Remembering the gallant Malays at Bukit Chandu

The bronze statue depicting three 1 Malay Regt heroes, defending Pasir Panjang and Bukit Chandu 13-14 Feb 1942, at the Reflections a t Bukit Chanud Memorial

The bronze statues depicting three 1 Malay Regt heroes, defending Pasir Panjang Defensive Line and Bukit Chandu 13-14 Feb 1942, at the Reflections at Bukit Chandu Memorial

In our books, 14 February is not a celebration of lovers. It is a day to remember the seven Malay officers and 146 men of 1st Malay Brigade who gave the ultimate sacrifice at Point 226 of the Pasir Panjang Defense Line on the Kent Ridge, Singapore, commonly known as Bukit Chandu.

These untested warriors stood and held on the line. They have shown unsurpassed loyalty to undertake instructions and demonstrated outstanding fighting capabilities within three days of battles. The British High Command described them as ‘uncommon valours’. Theee Federated Malay Regiment warriors sacredly upheld their motto ‘Taat Setia’

Cap badge of Malay Regiment: 'Taat Setia'

Cap badge of Malay Regiment: ‘Taat Setia’

They upheld to the letter of the legacy that the Malays are great and extraordinary brave warriors and very loyal to their leaders.

Today, we remember them. Malaysians should remember these men who started as members of experimental platoon in 1933 were formed into 1st Federated Malay Regiment in November 1938 and 2nd Federated Malay Regiment formed in March 1941, are now being represented by 25 different battalions of the Royal Malay Regiment.

Doa for uncommon valours of 1 and 2nd Federated Malay Regt: (dari kiri) Brig Gen Rahim, Jen PAT Tan Sri Zulkifli Zain, Defence Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Deputy Defence Minister Dato’ Dr Latif Ahmad and President of RAMD Club  Col (Rtd) Malik Alwi

Last year, Defence Minister Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi made a historic visit to Bukit Chandu Memorial on the 70th anniversary of the battle. We at  BigDogDotCom reiterated our suggestion that Port Dickson be re-named Pengkalan Adnan, the leader of the bravest Royal Malay Regiment combat unit, as the nation’s validation to the contribution of the men and women of the Malaysian Armed Forces. On 1 March, the Army celebrate its 80th anniversary.

His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong Tuanku Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Ibni Sultan Badlishah as Sultan Kedah is the Royal Malay Regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief.

A special tahlil would be held this evening at the mosque in Wardieburn Camp, Jalan Genting-Klang, Setapak. May Allah s.w.t. bless all the fallen uncommon valours, from this day 71 years ago and throughout all armed conflict and other engagements members of the ATM have committed themselves in upholding the principles on behalf of the nation.

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  1. The original moto ” We will fight as long as there’s life ” was theirs actually.

  2. Sir,
    Do the y Generations care about this incident.I think they prefer to celeberate Valentines Day rather wasting time on remembering these fallen heroes.Semoga ALLAH mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh-roh mereka yang telah gugur.Al Fatihah.TAAT SETIA.

  3. BigDog : thanks a lot for this.

  4. thank you for the post much appreciated

  5. Its sad,only a very small portion of the Malaysian public knows about the stories of these ‘Unsung Heroes’..Does the Malaysian public knows that Lt Adnan never receive any ‘gallantary medal’ either from the British or Malaysian Government.

    • The younger generation knows more about ‘Saving Private Ryan’ than the historical accounts on the gallantry of Malay soldiers. For some, studying the history of this country will lead to them being reminded of something they want to erase. Sad isn’t it? Hence any narratives or historical accounts of the heroic Malay soldiers and policemen etched in the history of Malaya and Malaysia oftentimes are dubbed by certain quarters as racist or favouring the valour of a certain. They conveniently forgot that the Malays are after all the inhabitants of Tanah Melayu for centuries. So, why try to negate the facts on the history of Malaya and the Sejarah Melayu? To these people, better to stop of being afraid of their own shadows. Face it.

  6. Weren’t there soldiers from a number of countries who fought and died in defence of Singapore against the Japanese invaders?

    Are any of them more deserving than others of praise and commendation for bravery and making the ultimate sacrifice?

    While we are about it, why don’t we honour the British servicemen who died in what was then Malaya?

    I would suggest that you pay a visit to the Kranji War Memorial in Singapore to understand that bravery in battle is not the exclusive preserve of any one race…..

    • We are talking about the battle at Point 226 Bukit Chandu.

      Please take your thoughts about the other Commonwealth units elsewhere. This article is exclusively for the uncommon valours of the 1st and 2nd Federated Malay Regiments, which defended that hill.

  7. An eye-opener. Terima Kasih..

  8. Al Fatihah.

  9. Alfatihah buat perwira-perwira ini. Sedihnya, selepas 71 tahun dan setelah beberapa kali negara diancam keselamatannya, sekali lagi tanah air kita diserang. Kepada mereka yang sering bertanya “with whom are we going to war with” setiap kali kerajaan melaksanakan usaha mempertingkatkan keupayaan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, sila rujuk kejadian terkini di Tambisan, Sabah.

    Saya harap kerajaan tidak akan bertolak ansur dengan gerombolan pengganas ini kerana sebarang tindakan berlembut dengan mereka akan memberi ‘precedent’ dan alasan untuk berbuat sesuka hati dan mengulangi perbuatan biadap mereka di masa hadapan. Mereka perlu diajar bahawa ini bukan selatan Filipina dan mereka harus beri penghormatan sewajarnya ke atas kedaulatan negara jiran.

    Saya percaya ATM lebih dari mampu untuk menghancurkan kumpulan ini jika diberi arahan. PM tidak boleh kelihatan lemah dalam situasi ini.

    • Terima kasih.

      Benar. Kekuatan ATM lebih dari mampu untuk melumpuhkan kumpulan bersenjata ini. Kemungkinan ini akan berlaku pertumpahan darah dan korban jiwa.

      Namun, PM Najib mahu mengambil pendekatan ‘lembut’ dengan berunding dengan kumpulan bersenjata ini kerana

      1. Mereka mempunyai ramai keluarga, yang sudah menjadi warganegara Malaysia
      2. Semangat espirit d’corp setelah Malaysia menjadi broker perjanjian damai antara Kerajaan Filipina dan MILF baru baru ini
      3. Mengelakan insiden berdarah yang berpotensi besar dimanipulasikan terutama Pembangkang yang mendapat sokongan amat baik oleh media antarabangsa dan dikuasai Yahudi Neo-Con, demi pertimbangan politk dalam pusingan akhir penggal pra-PRU 13 ini

      Samada pertimbangan ini sesuai atau tidak, masa akan menentukan kematangan keputusan yang dibuat ini.

      • Remember what happened at Sauk? No bloody encounter, only two warriors sacrificed themselves. Did the Malaysian Army take revenge? …and today we have unpatriotic idiots, lowyers and politicians among Malaysian whose forte is badmouthing our own security forces.
        To our security guardians past and present, I salute you.

  10. Bet if there were many of them and adequately armed, the Japs may have been driven out from Singapore and Malaya. Very natural to fight and die for your country.

  11. Raisyatim show TANDA PUTERA film now!

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