Dive bombing the Flagship

It is evidently clear that the Opposition is really desperate. Since they have nothing new to offer, failed when given the chance and now they to resort to perpetuating lies, in their hour of desperation as their politicking boat is sinking.

They are really banking on their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy, trying very hard to demonise the authorities especially the law enforcement agencies such the Police, MACC, AG’s Chambers, Royal Customs, Armed Forces and even local authorities failed miserably. Their unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-estranged-bedfellows is showing serious cracks. In fact, the grassroots themselves either exiting or pressuring for the wedge.

The Opposition has no economic nor development plan what so ever for Malaysians to move forward. What they have so far is making ridiculous unrealizable promises to pacify different interest groups with unrealistic total subsidies, without explaining the increased Federal Government revenue source. That, inadvertently would eventually bankrupt the Federal Government in catastrophic proportions.

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is getting very popular with various stakeholders within the Malaysian populous. His economic transformation plan (ETP), government transformation plan  (GTP) and political transformation plan are beginning to show success and bear fruit. The economy is growing at 5.4%, more youths are getting job placements, massive infrastructure programs to alleviate the rakyats’ woes are on the way and most of the so called draconian laws have been repealed.

Democracy and the democratic process is not only transparent but has been seen to be transparent.

Prime Minister Najib is a leader deemed ‘popular and likable’ by majority of Malaysians. They throng in droves of tens of thousands to meet and hear him out, ever so often all over the country. He is almost everywhere, doing the people thing, meeting the people and seeing for his ownself progress and issues on the ground.

He is world apart compared to his predecessor, which brought Barisan Nasional (BN) to its worst general election performance almost five years ago.

Undoubtedly, the confidence and support is back. A good Commander is back in charge and taking the stewardship of the Task Force of several vessels carrying 28 million passengers name ‘Malaysia’ steaming forward, in realizing the immediate desired destination of ‘Vision 2020’.  Even though some of these vessels are under rogue stewards, never the less the Task Force Commander (who is also a Flag Admiral) and his senior officers and crew are ensuring that all the vessels move forward together.

The pirates in the vessels with these rogue captains are restless as soon enough, some of these vessels would be overrun by officers and crew trusted by the Task Force Commanders. As they realise that this eventuality is very near and the tide is literally changing against their favour.

Hence, they need to dive bomb the vessel ‘Seri Perdana’ and eliminate the Task Force Commander. At all cost. Even though they have tried this countless times since Ijok by-election in April 2007, over and over again with all sorts of stunts and failed throughout. Yet, they are still at it again in the desperate morbid attempt.

This time, they need to send some Kamikaze pilots to do the task as conventional dive bombing does nothing, not even a scathing dent. This is their only hope as their own vessels have no much ammunition to continue the fight.

Tonight, a handful of people who belief in elves, ghost stories, bogeymen that they create from their sordid imagination and hallucination and the sort who often get nightmares because of the demons in their own head, would congregate. They would listen the perpetuated lies of PI Bala, Cynthia Gabriel, A Samad Said and Badrulhisham “Chegu Bard” Shahahrin in a forum at the Chinese Assembly Hall titled “Siapa Bunuh Altantuyaa?”.

These people did not give any evidence during the trial of the two Police officers who were charged and convicted to the brutal murder of the Mongolian national. And yet the hold forums. Someone should remind them that this an act of crime, for slanderous defamation. They could go to jail for that. Unless, they want to do a ‘Raja Petra’ after being charged and jump bail.

Pity these souls. They refuse to believe in reality and clinically addicted to the hauntings of the demons in their heads, from the opium that they create on the own. Probably, their sanity should have been dive-bombed so that a decent brain-like could grow instead.

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Tak kenal maka tak cinta

Orang Melayu sering menggunakan ungkapan ‘Tak kenal maka tak cinta’. Oleh demikian, kita perlu cuba mengenali siapa yang berusaha untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri kita itu. Ini merupakan video episod pertama dalam tiga bahagian, mengenai Ketua Pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim yang telah dirakam dan sunting dari pelbagai sumber.

Sejarah yang berlaku pada yang masa yang lepas merupakan ukuran baik untuk membuat unjuran kemana arah dan halatuju. Terutama oleh personaliti yang mengenali Anwar Ibrahim secara dekat dan semenjak sekelian lama.

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