Ministry of Justice website hacked

Since three am this morning, it was discovered that the Ministry of Justice website was hacked. “Sofea inside” made their presence.

Ministry of Justice hacked

Ministry of Justice hacked



THe last of the 36 wish list

THe last of the 37 wish list

The next would be other Ministries and strategic Government Departments. And eventually BN leaders. A communications officers serving with one of the Deputy Ministers received the call in the wee hours of the second morning of Chinese New Year public holiday.

The hackers managed to break the firewall that protected some of these websites. It is not sure that this is just prank, a malice intent or politically motivated. If this is politically motivated and undertaken by agents of the Opposition cybertroopers or cyberunits, then they are successful in making the Malaysian public suffer.

It does come as a surprise since a month ago Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim reiterated the proclamation that they would do chaos and start a ‘Malaysian Spring’ the moment they lose from ascending power at Putrajaya in the upcoming 13 GE and former IGP Tan Sri Musa Aman already forewarned that this would be happening when the majority decide against what the minority wanted.

On top of that, pro-Opposition NGO such as anti-Lynas leader Wong Tuck also made proclamation that he would ‘personally burn Lynas plant down if BN wins again in the 13 GE’. It is very apparent they are lawless and stop at nothing to meet their desired objective, even at the expense of destroying properties and hurting people. This is anarchy, if not terrorism-induced chaos.

This website hacking matter is for the Police and Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission to seriously investigate. This is an act of cyber-anarchy, to say the least.

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