#savekedah campaign launched

Dato' Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir at the launch of #savekedah campaign, Lake Pedu

Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir at the launch of #savekedah campaign, Lake Pedu

Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir launched the #Save Kedah campaign rally at Lake Pedu this morning. This is to provide awareness amongst Kedahan that the current State Government inability and mismanagement caused the state, her people and even the natural treasures to endure irrecoverable losses.


Mukhriz who is also Kedah UMNO and BN Deputy State Liaison Chief reminded the 10,000 audience congregated at the water catchment site which was plundered for individual economic gains that Kedah natural treasures and eco-system are for the future and generations to come. He urged that Kedah State Government be returned to persons who are more responsible and competent.

Present also is ADUN Pedu and immediate former MB Kedah Dato’ Seri Mahadzir Md Khalid. He said that the Pedu Lake has been present since Tun Razak started the work on the dam. Eight Menteri Besar served kedah since the past forty years and Lake Pedu was left untouched till the current Dato’ Seri Azizan Abdul Razak’s administration.

The natural treasures of Lake Pedu molested

Lake Pedu is the source of water for the Pedu Dam, which supply 10% of Kedah water requirement. So far, the timber plundering on the banks and hills around Lake Pedu already caused immediate effect to the pollution of water that supply into the dam.

Zainal 'Hijau' Abidin planted his tree in Lake Pedu

Zainal ‘Hijau’ Abidin planted his tree in Lake Pedu

The event was also celebrated as eco-environment artiste Zainal Abidin performed his evergreen hit ‘Hijau’ and ‘Kau Di Hati Ku’, the official Malay version of Phil Collin’s ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’.

The cap the rally, trees were planted as a symbol that the natural treasure and heritage of Kedah must be saved and preserved.

#Save  Kedah...pakai otak la

#Save Kedah…pakai otak la

*Updated 10 Feb 2013 1000hrs

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  2. PAS mentadbir Kedah bolehlah disamakan dengan pepatah orang tua-tua; bagai tikus membaiki labu.

    Kelentong rakyat kata bila mereka ganti BN mereka akan perbetulkan segala-galanya. Sudahnya ini yang jadi.


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