“Nik Aziz pun tarak faham Islam sekarang”

“Tok Guru Nik Aziz pun tarak faham Islam sekarang. Ustaz Hj Hadi Awang pun dah tatau. Dia ikut saja”. That is what Opposition Leader and Ketua Umum PKR Anwar Ibrahim said to Sabah Chinese community a few days ago.

The full story is here.

Anwar, being his usual self, would say different things to different sets of people. As long as he can continue to mesmerize them at that moment of time to support him, even with the means via deception or back-stabbing his own political coalition partners.

The most controversial issue at play is the ‘Kalimah Allah’, especially in literature such as Malay bibles. PAS as coalition partners to PKR and DAP said it is unacceptable. It is a real slap in the Oppositions’ face, on top of other fundamental issues such as sale of alcohol near the mosque in a Malay centric suburban, prosetylisation of Muslims, PAS’s need to reinvigorate Hudud and the more recent ‘Unisex saloon’ and ‘Khalwat’, both in Kelantan and being imposed against the Chinese.

All of these are biting back hard at the Opposition and a clear demonstration that they cannot agree even on fundamental issues. And as the 13GE is very much round the corner, Anwar who is the only element that gels the highly fragmented PKR together and DAP and PKR are able to sit as partners in a coalition, had to resort to his usual lies, twisting of facts, manipulation of sentiments and playing with emotions.

More now than ever.

People like this shouldn’t be trusted for anything and everything. They are not just untrustworthy. They will stab you in the back whenever you turn the other way, for the pettiest short term gains. And they will sell even their own mothers for a whiff of political pleasure.

*Updated midnight

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  1. tapi lagi bagus ahh…. itu olang pas masih ikut apa saya cakap jugak looh. saya suluh lia lompat masok lombong pun lia ikut jugak maaaah.

    amacam, bagut tak saya maaahh

  2. […] Source: BigDogDotCom […]

  3. Hmmm. Saya difahamkan dari blog-blog lain bahawa video ini hanyalah merupakan snippet yang diputar-belitkan. Dikatakan beliau memomok apa yg disebut oleh pihak lawan.

    Bukan. Saya bukan meminati sesiapa pun. Hanya sebagai pembaca pelbagai blog, saya sendiri keliru apa yg sebenarnya yang disebarkan. Sepertilah juga video “Yes” / “No”. Mula2 keluar saya pun terpedaya.

  4. damage control maaa

  5. harakah siap front page cerita kunun semua yang hadir say no to Najib.

    padahal ada 2 version video yang membuktikan sebaliknya

    mintak cybertrooper pakatan tunjuk kan video si juburi ni kena edit

    jangan jadi macam video cinadoll sampaii hari ni tak boleh nafikan. ….. joejambul pun senyum besar

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