Better get that typewriter fixed

Ter-rape and Dato’ Siew Ka Wei

It is unbelievable to many that The Malay Mail is the oldest newspaper in the nation, although so many yearn the days where it was the afternoon peer of choice. However, not as unimaginable that the Managing Editor of the oldest newspaper in the nation still uses a typewriter for his daily work.

This in reference of Terence Fernandez’s sordid attempt to indirectly strike against Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership and support eco-system be it the administration, security, political and even the Malay and ultra nationalists socio-political groups.

Making a fuss like a sour puss

Making a lame fuss like a sour puss

Probably Fernandez is right that Pasir Mas MP Dato’ Ibrahim Ali did a faux pas when addressing the 5,000 odd crowd in PERKASA do at UiTM Permatang Pauh on 19 January 2013.  Then again, he wasn’t there when the PERKASA President said what he said about ‘Burning the Malay bibles’ and more importantly, in the context and tone that it was said.

PERKASA is a Malay NGO which is bigger than political parties, formed in the middle of 2008. In fact, one clearly remembered that it was the day that the Police took the statement of one young man name Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, after he lodged a Police report against an ex-convict who was then the complainer’s boss. It has since become a pressure group in the mainstream political scene. It came about when people like Fernandez start to openly challenge what has been provided in the Federal Constitution, with regards to the interest of the Malays and nothing more.

PERKASA leaders and members are very loud when issues are created by some odd fellows, delinquents or bunch of them come together in special interest groups, that contravene the Federal Constitution. This include the Chinese Chauvinists, the over zealous Christians and sexual deviants LGBTees.

Fernandez should pause and reflect who are the people throwing open support for PERKASA. The Statesman-cum-Former-Prime-Minister, several former and serving senior Civil Servants, Vice Chancellors, former IGPs and ATM Service Chiefs and vast array of Malay professionals and notable businessmen.

Some of the attendees of PERKASA do in Permatang Pauh on 19 January 2013

Some of the attendees of PERKASA do in UiTM Permatang Pauh on 19 January 2013

People can utter “Fernandez is a fucker”, in different tones and circumstances. The permutation of the variables brings about different connotation to the intended punt. Uttering that phrase in a favourite waterhole with the usual suspects trying to outdo one another could mean that either the joke is about the comparison between Terence and his celebrity conman buddy, it is a secret complimentary gesture when everybody went above their alcohol limit or someone scored since the last they got together.

So many people still talk about what happened in Sam’s pub in Damansara.

Then again, that is one would say if they want to pick a fight with Terence or for that matter, the master-salesman-turned-low-class-operator even neither of them are the physically aggressive type when it comes to contact conflict. Never the less, one’s choice of words reflect one’s refined ability to send the right messages to achieve the desired objectivity even though subtly.

One is not sure what really the sort of man Fernandez really is. However, we cannot imagine there are people suffering from acute stutter and call him ‘Ter-rape’ instead. In any circumstance, that is never nice and fun even though some lowly beings find it sporting to exchange insults.

Honouring the Hero of the Hadyaii Accord, which brought upon the Malayan Communist Party laying down their arms and signing a truce treaty

This nation is a federation of thirteen plus one states with different state government, a central government, a RM 1.3 trillion economy generated by a populous of over 28 million people of an area of 330,000 sq km and a combined border and coastline of 7,345 km. The labour force is 12.85 million. The combined Police and Armed Forces is less than a quarter million active service personnel and almost a million other civil servants.

Inter alia, Prime Minister Najib is seasoned politician and has been in Government continuously since 1978. He must posses some really good skills of managing people, information, situation, enigma of all of the above and most of all, the variables of crisis.

It is unimaginable that the situation in Lahat Datu doesn’t come into his radar screen at least twice a day and he does not consult his own Minister who has proven to be one of the more successful Foreign Minister in the history of Wisma Putra. Moreover, when the Home Minister is on the ground and getting first hand  situation briefing.

Points raised Monday 18 February 2013 Hot Fuss column are the sort of worthless coffeeshop talk when the two or persons are caught because of an infamous Klang Valley downpour. This is a good cheapo example why the press need not to be silenced nor intimidated by the authorities as it would eventually lead to a natural sure death, in not too far distant future.

A typical PERKASA do, 10,000 attendees

A typical PERKASA do, 10,000 attendees

Fernandez himself could be the ‘spanner in the works’. Especially when as the Managing Editor, he makes shallow analysis.

One would imagine that typo is due to combination of an old typewriter and a complete cycle of negligence of proofreading, editing and production. It would be utter shameful for the senior editor who is supposed to be an experienced journo tried to spite a Malay NGO with 300,000 registered members nationwide and pretend trying to ‘sound out’, on behalf for the sake of supporting Prime Minister Najib’s agenda to bring this nation forward.

Fernandez may not understand in the quest of Prime Minister Najib securing the support of the Non Malays especially the Chinese, it would never at the expense of the Malays especially the nationalists within UMNO, ultra nationalists of PERKASA and the combined socio politico eco-system of the Malay heartland.

Probably all that warrants Fernandez to bow out and give face to the owners of the media group which owns The Malay Mail.

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  1. Hidup Perkasa!

  2. These non-Malays had a taste of a better life as compared to their forefathers. However that never qualify them to really understand the Malay Muslim psyche.

    Which is why they attempt to alter the fabric of Malaysia vis a vis “equality”, “democracy”, “freedom of speech”.

    Whatever initiatives they took to “level the playing field” according to their “western ideals”, it has always been countered by the majority Malay Muslim.

    PERKASA is one such example, whose objective is to protect existing rights cemented in the Federal Constitution.

  3. Tun Dr Mahathir’s call in Perkasa do at Permatang Pauh for an RCI to be conducted to carefully study the 1 mil citizenship given away to Non Malays pre-Merdeka is accordance to law or not.

    This Terapin’s family could be those who shouldnt be qualified (as per stipulated under Art 12 of the Federation of Malaya Treaty inked on 21 Jan 1948) but were lucky to get in.

    Perkasa should demand, particularly on Terapin’s case.

  4. Bagi saya Perkasa banyak membantu menghilangkan undi bagi UMNO dan BN dikalangan pengundi Bukan Melayu. Saya tidak berapa pasti samada Perkasa ni menambah sokongan orang Melayu kepada UMNO kerana sekilas pandang sokongan orang Melayu nampak sama je.

    Ini bukan bermaksud saya nak hentam Perkasa. Bagi saya Perkasa banyak berjasa kepada rakyat kerana membantu mensabotaj polisi Perdana Menteri. Tanpa adanya Perkasa, saya risau masyarakat Bukan Melayu mungkin sudahpun termakan dakyah songsang 1Malaysia yang bakal membawa kepada kemenangan 2/3 bagi BN.

    Dalam hal ni saya tak berapa pasti apakah yang mesej ingin disampaikan oleh BD. Terence Gomez melahirkan kekesalannya keatas kegagalan Najib untuk mengawal Perkasa. Lu pula hentam Gomez secara peribadi.

    Perkasa mendakwa diri mereka tu wujud untuk mempertahankan bangsa Melayu. Kalau gitu apakah fungsi UMNO? Adakah UMNO sekarang tidak boleh diharap untuk memperjuangkan kepentingan orang Melayu?

    Kalau gitu kenapa Perkasa tidak berani nak letak calon. Perkasa kata dia NGO tapi perangainya macam parti politik. Dimanakah Ibrahim Ali ketika KFC diambil alih oleh syarikat asing?

    Apa-apa pun saya harap ahli Perkasa tidak merasa kecil hati terhadap kritikan Terence Gomez ni. Adanya Perkasa undi BN berkurang. Itulah perjuangan yang disegani rakyat.

    • Terima kasih

      1. Kita tak hentam Gomez. Kita hentam Fernandez. Siapa Terence Gomez?

      Jadi komen ini tiada relevan dengan artikel ini.

      2. Ramai ahli dan penyokong PERKASA bukan dikalangan orang UMNO. Naib Presiden PERKASA YB Zulkifli Nordin pun bukan ahli UMNO dan tidak menang di Kulim-Bandar Baru atas sokongan UMNO.

      3. PERKASA menyokong Kerajaan dan UMNO. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, seorang penyokong kuat kepimpinan Perdana Menteri Najib, sendiri mengesahkan kepentingan sokongan PERKASA kepada Kerajaan, UMNO dan BN.

      Jadi untuk memberi hujah ‘PERKASA mensabotaj polisi Perdana Menteri’ adalah meleset

      4. Rata rata Bukan Melayu terutama Cina tidak undi BN bukan sebab PERKASA. Semasa PRU12 8 Mac 2008, PERKASA tidak ujud pun. Namun mereka telah memberikan undi kepada Pembangkang, terutama DAP. Pasca PRU12, DAP menguasai Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang, Perak dan Selangor bukan kerana PERKASA.

      PERKASA tiada di Sarawak. Namun, PRN Sarawak April 2011 menunjukkan masyarakat Cina Sarawak memberi undi kepada DAP berbanding BN.

      Oleh demikian, hujah untuk menyalahkan PERKASA kalau BN kurang undi adalah lemah.

    • Bagus jawapan BD. Nyanyok nampak si Mamat tu.

      Nak tambah sikit saja –

      BD kata “hujah ‘PERKASA mensabotaj polisi Perdana Menteri’ adalah meleset”.

      Saya kata, mengarut.

      • Terima kasih.

        Memang pun. Namun kita sebagai ‘Tuan Rumah’, kenalah beralas sikit.


    • Kam Wen Siol hujjah bahawa “Perkasa kata dia NGO tapi perangainya macam parti politik”.

      Sama lah dengan Bar Council, Hindraf, Dong Zong, Suaram, dan sewaktu dengan nya.

      PERKASA adalah NGO yang paling muda. Nak tanya pada KWS – agak agak kenapa ya?

  5. A welfare state with the government the primary ditributor of funds is never sustainable. You do not havre to take it from me. Just look around.This concept of the State doing everything was born with the creation of Eastern Europe after the World War II. The Scandinavian countrie followed that example but 25 years ago they got a fright because of the manner in which Eastern Europe fell to the laws of the market economy.

    In Malaysia’s case yes it is sustainable as long as the money flows from oil below the ground and oil above the ground. When our population doubles, or the oil price fall below the sustainable level of production ,. the share will get progressively less and less with only the Putrajaya class gttin their fair share.

  6. who is that guy sitting in the middle with the red baju melayu….?

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