Ghost of Past Spring

The story based on NOC Report

The story based on NOC Report

The truth hurts. That is how the maxim goes. Unless persons who are not truthful about what happened in the past and what they did and how were they involved in something ugly and evil. Just like precursor, during the brutal and bloody racial riots of 16-10 May 1969 and thereon, the after math.

Acclaimed film maker Dato’ Paduka Shuhaimi Baba’s latest film on the personal lives, domestic and regional challenges and threats, decisions made and crisis resolved by Second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr.  Ismail Abd Rahman are featured in ‘Tanda Putera’. However, some fragment of the society is very edgy as more and more Malaysians get to watch the film which already obtained PG13 certification from the national censorship board for public viewing.

Malicious plan behind May 13 film, claims Bersih

Koh Jun Lin • Feb 19, 13 2:48PTG
The Bersih coalition has condemned the closed-door preview of the film Tanda Putera yesterday, saying that it perpetuates the politics of fear and is “a step backwards” in the nation’s political discourse.

“Although we have yet to watch the film, we understand there are parts of the film that are unhealthy that could trigger interracial hatred and distrust.

“We feel that there is malicious intent behind the airing of the film, such as scaring the voters so that they would continue to support BN.

“We feel that this practice is unhealthy. What we want is competition that is healthy, based on policies regarding change, health, education, development and others. That is what we want – debate,” said Bersih steering committee member Toh Kin Woon (left) at a press conference today.

He added that this would be better than inciting fear, because it enables voters to make their choice after comparing the policies of contesting parties.

The controversial film, which has yet be aired publically, was shown to some 3,000 Felda settlers yesterday at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s request.

The film was about the relationship of Najib’s father and then Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein and his deputy, Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, in the aftermath of the May 13, 1969 racial riots.

However, critics have said that the film’s depiction of the riots was too reliant on the official version of the events.

The film’s director Shuhaimi Baba had defended the film, saying that it would help the nation to recover from its May 13 trauma.


The protagonists of the bloody racial riots almost 44 years ago, especially the Neo Min Yuens today are the ones concerned. This include individuals like DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang, who was still around since the precursor of the 13 May riots and still presently active, sowing his consistent ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

These are images of the provocations in the victory parades held by DAP and Gerakan in hours after winning half of the seats in Selangor

No one else is concerned. At least, not amongst the majority.

There in nothing sinister about ‘Tanda Putera’. It was written and filmed as how it was stated in the National Operation Council (NOC) Report. The racial riots were instigated by some radicals, extremists and elements indirectly representing the rebels-gone-underground and Min Yuens of the outlawed Malayan Communist Party.

The country was put on hold. The Emergency declared, Parliament was suspended and NOC acted as temporary and government-in-emergency. Order was restored. All necessary steps to hold back all the ill feelings, especially due to the instigation and seditious elements were addressed.

National Operation Council (NOC) members (fr l to r) Chief of Defense Forces Gen Tan Sri Ibrahim Ismail, IGP Tun Mohamed Salleh Ismail, Chief Secretary to Foreign Ministry Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, Works, Post & Telecoms Minister Tun V T Sambanthan, Home Minister Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, Deputy Prime Minister Tun Hj Abdul Razak Hussein, Finance Minister Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tan Sri Hamzah Abd Samah, Former Chief of Defense Forces Gen Tunku Osman Jewa, Chief Secretary to MINDEF Abd Kadir Shamsuddin and Abd Rahman Hamidon (Secretary of NOC)

Bit by bit, everything was put back to order and allowed to roll back into places. New policies planned and implemented immediately. Pressing issues are addressed. Whatever the widening gap which wedged the nation because of disparity was immediately taken to task and reforms on social-economic development were put in place.

Social and economic development programs such as utility, education and health for the rural and under developed areas were intensified. More land reforms programs such as FELDA was opened. MARA Junior Science Colleges were introduced to provide rural kids with potential in science and math be given the opportunity, as a foundation to tertiary programs as a direct initiative of the New Economic Policy.

The Emergency Cabinet, making though decisions to restore order and control situation. A scene in 'Tanda Putera'

The Emergency Cabinet, making though decisions to restore order and control situation. A scene in ‘Tanda Putera’

80% of the film is about all that instead of the build up to the racial riots, which was the 10% preamble in the opening bit. That was necessary so that why and how the racial riot happened and more importantly, what were the ‘game changing’ decisions made and implemented there after. Poverty eradication programs had a 90% success rate and many Malaysians, especially in the rural areas were transformed.

This group was the stakeholders in the private screening of ‘Tanda Putera’ on Monday in PWTC.

What is more interesting is that both of these statesmen in their resolve to undo the various crisis Malaysia and Malaysians had to endure, were themselves facing ‘life-changing’ crisis on their own; terminal illness. They suffered in silence as the confidence to move the nation forward from the state of chaos, various crisis in different forms and threats and challenges, are more pertinent than themselves as individuals.

Nothing sinister about ‘Tanda Putera’. The film was made in almost near perfection to the truth. Unless to those who had sinister intention to create chaos, so that as a small segment of the minority they can thrive on the confusing and instability and impose themselves on the majority.

A scene in a London flat where Tun Rahah and Dr Macpherson attending to Tun Razak, who is in pain

A scene in a London flat where Tun Rahah and Dr Macpherson attending to Tun Razak, who is in a lot pain in his final days

Taking from the entertainment and commercial value, ‘Tanda Putera’ actually went through ‘product testing’. It was approved by the several layers of viewership samplers representing the larger cinema going consumers, even by the younger Non Malays for its historic value, flavour and presentation.

The majority of Malaysians should learn what happened in the past. This is because all of our dark episode in past is coming back. Almost by the same protagonists and similar sinister agenda. That is what Malaysians should be afraid of, instead of the past.

*Updated 1300hrs

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  1. It is always irritating to read film reviews which contain the “escape clause’- “although we have yet to see the movie…”. See the bloody movie first damn it. That’s the least Koh of Bersih could do before writing his little essay.

  2. I’m confused. So this film is shown privately but not shown to public. So what does Bersih want? For it to be shown to the public? Why are you worried that Felda Settlers saw it? Whats it to you? You want to see- pay lah. Otherwise wait until they show it in cinema. And don’t write crap before watching the film- just based on your imagination?. Is that fair? Dont talk about fairness if you yourself cannot be fair.

  3. I thought Bersih is about free and fair elections. If this film is based on historical facts then Bersih should support it in the name of freedom of speech and thoughts.

    That would only be FAIR to all. Why the “gag order”?

    • Sorry I forgot to attach my moniker.

  4. This fellow Toh Kin Woon should look at himself in the mirror and just see what BERSIH is doing.

    Anyway, was he there when all the rioting started? Did he witness the developments that led to 13th May 1969 incident? I suggest he have a heart-to-heart talk with Lim Kit Siang. Maybe that can help him, one way or another.

  5. Memang peristiwa 13 Mei merupakan angkara golongan radikal, ekstremis & anasir kominis, samada pengganas yg berubah taktik & modus operandi atau Min Yuen. Itu amat jelas.

    Mereka memang sengaja mahu melakukan kacau bilau & pergaduhan besar. Mereka ini anarkis! Mereka ini pengganas! Mereka ini Anti Perlembagaan!

    Hari ni mereka masih ujud. Ada yg menggunakan platform politik. Ada yg guna NGO. Ada yg guna saluran pencernaan minda/diskusi, forum/debat/siri syarahan & aktiviti ilmiah/akademik.

    Objektif sama saja. Melemah dan lumpuhkan Melayu, samada meletaka golongan majoriti sebagai oppresif, parasit dan/atau tidak berkeyakinan diri dan mampu berdikari, maka perlu mengekalkan keadaan ‘seige mentality’. Kemudian, menyuntik baur baur agar orang Melayu menjadi apologis.

    Lihat bertapa KURANG AJARnya Cina hari ini. Pemimpin DAP sewenang wenangnya hina pihak berkuasa seperti Polis & Tentera, Raja, Islam & adat resam orang Melayu.

    Rakyat biasa keturunan Cina seperti Namewee & Leong Pei Koe dengan mudah menunjukkan keBIADABan sebagai tafsiran bagaimana isi hati mereka sebagai minoriti & pendatang, kepada majoriti.

    Padahal majoriti ini, samada Raja atau orang Melayu kebanyakany satu masa dahulu bersetuju memberikan mereka kerakyatan tanpa syarat & berkongsi tanah air ini.

    Semua ini ada hadnya. Jangan sampai mereka yg BIADAB & KURANG AJAR dibalas dengan reaksi setimpal. Mungkin, masa terdesak & keadaan krisis luar kawal. seperti itu tidak boleh dibezakan lagi antara Cina beradab & Cina BIADAB!

    Sejarah orang Cina sendri membuktikan cara terbaik untuk mengawal & menentukan mereka akur kepada pemerintah ialah kekerasan.

    • Setuju dengan pendapat “Objektif sama saja. Melemah dan lumpuhkan Melayu … maka perlu mengekalkan keadaan ‘seige mentality’. Kemudian, menyuntik baur baur agar orang Melayu menjadi apologis.”

      Selagi DAP berpegang kapada cogankata “Malaysian Malaysia” mereka, selagi itu parti itu rasis, anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam. Cogan kata itu di reka oleh Maha Chauvinis dan subversif Lee Kuan Yew di masa dia, PAP dan Singapura di dalam Malaysia 1963-65.

      Mahukan sama rata tetapi tidak memperakui, dalam nada yang sama, Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak di Perkara 153 Perlembagaan. Mana boleh sama, selagi Kedudukan Istimewa itu ada. Tun Dr Mahathir telah berkata begitu dan saya setuju dengannya. Peruntukan di Perlembagaan itu di anggap sensitif, tidak boleh di pinda, di lindung oleh Akta Hasutan dan menyo’alnya pun melanggar Akta tersebut, apa tah lagi ura ura mahu memindanya.

      Pemikiran seperti itu juga telah menyumbang secara besar kapada pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969. Peranan DAP dalam menyebabkan pergaduhan kaum itu ada lah nyata. Oleh itu, semua pihak perlu mengawasi tingkah laku dan tindak tanduk DAP ini menjelang PRU13 dan selepasnya. Saya khuatir mereka akan melanda landa lagi dengan kata kata dan tindakan tindakan melampau di masa kempen PRU13 dan keadaan berikutnya.

    • Oh dear me. This sort of insecurity is being re-cycled (again and again) without end. Apa lah dude. Dengan Cina Babi pun engkau takut ke? They are nothing actually. You scare your own selves.

  6. “We feel that there is malicious intent behind the airing of the film, such as scaring the voters so that they would continue to support BN.”

    So BERSIH, its freedom of expression only if it favor the party you support eh?

    What about the following statement/action made by the group that you support back then? people dont have the right to know?

    *“Hold high the Red Flag of Martyrs and carry out revolution to the end, to die for the people is as heavy as the mountain of Tai” – reportedly said by DAP.

    This was what recorded to have also took place:

    Pada 4 Mei 1969 di Kepong, sekumpulan pemuda Cina menconteng grafiti anti pilihan raya. Polis suruh berhenti dan diserang dengan besi dan lastik besi. Polis pertahan diri dan tembak mati seorang. Mayat di preserved untuk perarakan pada hari undi 10 Mei.

    Pada 9 Mei 1969 di Kuala Lumpur, perarakan membawa mayat melalui Kuala Lumpur dan menyebabkan jam, melaungkan slogan ‘Malai Si’ (Melayu Mati) dan slogan ‘Mao Zedong’ termasuk hutang darah dibayar darah.

    Pada 10 Mei 1969, Pulau Pinang tumbang, nyaris kalah di Selangor dan Perak. Beberapa kerusi Parlimen tumbang kepada DAP dan GERAKAN.

    Perarakan kemenangan dibuat pada 11 Mei 1969 di jalan BrickfieldS pada pukul lima petang. Dia kata apa? “Apa polis boleh buat? Kita Raja,buang semua polis Melayu”.

    Pada 11 Mei 1969 pukul 8.30 malam di Jalan Bukit Bintang, perarakan DAP – “Mati Melayu, sakai pergi masuk hutan”.

    Pada 11 Mei 1969 pukul 10.00 malam di Jalan Changkat Dollah – “KL sekarang Cina punya”.

    Pada 12 Mei 1969, satu perarakan di Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Parlimen, Jalan Raja Laut, Jalan Hill masuk ke Kampung Baru dengan 500 skuter. Apa mereka kata? “Melayu balik kampung, Melayu sudah tiada kuasa. Sekarang kita Cina control.” Bila lalu depan Kampung Baru mereka kata “Melayu keluar! Apa lagi duduk sini, kita hentam sama lu, sekarang kita ada kuasa”.

    Pada 12 Mei 1969 pukul 7.30 petang di pondok polis Jalan Pudu – “Maki polis! Semua Melayu kasi habis, kasi halau semua polis.”

    Pada 12 Mei 1969 pukul 8.30 malam di Jalan Bukit Bintang – “Apa ini Melayu, kita sudah perintah dia negeri, ini negeri bukan Melayu punya, mata-mata lancau”.

    Pada 12 Mei 1969 pukul 7.00 petang di Jalan Canvel – “Butoh Melayu, Malai si, pergi mati Melayu”.

    Pada malam 12 Mei 1969 di Jalan Bukit Bintang – “Ini negeri bukan Melayu punya, kita mahu kasi halau semua Melayu.”

    Pada awal tengah malam 13 Mei 1969 di Kampung Baru – “Maki orang Melayu, Melayu balik hutan.”

    Pada 12 Mei 1999, 9.30 malam, PJ. – “Sekarang kita perintah apa boleh buat? Melayu balik kampung. Melayu sudah jatuh, MARA boleh keluar. Melayu balik kampung, MARA hendak beri habis.” Tuan Yang di-Pertua, ini yang berlaku pada masa itu.

    Ini juga direkodkan:

    “Pada 11 Julai 1964 di pasar Bukit Mertajam, seorang pekerja Melayu diketuk dengan cangkul oleh seorang anak tauke Cina sayur berumur 15 tahun. Dia buat report, polis lambat ambil tindakan. Dia tidak puas hati, dia pergi lapor kepada Majlis Daerah, maka beberapa tindakan diambil. Berlaku pergaduhan dan seorang Melayu dibunuh. Gambar dia ada lagi dalam ini – gambar dia dibunuh. Encik Kasim bin Omar terlentang atas lantai pasar dibunuh oleh sekumpulan Cina – berlaku tension pada masa itu.

    Kemudian, saya ingat lagi pada masa itu sudah mula perasaan tidak puas hati ini timbul. Baru-baru ini saya ada ceramah di kawasan Kampung Baru. Orang-orang tua di situ cerita bagaimana terhinanya orang Melayu pada masa itu pergi ke Chow Kit hendak beli barang daripada Cina. Minta cili, minta bawang, DIA TUNJUK DENGAN KAKI SAHAJA – lu angkat ini. Ini perasaan orang Melayu pada masa itu.”

    *Extracted from parlimen Hansard

    Buat saudara-saudari yang sebangsa dan seugama dengan saya, ini adalah fakta sejarah. Saya rasa saudara-saudari boleh buat kesimpulan sendiri kenapa puak-puak pembangkang tidak mahu cerita ini disiarkan dan memberi kefahaman kepada generasi baru khususnya tentang apa yang berlaku ketika itu. Situasi ini mirip dengan keadaan apabila bangsa Yahudi bersungguh-sungguh membangkang dan mengutuk penyiaran filem “Passion of the Christ” yang memaparkan kekejaman Yahudi terhadap nabi Isa A.S walaupun ianya berpaksikan fakta sejarah.

    Saya harap saudara-saudari ambil peristiwa ini sebagai pengajaran sebelum memutuskan siapa yang yang akan diundi nanti.

  7. One day we will filmed on the history of Kiai Salleh and Batu Pahat

  8. Those jokers from Bersih should be greatful and thankful that the film has not been screened nationwide in cinemas. For that they should stop whining. The more they whine the more they show how scared they are of the truth. What unhealthy? Their hearts and minds yang kotor dan bergelumang dengan putar it is for their own self salvation not to label the film as unhealthy and to do lots of self introspection about themselves and accept history as they are. If the records come from official sources,so they are bias, is it? Know what? No amount of truth can satisfy these neo Gramscian groups. To them , truths are what they want to see as truth, hence creating new ‘truths’ for their uninformed and clueless followers.

    • These Bersih fuckers didn’t say a bloody word when DAP committed fraud & cheated the Malaysian public on the party elections CEC last December.

      What bollocks do these fuckers want to complain about Shumi Baba’s latest?

  9. They cannot accept the truth hence at all cause try to stop the screening. Lim Kit Siang’s behavior reflects his true color in 1969. Never sincere and sowing hatred.

  10. The revenge of Lee Kwan Yew after getting the boot out of Malaysia

    • Well Tun Dr M is far healthier than LKY who lives to see more than 3,000 Singaporeans protesting the 6.9 million white paper under his son’s rule.

      A rare incident under the “big brother with eyes on every wall” concept of governance.

  11. […] Emperissimo Lim is adopting the ‘Offense is the best Defense’ strategy. He has been rabidly attacking Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba’s film on lives, actual events, crisis, thoughts and arguments, and decision making process of then Prime […]

  12. […] is funny non of the so called critics, manipulators and most of all the Neo Min Yuen supporters and liars of historical facts which is the complete […]

  13. […] is funny none of the so called critics, manipulators and most of all the Neo Min Yuen supporters and liars of historical facts which is the complete […]

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