The Unpatriotic Game

The Lahad Datu incident is a tragedy. The Federal Government agencies, be it the under Home Ministry or Foreign Ministry, already used all the channels of diplomacy the past 17 days. More than ample time, space and most important, opportunity provided for the armed Sulu Filipinos claiming to be and demanding to be recognized as to Sultan of Sulu Army to go back where they came from.

They refused. The Home Minister warned that no more deadline concessions be given. These armed intruders bumped into Police General Operation Force unit on patrol and they engaged in a deadly firefight. 14 lives were lost, including VAT Commandoes Insp Zulkilfli Mamat and Cpl Sabaruddin Daud. Three others were injured.

01 March 2013| last updated at 08:11PM

LAHAD DATU: PM confirms two security personnel killed – UPDATE

By M. Hamzah Jamaludin
PEKAN: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has confirmed that two Malaysian security personnel were killed while another three were injured in a fire exchange with the armed Filipino intruders today.

At the same time, he said between 10 and 12 intruders were shot dead after they started firing at the Malaysian security personnel.

He said that the intruders were the first to attack after they ventured out about 1.5km from the place they had been holed up in Kampung Tanduo, about 30km from Lahad Datu,  Sabah.

As for now, he said the gunfire had stopped and he had given the full power to Inspector-General of Police and the Armed Forces chief to handle the situation.

“It will be a police operation first before the Armed Forces join in,” he said adding that the Malaysian security forces have also increased their strength in Lahad Datu, both on land and its waters.

He said the intruders had already retreated and the police ground commander would decide on the next action.
Asked whether the group’s leader was among those killed, Najib said the rumours had yet to be confirmed.

Lahad DatuBernama pic


Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak gave IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar and Chief of Defense Forces Jen Tan Sri Zulkifli Md Zin full mandate to resolve the matter, including the use of deadly force if deemed necessary. As most of the nation was shocked with this, equally number of Malaysians demonstrated their  sadness for the lost of the two Policemen and laud them as patriots and heroes.

Except the Opposition. Particularly PKR. They had to politicize the matter.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim stated that the Federal Government under Prime Minister Najib was negligent in providing ample security, especially at our borders. It doesn’t matter that he was directly responsible on part of the security problem and the Moro leader  of factional MILF Nur Misuari is his personal friend. Never mind that he and his own family have this obsession to spread lies about the defense and security of this nation, especially in the ceremahs and when talking to foreign media whilst they are abroad.

What is more shocking is Batu MP Tian Chua’s tweet.

The unpatriotic Tian Chua

The unpatriotic Tian Chua

Tian Chua claimed that the “Fighting broke out with Sulu intruders?” is “Just a continuous ‘wag the dog’ drama”. He also mentioned in the same tweet that the Sauk incident twelve and a half years ago was just another ‘drama’, “Remember Al Maunah in Sauk?”.

Both of these statements are grossly unpatriotic. It also demonstrated that they are ready to commit treachery in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

Tian Chua must be mad, to picture the Sauk Incident which saw a Policeman and an Army Commando killed brutally, in the name of His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and the Federal Constitution.

The criminals were arrested and charged for waging a war against the Agong, which is treachery. They were tried in a criminal court. Three of these criminals were convicted to death and after all avenues to reverse the sentence were exhausted, they were hanged. Six others were sentenced to life imprisonment. After an appeal, theirs were reduced to 10 years jail.

It is really unimaginable that Tian Chua could say something like that. Former DAP Vice Chairman and one time colleague of Tian Chua in Parliament Tunku Aziz described the former as “Lowest form of life”.

02 March 2013| last updated at 12:24AM

LAHAD DATU: Tian Chua “lowest form of human life”, berates Tunku Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR: Several leaders and political observers have lambasted Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Tian Chua who reportedly linked today’s shooting incident in Lahad Datu, Sabah, with an allegation of a conspiracy hatched by the Umno government to divert attention and frighten the people.

They said Tian Chua’s statement was irresponsible and extreme, considering it was about the authorities confronting an armed group from southern Philippines to safeguard the country’s peace and security.

Former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim described the statement as a “standard script of the DAP” which was completely insensitive to the country’s security.

“By making this kind of statement, he (Tian Chua) must be regarded as the lowest form of human life. This is a careless remark which isn’t what we expect from a decent human being,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

Among others, the report also appeared in PKR’s official news website which quoted Tian Chua as saying the intrusion in Lahad Datu was a drama of the government to frighten the people, as if the situation in Sabah was unsafe.

Two police commandos were slain while three others were injured in a firefight in Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu involving a group of armed intruders from southern Philippines, in which 12 intruders were killed.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Ahmad Maslan described Tian Chua’s statement as “evil and ignorant” as Umno did not gamble with the country’s security.

Malay rights group Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali tagged Tian Chua a “serial liar” who was always finding fault with Umno and the government despite the grave situation (in Lahad Datu).

Former president of the Malaysian Ex-Army Association Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani said, all parties should come together and not mix politics with the security of the country.

He stressed that appropriate action should be taken against Tian Chua and any other quarters seen as inciting the people to prevent a recurrence of such sensitive statements. BERNAMA


All of that, need not any further comment from us. In actual fact, these statements are nothing new from the Opposition leaders.

There is no need to remind everyone that Mat Sabu is being charged for his seditious statement that Mat Indera and the 180 communist rebels who attacked Bukit Kepong Police Station massacred 22 Policemen and Auxiliary Policemen and four family members on 23 February 1950 “Are the real heroes and freedom fighters” and the Police are “British tools”. And former DAP-puppet-MB of Perak Nizar Jamaluddin lies about Prime Minister Najib asking the Armed Forces Service Chiefs to stage a coup d’etat if and when BN loses the 13 GE.

If Opposition leaders fail to condemn Tian Chua and Anwar Ibrahim for being unpatriotic, “Lowest form of human life”, “Evil and ignorant” and “Serial liar”, then they are deservingly equal.

No exceptions. This is not about politics and never was. This about patriotism, which the Opposition leaders are clearly unpatriotic in any game one wants to look at it, then and now.

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  1. Divert attention and frighten the people?
    I think I’m more frightened by the thought of this kind of people getting in power. Totally irresponsible and idiotic. After all this years we still have living proof of a retard believing that the Al Maunah incident was a government orchestrated drama.

    Drama is when you lie down in front of cars to get attention la.
    Too bad this retard doesn’t get run down and killed just like he ran down a soldier to death. I won’t miss this bastard.

    • Yeah !, the case that he ran down a soldier to death, in Jalan Mersing a few years a go , any one did know the out come ?.

  2. Alfatihah to the soul of the departed slain patriots of the country . I am sad reading about the lost of lives. May Allah protects all of us and our country.

    Dear prime minister, the sovereignty of the country is our main priority. You have all the support of the people who love to live peacefully and prosper. And my support and million others are yours.

  3. It has become increasingly clear who are the real memebers of the Fifth Column in this country. The opposition is not only the ‘enemy’ of the current government in power but they are clearly the enemy of the people and the nation. They should be treated as such – the enemy!


  5. It is a crisis of this nature that highlights the gross naivety and impudence of some in the opposition. They just fail to see the difference between politics and the acts of defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Malaysia against intrusion by armed foreigners. Their naivety and impudence are as laughable as they are inexcusable. Do these people not think that without a sovereign territory , there will be no political parties, no democracy, no elections, no economy etc and the people will have no identity suffering fates worse that the Life of Pi..floating in a perpetual state of limbo.

    Who can trust these people to govern and defend this country. Their credibility have been so eroded, the only way is to bury the political ambitions of these people for good and only the Malaysian people can do it.

  6. We should wag Tian Chua’s backside. In more ways than one.

    • In any international crisis, negotiations will be given the chance to take place. Usually to find a peaceful solution. So there was nothing wrong with Malaysia’s approach to use peaceful means at the outset. But it was the Sulu group which tak tahu adat dan bahasa and continue to defy laws of both Malaysia and the Philippines. The standoff turned into a Gordian Knot. It could be untied but with much difficulty or it could be resolvef through quick decisive actions. I for one am supportive of the approach taken by the govt and our security and defence authorities on the issue, from day one.

      • Note: This is my reply to the post by ‘ malaysian’, actually.

  7. while I deeply regret by the death of our heroes … I also regret that the government did not task our military to finish off those intruders… why sacrifice our policemen?

  8. Tunku Aziz is wrong about Tian Chua. Tian Chua is NOT the “lowest form of human life”. Tian Chua is the LOWEST FORM OF SCUM! He should not even be considered human! He is a despicable scumbag who has learned well from his master, Anwar Ibrahim!

  9. Tian Chua and the likes of him were born idiots, live like an idiot and will mampos an idiot!
    Yes, I’m insulting Tian Chua and the likes of him.

  10. BD

    I hold no particular brief or fondness for Tian Chua.

    Much of his arguments and posturings are just hot air and devoid of logic or good sense.

    But to question his patriotism? That’s a different kettle of fish.

    Malaysians can be patriotic and yet disagree vehemently with the official narrative.

    Specifically with regard to what happened in Lahad Datu, I think a bigger issue is the porosity of Malaysia’s borders.

    Geography hasn’t been kind to Malaysia with regard to national borders. The country is bounded on three sides by Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

    The political realities of Malaysia’s relations with these three countries are well known.

    The other reality is that poorer Indonesians and Filipinos move to Malaysia to seek their livelihoods. And for various reasons, including the importance of cheap foreign labour to Malaysia’s resources, manufacturing, construction and services sectors, the government has been reluctant to “turn off the tap”.

    Add in movements of people based on historical antecedents and racial/religious commonalities and the situation gets a lot more complicated.

    So, by all means, take Tian Chua and the other “unpatritotic” Malaysians to task.

    But, at the same time, ask the federal government how this situation has been “building” from 1957 until now.

    I think that any dispassionate and unbiased observer will agree that there’s plenty of blame to go around.

  11. In times of crisis, where armed forrign groups intruded into Malaysia’s territory, the defence of the territory is the fundamental consideration where each and every Malaysian must stand as one country. It is plain wrong to make political statements just for the sake of playing politics when our commandos were attacked and killed in defence of the country. That alone makes one questions the patriotism of bone head people who can’t differentiate between cheap politics and defence of territorial integrity.

    • So, by your logic, the intrusion of unarmed foreigners into Malaysia is ok?

      Especially those who come uninvited and stay on? For months and years?

      It’s interesting that you don’t see this as “times of crisis”.

      Perhaps your priorities are different from, let’s say, other Malaysians.

      And “patriotism” is defence of country, not that country’s government.

      • What logic? Read my post properly. Where in my post was that logic you claimed that I stated? Explain.

      • Yo! People dont put the word patriotism within inverted commas unless they do so to reinvent their version of what it means. Of course patriotism is the act of showing support to the country regardless of politics when the country is invaded or intruded by armed foreigners. The trouble with some people is they equate supporting govt’s action as supporting politics instead of supporting acts that repelled foreign intrusion as in the case of Lahad Datu incident.

      • And of course this post is about the intrusion of armed foreign groups into Malaysia. Armed and claiming sovereignty over Sabah. If you want to argue about your ‘ in times of crisis’ perhaps you have to open your own blog.

      • Postgrad

        You may want to restudy the history of the Sultanate of Sulu.

        Wasn’t the Sulu Sultanate “a Muslim kingdom from the southern Philippine islands that started in the 15th century”? Weren’t “it’s sovereign rights over the Sulu and North Borneo islands transferred to the Philippines and Malaysia respectively a century ago”?

        In other words, during the British colonial administration in Malaya.

        If everything regarding then British North Borneo was signed, sealed and delivered when it was a British colony, why is Malaysia paying the Sulu Sultanate “RM5,300 a year as cession money”?

        And you are being too clever by half.

        You talk about the danger posed by the intrusion of “armed forrign (sic) groups” into Malaysia’s territory.

        That’s fine and dandy. These groups should be dealt with using the full force of the law. No qualms about that.

        But why are you apparently skirting the equally important issue of illegal immigration (read “unarmed foreigners”) into Malaysia?

        Doesn’t that pose equally valid questions of national security?

        Or, maybe, in your book, this has to be judged by a different rule book!

      • got all the history mixed up. The Sultanate of Sulu claim is not sovereignty but proprietary. Big difference. I dont have to re study it. I already know it. More than you can ever imagine.

        Skirting the issue is your interpretation of things. Not mine. The topic is about armed foreigners intruding into Malaysia’s territory.

      • In international law , sovereign rights and sovereignty are 2 different things. Malaysia has sovereignty over Sabah. That is more than sovereign rights.

      • Gooberman,

        You should study the history of Sabah and read the books “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at the Historical Society building opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.

        Agree with Postgrad that you are mixed up in your understanding of Sabah, Sulu Sultanate, etc.

        The books will tell you that that area between Sabah, Sulu and Makassar in Indonesia has been identified in the research findings of scores of scientists including DNA Specialists, linguists, anthropologists, archaeologists and academics of all kinds since the 19th Century as the origin of the Large Family of Malays or the Rumpun Melayu since some 6,000 years ago.

        The Orang Laut still ply the seas, living in their boats, dropping in on the coasts from time to time, although some have taken to putting up houses on stilts in the waters on the Sabah shoreline in recent times.

  12. Lain daripada Tian Chua, Anwar pertualangnya. Rancangan utama menghasut 150 penceroboh datang ke Sabah dengan janjinya untuk membuat huru hara menjelang pilihan raya terbukti telah berjaya.

    Huru hara yang membawa tumpuhan darah adalah perancangan Anwar untuk mengambarkan betapa kejamnya Umno dan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional!

    Kita jangan mudah lupa, bahawa yang memberi arahan untuk merempuh barriket ketika perarakan Bersih kedua adalah Anwar. Mewujudkan Kacau bilau, merusuh dan terjadinya huru hara adalah perangcangan dan agenda beliau.

    Persepsi ini juga bertujuan untuk memburukan image kedualatan pasukan keselamatan Negara serta ingin mewujudkan perasaan ketidak kepercayaan kepada kebolehan pasukan Negara untuk menjaga keselamatan Negara.

    Soalan pokok, ialah soal pencerobohan di wilayah jajahan Negara yang telah dicerobohi oleh penceroboh bersejatakan AK 47, M16, mortar dan lain2. Anwar ingat kita nak beri peha kita sebagai perisai atau kita nak tonggeng untuk dihemtam oleh penceroboh.

    Anwar tahu yang kita tidak akan tonggeng dan membiri peha kerana ini soal kedaulatan dan sempadan Negara. Sikit sebanyak tumpahan darah akan belaku dan sudah pun belaku . Ini yang Anwar rancangkan dan kehendak dia, tumpahan darah akan melibatkan kepentingan kuncu kuncu media asing dia untuk mendapat jalan cerita mengutuk Negara.

    Himpunan kebangkitan rakyat di stadium merdeka baru dulu tidak dapat laporan media asing. Dilaporkan oleh kumpulan pemikir Anwar bahawa Anwar kesal kerana tidak ada hura hara belaku yang mana momentum ini perlu ada dalam strategi kemenangan Anwar ke Putra Jaya.

  13. Since when we heard our opposition member and supporter are patriotic ?.
    They had different meaning of patriotism .

  14. […] he be regarded as a maggot. As he is  comfortably making a nest in a rotting carcass filled with unpatriotic lowest of scum […]

  15. […] The Unpatriotic Game […]

  16. […] the Police and Armed Forces. They played the ‘foward team’ and lay the foundation for unpatriotic Opposition leaders such as Tian Chua, Nurul Izzah, R Sivarasah and HJ Imran Abd Hamid to berate and intensify their attacks against the […]

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