Warning of ‘Malaysian Spring’, weakening of Islam and frustrated PAS youths

The State of Kedah saw two interesting stories. One is about the psywar and security expert warning about ‘Malaysian Spring’ when the Opposition lose after the 13GE and the other about frustrated PAS youths with the non-deliverance of the Kedah State Government under PAS.

Polls losers might cause ‘Arab Spring’, says ex-IGP

February 10, 2013

ALOR STAR, Feb 10 — Former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said an “Arab Spring” can happen here if losing parties in the general election are dissatisfied with the result.

“I am confident that the losing parties will use their supporters to create chaos to topple the government just like what happened in the Middle East.

“Political parties must restrain themselves and behave appropriately starting now,” Musa (picture)told a special briefing to Komuniti 1 Malaysia members at Kompleks Penyiaran Kedah here today.

He said the police should start gathering information to prevent an “Arab Spring” from coming to Malaysian shores.

“The Internal Security Act (ISA) that was preventive in nature had been abolished while the effectiveness of the new Act is questionable.

“Some people were charged with promoting terrorism in a foreign country while those who rioted in our country are not arrested and charged.”

To a question, Musa said he would not join any political party but would fight alone in the best interest of the religion, race and nation.

He lamented that several politicians were willing to gamble the nation’s dignity and religion in order to achieve their political ambitions.

“Previously, the US intelligence agency the CIA infiltrated governments to cause chaos but now the Jews and Westerners use NGOs to adopt liberalism.

“They use NGOs demanding that the government become more transparent, encourage lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT).

“All these are done to weaken Islam. If liberalism is not adopted, the government is deemed as cruel.”

Musa said that opposition lies that federal government is corrupt and weak are aimed at influencing the people.

“This tactic has managed to influence the people although the opposition which rules four states can’t do a good job.

“National security will be threatened if the government fails to deal with greedy leaders, organised crime, loan sharks, religious fanatics, incitement and underground movements.

“Action must be taken against those involved and it must not be made selectively,” said Musa. — Bernama


Immediate past IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan has been very consistent about his warnings against the chaos that would be caused when the Opposition lose their bid to come into power right after 13GE.

It is apt that Musa raised the point about Muslims are being weakened as the Opposition are pandering into the liberalism which include allowing room and the rights for the morally-deviant LGBT group. Last year, PAS sacked former Selangor PAS Commissioner Dato’ Dr Hassan Md Ali for making remarks against the party’s stance on the support of Oppoistion Leader Anwar Ibrahim for his sodomy case.

The fact that PAS as the so-called Islamist party stayed in the yet-to-be-formalised coalition with PKR and DAP even though issues like LGBT and ‘Kalimah Allah’ being used in Malay bibles meant for the Malays, is a clear example that they are willing to compromise principles of Islam for politics.

PAS also created religious fanatics when its current President Dato’ Seri Haji Hadi Awang issued ‘Amanat Haji Hadi’ at Kampung Banggol, Peradong, Terengganu on 7 April 1981 where he declared ‘Jihad War’ against UMNO ‘Upholding the Constitution of the Colonials’. He also proclaimed UMNO as ‘Infidels’. That saw the Malay-Muslims are divided further,  especially  in the Malay heartlands of Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis and Terengganu.

In fact, that spurred into the creation of various leagues of religious fanatics amongst the deviants and were up at arms against the authorities. Ibrahim Libya of Kampung Memali in November 1985 and Muhamad Amin of the Al Maunah Group in the Kampung Sauk arms heist are examples. Recently, former follower Cikgu Non Al Afghani revealed his repentance of the deviated teachings by PAS leaders.

The Malay-Muslims ‘battled’ a supposedly non existence issue within their community. The divide undoubtably made the Malaysian Muslims weak. The continuous lies by PAS Leaders against the ruling Government and UMNO Leaders worsened the situation. That is part of the Opposition’s ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to come into power.

Dato' Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir receiving application forms to join UMNO

Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir receiving application forms to join UMNO

On another score, 100 former PAS members joined UMNO. They submitted their application forms to Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir in Kokdiang, Jerlun this morning.

They cited that the Pas led Kedah State Government can no longer be trusted and did not honour their promises. For these Batu 1 folks, they were promised lighting for their sports court  and even that was not honoured.

Mukhriz, who is MP for Jerlun and Deputy State Liaisons Chief for UMNO and BN Kedah was accompanied by ADUN Kota Seputih and Jerlun UMNO Chief Dato’ Abu Hassan Sharif when receiving the application forms.

It is obvious that #save kedah campaign is relevant.

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  1. The former IGP is spot on , concerning his assessment on the use of liberalism by certain NGOs and opposition elements to destabilise the nation. We should pay attention to what he said as quoted in the 2nd.last paragraph of the abovementioned Bernama news clip. If Malaysia refers so much to globalisation in developing its economy, it must also pay attention to the trans national flow of extreme liberalism that can affect political and social stabilities.

    • The ISA must be brought back. Abolishing it was a big mistake.

  2. We can call him the former IGP, but being former or otherwise, he is still a law enforcer even after his retirement.They, these law officers angkat sumpah sewaktu berkhidmat kepada negara, main main kah, atau just mau makan gaji with all the perks at that time. They are still bound by the sumpah to the negara. Unless these officers are Hippocrates to the core.Unlike other police officer who co opted to be with oppositions, that’s their choice, but bear in mind we are all living in glass houses. Calling others corrupted but while earning as a government servant living in bungalows and driving BMW’s and Mercedes just does not compute. Tan Sri Musa , is well versed with the Kementerian Dalam Negeri. A person of high esteem and stature will definitely make an impact if he makes a police report especially quote” –“Some people were charged with promoting terrorism in a foreign country while those who rioted in our country are not arrested and charged.”–quote”“Action must be taken against those involved and it must not be made selectively,” said Musa. — Bernama

    *********************. Please be proactive Tan Sri, it does makes a lot of difference giving comments and being an active member of society.

    Thank You.

    • Lets be realistic. Government servants cannot live in bungalows or drive a mercedes? Do you know their pay scale nowadays? So are you saying government servants must live in attap sheds and drive a 20 year old toyota? There is this thing called housing loans, in case you are not aware. Dont jump to ‘corruption’ each time you see someone drive a mercedes.

  3. There could well be protests and demonstrations or even violence in the streets but I disagree that there will be a “Arab Spring” if the opposition loses.

    The economic situation in Tunisia and Egypt preceding the “Arab Spring” was dire and there were isolated strikes and industrial actions at workplaces preceding the dramatic events at Tahir Square which went unreported.

    Unemployment among youth was high and people we suffering economically but do we have such dire economic conditions in Malaysia?

    Yes, we can have protests and demonstrations in the streets but unless they have the sympathy and backing of a large enough number of citizens, an attempt an an “Arab Spring” won’t succeed.

    Just look at the economic conditions for ordinary people preceding the French Revolution.

    The First Estate – i.e. the Catholic church owned much land and levied rents and taxes on the serfs which burdened them.

    The Second Estate – i.e. the royalty and nobility lived lavish lives on the wealth extracted off the people who were dirt poor.

    The Third Estate – i.e. intelelctuals, professionals, merchants and businessmen were opposed to the First & Second Estates and led a revolt in which the serfs were the shock troops.

    There was no “Fourth Estate” in France at the time and that term was coined in the Britain.

    The Jacobins, inspired by the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and led by a group of people including Maximilien Robespierre, played a major part in the French Revolution and they confiscated the lands owned by the church, forbade it to collect rent and quite literally forced a separation of church and state and quite literally cut the church out of France’s politics.

    The Jacobins, led by Robespierre were responsible for the Reign of Terror, where many people, including the aristocrats and rivals were sent to the guillotine. After a year, soldiers attacked the Jacobin Committee for Public Safety and shot Robespierre, wounding him. Members of the committee, including Robespierre were guillotined soon after.

    However, there was no peace following the French Revolution, as royalists tried to make a comeback, there was conflict between rival groups and neighbouring countries too advantage of France’s internal divisions to attack and capture territory.

    This chaos went on until a young artiliary officer, Napoleon Bonaparte, a Corsican from the island of Corsica, a French possession, took powerm united France and crowned himself Emperor, then pushed back the attacking neighboruing contries and brought about peace.

    Do a search about these people and the French Revolution on Google and You Tube and you’ll unearth some interesting articles and documentaries.

    Likewise the American War of Independence, the Russian Revolution, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the overthrow and execution of Nicolai and Elena Ceaucescu of Romania, etc were all preceded by dire economic hardships for the people and brutal oppression of those who protested.

    • I think the worry is about the covert ops and infiltration of foreign elements inside the local demonstrations that could galvanise into anarchy and chaos, that can destabilise the country. Benghazi Libya and Syria are examples of infiltration of foreign covert ops as well as a mix bag of groups that create asymmetrical wars within. The Arab Spring is just a borrowed term. The larger problem is foreign infiltration in the guise of liberalism and rights. These then become the ideal platform for hardcore opposition supporters to launch chaos, even if they have no backing from the local majority.

  4. […] Spring’ the moment they lose from ascending power at Putrajaya in the upcoming 13 GE and former IGP Tan Sri Musa Aman already forewarned that this would be happening when the majority decide against what the minority wanted. On top of that, pro-Opposition NGO such […]

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