Psy-kor and pang-psy

This frenzy over Psy performing in Han Chiang School Grounds organised by BN on Chinese New Year eve really hit the spot for some senile PR leaders. He shot his mouth for a really embarrassing call, without checking the facts.

Malaysiakini report:

Psy needs to tutup ‘her’ aurat, says Nik Aziz

• Feb 6, 13 2:59PTG
Despite the global sensation created by South Korean artist Psy, PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik has been oblivious about it and even mistook Psy for a woman.

According to a Sin Chew Daily report, yesterday he urged Psy to tutup aurat (protect modesty) when told by media that BN has invited a South Korean celebrity to perform at its Chinese New Year open house on Feb 11.

When told that Psy is a man, Nik Aziz was concerned whether the content of the songs is positive for the youngsters.

The 82-year-old politician also asked reporters, “In what language does he sing?” and after being told that it is Korean, he was perplexed on why people listen to songs in a language that they do not understand.

The Kelantan menteri besar commented that it is extravagant to hire foreign performers as the resources can be used to develop local artists.

“Don’t we have many local singers? Why don’t we hire local youths? Isn’t is better to spend the money on our youths?” he asked.

Psy, or Park Jae-sang, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and record producer, who gained global fame after his hit single ‘Gangnam Style’ featuring his horse-riding dance became a worldwide sensation.

It is estimated that the cost to invite him to perform just the hit song would easily hit RM1 million.

However, BN leaders have clarified that Psy’s performance will not cost BN or the government a single sen as it will be sponsored by private companies, but the opposition and many people remained unconvinced.


This Menteri Besar in his 23rd year holding the executive office in Kelantan has been known for his reckless remarks. In 1999, he pronounced “Allah also swear (Allah pun mencarut)” to justify PAS lifetime member and national lauerate Shahnon Ahmad’s repulsive book ‘Shit.

He also proclaimed “Its alright to befriend the devil (Boleh berkawan dengan syaitan)” to justify PAS’s relationship with anti-Islam and Chinese Chauvinist DAP.

The Opposition gone flipping mad with BN’s ability to bring globally acknowledged Korean rapper and K-Pop Youtube mega-artiste Psy. It was said that they tried to bring him to Penang for this Chinese New Year’s celebrations but BN beat them to it.

It is rumoured that DAP spent RM 1.3 million for the really lame plagiarised music video ‘UBAH’ and its campaign, which was first seen during DAP’s National Congress last December in Penang.

That national party congress turned out to be very embarrassing for DAP because of the ‘fixed’ Central Executive Committee election where serious practice of nepotism and cronyism was executed, on top of a revised results which many considered as cheating.

What is embarrassing is that did DAP pay Psy any royalty for the use of music video theme, concept and bastardised song. It is embarrassing for DAP to practice intellectual property ‘theft’, to the party which tried to portray that they did much better when they  started to manage the ‘digital island’.

The ‘Psy factor’ saw the  nation at he extreme ends of the Opposition, as in many issues. Psy-kor and pang-sai. And the Kedahan Chinese are also being insulted by the Opposition for this season.

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  1. The video mentions rising prices and unaffordable housing.

    OK! What has a DAP government in Penang done to make property more affordable on Penang island?

    How do they propose to provide citizens with a more convenien and affordable public transit system?

    How do they propose to reduce prices of essentials, lower the cost of living, the high cost of healthcare and education?

    If they can provide solutions to such problems, then they have my vote.

  2. MCA really hit LGE at the sweetest spot….

  3. Nik Aziz tu dah nyanyok daaa…

    PAS would of course use only local artistes for their road shows coz they can’t find sponsors for Arab artistes and the like to perform also at high fees.

    I read about PAS Kelantan’s proposal for organizing such shows to collect donations to build roads, wonder what’s the progress, if any.

  4. Alahai… nilah dia Cina nak memerintah negeri orang Melayu.

    Rata-rata yang belakon dalam video clip tu berbangsa Cina yang berkemungkinan besar keturunan komunis. Tak ada satu benda pun yang dibuat oleh kerajaan orang Melayu tu betul.

    Semuanya dihina dan diperlekeh termasuklah pertahanan negara. Peliknya nak harapkan bangsat ni masuk tentera atau polis kirim salam lah.

    Kalau nak tahu punca harga rumah mahal mudah saja sebenarnya. Cuba tanya siapa dia towkey syarikat hartanah (developer). Kalau nak mudah lagi lawati website REHDA (Persatuan Pemaju Hartanah Dan Perumahan Malaysia) dan selidik siapa ahli jawatankuasanya.

    Sama juga, cuba fikirkan siapa yang kuasai perniagaan di Malaysia? Siapa dia 10 orang paling kaya di tanahair kita? kumpulan ini DAP bela (kecuali seorang hamba Allah yang Melayu), kerajaan orang Melayu dia salahkan. Hebat perang psikologi dan propaganda mereka. Soalnya kita nak percaya dan biarkankah?

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