 2012. And slapping Anwar hugely in the face by declaring they want Hadi, not Anwar, as PM.

        DAP has been known to be autocratic with Gag Orders, expulsion threats and actual expulsions from the party. Even PKR Penang Chief Deputy CM Mansor called Lim Guan Eng “arrogant, cocky and Tokong.” And others have long called him “Dear Leader Lim”, like the communists called the North Korean leader “Dear Leader Kim”.

        But Anwar is not Dear anything. They just tolerated him for the sake of the Putrajaya mirage. Let’s ensure it remains a mirage to them.

  3. It is apparent the glitch and ignorance of Brother Anwar bin Ibrahim, he continues to talk about the fault of our economic imbalance. And now he is taking about Perkasa, a stooge of Umno. Anwar’s agitation goes on. He is also talking in his campaigns that the phenomena entailing the gab between of richness and poorness are deepening and all its because of corruption in the Government. Corruption of generalization and of no definition and sequences are at work and perceived by the majority.

    So, the phenomena of Anwar’s politically constructed perception is that the haves are corrupted and haves-not are not . He negates that corruption is the work of an individual. He ignores the laws against corruption exist and intact. Those guilty of corruption and abused of power will be doubted with and let the laws take its cause are no concerned of his. For Anwar who was prisoned for an abuse of power due to corruption is no an authoritative at hands. A convicted who is talking about abuse of power and corruption?

    In turn, It is his own cognition that it is so of ignorance by taking corruption issue to its stance. Taking that as a political escapism, he, in turn blames the Barisan National Administrator. He brushes in that the Government is inefficient due to corruption. He coins to think that the causes of pitfalls in the socio-economic development be blamed. As a result he has, in addition, to sort straining our racial harmony further without considering and acknowledging that the intricate meza of sensitiveness in our multiracial landscape which has already been fragmented. He calls it in the name of justice, peace, harmony and democracy?

    The ethnic groups are severely divided, what is not recognized, that has involved further fragmentation was the result of his leadership behaviors , the behaviors of ignorance of each other economic culture are prevailing front-liner of his political propaganda is at Anwar’s best.

    However, it does not deter the Barisan National Administration to develop the Nation despite the ethnic egocentrism is abounded. As a responsible Administration, it is determined that democratic practices and disciplines occurred despite Anwar’s wild allegation. Barisan National has made its countless effect with its fullest commitment and agenda positively for Nation buildings. The achievement is superb . The art of managing its economy well, it went through three majors world’s economic slumps and social hiccups, it has brought out our economy to shape up for further progress. These are facts which cannot be denied.

    A society which expresses the spirit of 1 Malaysia is responsively in realization. The sustainability of its economy and the peoples’ well being are being felt and overwhelmingly appreciated. The activities of Nation’s economic progress have continuously and clearly understood by the people that the socio-economic is furthering for betterment. The foundation for peace and harmony rock in as the Nation’s fundamental philosophy and cannot be traded off for political self interest is principally noted by reception of the majority Malaysian.

    Good-bye to PR, it is all about your Prime Minister in waiting. People are irritated by Anwar’s sense of justice which score for hypocritical divine manner portraying himself as the Caliphate of PKR is astonishing.

    In his campaigning trails, he pitched high notes at Arabic words. He quoted Quranic verses confidently and interpreting selected Haddis duplicated for his saintly and holy being, it was indeed brilliant explication with touch of easy humor swearing at Umno and Najib. 

    He thought he has succeeded with much persuasiveness but his action wearies with much skeptical. Anwar’s subtlety slotted in his slanderous soliciting in castrating Unmo. A very well routine and   orchestrated speech for his crowd that defined him the charismatic leader by which characterized of Sukarno, Mahatma Gandhi or even Hitler. Anwar a  miraculous orator with an astounding personalities were ascertained and loved by his congregation who responded by thunderous-blinded applause.

    But for many, they enjoyed the tones of his speech, the groovy rhythm and its dynamic amplified in his dissenting speech. More than that, they entertained his opinion hilariously by series of flashback pictured from  the Blue video entitled, “It looks like me but it is not me.” 

    More flashbacks came to picture in their mental spectrogram. In the end, they knew that they were into a stimulating trance of mental masturbation about to ‘catch a clean’ situation. What has come to realize, what has Anwar done to them? With upmost certainty in their flashbacks, they knew that Anwar is a prodigious womanizer who disrespected taboo, who loves copulation with a member of the same sex boundlessly and a just plain lair to himself by inception.

    The Prime Minister, in waiting, of this sought is no for a leader to lead this Nation.

  4. As much as we are disgusted and weary about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, the pretentious formality behavior of him has been equated with so called a liberated leader in the making for democratic justice in Malaysia by Habebie. Let look at this Habebie, the credential that he historically bears.

    Someone remarks that “East Timor is never belonged to Indonesia” is historically a   statement of cogitation.  In fact, East Timor is the territory of Indonesia has never been taken into its territorial evidences of Indonesian sovereignty. Nevertheless, Habibie’s sudden decision for a referendum easy marked him as a puppet of the foreign Neo Imperialism. 

    And for Habibie who has nothing to do as perceived mishandling the East Timor disputation  is another altercation expression.

    East Timor has been a prolong Indonesian public contention and debatable to matter of territorial of the present and for that of the future.  It is all because of  Habibie’s drastic new oder of reform which is termed as ‘concession’ rather than a total reform. 

    During his short duration as President while conducting his constructed and guided democratization process, Habibie deliberately in his temperamental  state passing several laws which were   conducive  to his Western liberal ideal by his constructed democracy during  the pick of when Indonesian was in crisis. Little time was given for debate as such for important laws. In other words, he was just patching up the system of the old order and senselessly in the state of denial with the philosophical foundation of the Indonesian people, Pancasila.  And he derogates the evolution of the Indonesian historical-struggle for independence in hopping just to stay relevant and be elected as President regardless and delinquent of Indonesian’s Sovereignty.    Mind you, Habebie is Anwar’s close political buddy and mentor.

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