Here comes the neighbourhood bully, again

Israel directly got involved with immediate long time nemesis’s civil war, by attacking Syrian Military Scientific Development Centre near Damascus. It is the West’s contribution to weaken the Syrian military and expedite the toppling of Syrian President Hafez Al Assad and his government.

Israeli airstrike targeted science facility near Syrian capital: military   2013-01-31 03:56:53              

 • Syria:Israeli war jets hit a center for scientific research in a suburb of Damascus at dawn Wednesday.
 • Western media said the airstrike hit convoy that was believed to be carrying weaponries to Hezbollah.
 • Syria decried Israeli move as “flagrant intervention” to the Syrian airspace.

DAMASCUS, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) — Israeli war jets sneaked off radars and hit a center for scientific research in a suburb of Syrian capital Damascus at dawn Wednesday, the General Command of the Syrian Military said in a statement.

The military statement, splashed in a thick red news bar on the state-TV, said the Israeli fighter jets penetrated at dawn Wednesday the Syrian airspace and directly struck one of the country’s scientific research center located in the Jumraya suburb of the capital.

The attack came after many unsuccessful attempts by the “armed terrorist groups” to capture this site over the past months, the military statement said, hinting that the Israeli air raid played in the hands of the rebels.

It said the facility was responsible for lifting up the level of resistance and self-defense, adding that the attack led to the killing of two workers and the wounding of five others.

The war jets sneaked in from the border region of al-Shaikh Mountain at a law altitude and under the radar and headed toward Jumraya, said the statement, which totally rubbished as unfounded media reports claiming that the airstrike targeted a convoy that was allegedly heading from Syria to Lebanon.

Western media said the convoy was believed to be carrying weaponries to the Lebanese Hezbollah militant group, a staunch ally to Syria.

Decrying the move as “flagrant intervention” to the Syrian airspace, the military contended that Israel is the driving force and beneficiary of the terrorist acts committed in Syria with the partnership of Qatar and Turkey.

It said that the Israeli move would not dissuade Syria from keeping on supporting the resistance movements, the foremost of which is the Palestinian cause.

While condemning the move, the military statement said nothing about a possible payback for the Israeli aggression.

Syria has technically been in a state of war with Israel since its creation in 1948. Their enmity has risen with the Syrian administration rendering support to the Hezbollah.

Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria during the 1967 Arab-Israel war. Syria fought another war in 1973 after which it regained small parts of land that Israel occupied six years earlier.

The convenient really lame excuse is ‘Prevention of Terrorism’. The truth is that the Syrian rebels ‘Free Syrian Army’ have not managed to disarm the Syrian military even though after two years of intense fighting. This facility is crucial to ensure that the Syrian military And the Zionists promised more attacks.

Israel deliberating further strikes on Syria – reports

Published: 02 February, 2013, 12:07
Edited: 02 February, 2013, 15:18

AFP Photo / Jack Guez

AFP Photo / Jack Guez

Israel may strike at Syria again if it detects the movement of weaponry intended for Hezbollah, sources have told the media. The US has voiced support for any measures that prevent weapons from falling into the hands of the region’s extremists.

Tensions have risen in the area after Wednesday’s Israeli strike on a military research center in Syrian territory. The attack provoked the ire of both Syria and Iran, who condemned the strike as an affront to Syrian sovereignty and promised “serious consequences.”

Ephraim Kam, deputy director of Israel’s Institute of National Security Studies, told the Telegraph that threats of retaliation from Iran and Syria were greatly outweighed by the possibility of weapons falling into Hezbollah’s hands.

“If tomorrow the IDF [Israeli Defense Force] sees the movement of this weaponry, it will and should strike again,” he told the Telegraph. “This week’s attack was a kind of warning – we are ready and prepared to do this.”

Israel moved a third missile battery of its Iron Dome defense system to its northern borders on Friday, joining two others that had been deployed from the south on Monday.

The IDF confirmed the move, but said that the deployment was “routine” and not connected with Wednesday’s strikes. The IDF has refused to comment on whether it ordered the aerial attack in Syria earlier this week.

However, the strike has become a hot topic in the Israeli media, with publications discussing the possible ramifications of the attack.

“Complete restraint over the long term to Israel’s actions could be considered weakness by Hezbollah, so we should expect some form of response, even if not immediately and not necessarily a broad rocket and missile attack on Israel,” defense commentator Amos Harel wrote in Israeli daily Haaretz.

Publication Yediot Aharonot reported that the Israeli army’s northern command had been placed on high alert, although the military did not confirm this to AFP.

Multiple strikes?

Conflicting reports surfaced in the days following the strike regarding the events that led to the attack.

Various reports have indicated that the Israeli military warned Washington prior to the attack. Citing US officials, Time magazine reported on Friday that “multiple targets” had been struck by the Israeli aerial assault, and that Israel received a “green light” to execute such strikes in the future.

Time report also wrote that the air strike knocked out a biological weapons center “out of concern that it might fall into the hands of Islamist extremists fighting to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

The US has yet to confirm any details concerning the strike, but has stressed that it supports any measures that prevent weapons from finding their way into terrorist arsenals.

“The United States supports whatever steps are taken to make sure these weapons don’t fall into the hands of terrorists,” 
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said on Friday, emphasizing that he would not discuss “communications that we have on a regular basis with Israel or the specifics of that operation.”

Washington’s main aim was to prevent extremist groups in the region from arming themselves with “chemical biological weapons,” Panetta concluded.


Syian President Hafez Al Assad have been continuing his father’s legacy of strongly opposing the criminally instituted illegal Zionist State of Israel.

It is clear that the West, particularly Washington D.C. and London wanted Syrian President Hafez Al Assad to be toppled since the civil war which started with the ‘Syrian Spring’, in wake of series of ‘Arab Spring’ around the region.

The Syrian rebels have been on their intense armed struggle around the north west and west corridors of Syria since two years ago. The continued fighting in the scale where Syrian military are forced to retaliate, particularly around Aleppo, is a demonstration that these rebels are being re-armed by foreign assistance. Only the West especially Syrian nemesis Israel wanted the Al Assad regime be ousted.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s on supporting Israel’s lame excuse of ‘Prevention of Terrorism’ for the attack which the Zionists claimed that Syria is continuing to arm Hezbollah in Lebanon is really pathetic. The rebels that mounted an armed insurgency in Syria and refusal for peace negotiations are the dangerous terrorists. In the morbid attempt to clemour for power, the got Syrians civilians to be target of their rebellion.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan reiterated Israeli’s typical international crime action as ‘State Terrorism’.

Turkish PM slams Israel over Syria attack

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of waging “state terrorism” after it struck targets in Syria.
Last Modified: 03 Feb 2013 17:29

Syrian state TV showed what it said was damage done to cars and an office after and Israeli air raid [AFP]

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Israel of waging “state terrorism” as he condemned the air
strike on Syria as an unacceptable violation of international law.

“Those who have been treating Israel like a spoilt child should expect anything from them, at any time,” said Erdogan on Sunday.

“As I say time and again, Israel has a mentality of waging state terrorism. Right now, there is no telling what it might do and where it might do it,” he told reporters.

Erdogan, a harsh critic of the Jewish state, was speaking after Israel’s outgoing Defence Minister Ehud Barak implicitly confirmed that it had staged Wednesday’s bombing raid which Damascus said targeted a military complex near the capital.

“We cannot regard a violation of air space as acceptable. What Israel does is completely against international law… it is beyond condemnation,” Erdogan said.

“I am worried that in a situation like this, any scenario can play out in the future.”

Earlier on Sunday, Barak refrained from a direct confirmation as he brought the issue up at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

“I cannot add anything to what you have read in the newspapers about what happened in Syria several days ago,” Barak told participants.

But he added: “It’s another proof that when we say something we mean it. We say that we don’t think that it should be allowable to bring advanced weapon systems into Lebanon, the Hezbollah from Syria, when [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad falls.”

According to US officials, Wednesday’s attack hit a convoy of anti-aircraft weapons inside Syria bound for the Lebanese Hezbollah group but Israel has not publicly acknowledged the air strike.

The Syrian military said the target of Israeli jets was a scientific research centre. The facility is in the area of Jamraya, northwest of the capital.

‘Destabilising Syria’

Following Barak’s comments, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accused Israel of trying to destabilise Syria and said Damascus was able to confront “current threats …and aggression” against it.

Syria’s state news agency SANA said Assad made the remarks in a meeting with Saeed Jalili, Iran’s national security council secretary, at meeting in Damascus. It was Assad’s first reported response to the attack.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict, Israeli leaders have repeatedly expressed fears that if Syria were to disintegrate, Assad could lose control of his chemical weapons and other arms.

Purported images of the targeted site, aired by Syrian state television on Saturday, show destroyed cars, trucks and military vehicles. A building has broken widows and damaged interiors, but no major structural damage.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition leaders and rebels on Friday slammed Assad for not responding to the air strike, calling it proof of his weakness and acquiescence to Israel.

On Saturday night, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is in the process of forming a new ruling coalition, said his new government would have to deal with weapons “being stockpiled near us and threatening our cities and civilians” – an apparent reference to the deteriorating situation in Syria.

Barak said “Hezbollah from Lebanon and the Iranians are the only allies that Assad has left”.

He said in his view Assad’s fall “is coming imminently” and when it happens, “this will be a major blow to the Iranians and Hezbollah.”

“I think that they will pay the price,” he said.


In the effort of US President Barack S. Obama in bringing about peace in the region and having a ‘two-state-solution’ for the Palestinian, an attack by Israel into Sria would just take a few step backwards in the process.

The fact still remains; State of Israel was the highest crime ever impose on humanity in modern times as the Zionist terrorists practiced multiple mass murder and drove Palestinians from the homes since 1947-48. In 1967, the criminally incurred into the United Nation’s sanctioned West Bank border of Palestinian and subjected  Palestinians under occupation.

The Palestinians have been treated very cruelly. More and more homes were built illegally on lands belonging to the Palestinians all over the West Bank.

All that are being retaliated with attacks against Israel, which include bombings. In reciprocity, the Zionist Israeli Forces subjected the Palestinians in Gaza and Lebanon and Arabs in Lebanon into very cruel military action. One of the most tragic is the massacre of non combatant women, children and old folks at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, outside of Beirut 17-19 September 1982.

The latest is the November 2012  Zionist Israeli brutal attacks against civilian population of Gaza.

Coming back to Panetta, he has been an active advocate of illegal wars and military attacks which is criminal in nature. When he was the Director of CIA, he was responsible of UAV attacks against Pakistan civilian population.

All these organized brutal attacks by military forces against Muslim civilians, be it around West Asia or Central Asia would actually escalate terrorism against United States establishments around the world. Two days ago the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey was attacked by a suicide bomber.

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