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It has been proven that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is a magnet for attracting political maggots. They continuously politicise anything and everything in the worst and unpatriotic tone via their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy, to realise power.

Even amongst those who were once career soldiers and sailors and enjoyed the stature of senior officers when they were commissioned officers in His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong’s Armed Forces for a long time.

It is very manipulative for First Admiral (Rtd) Hj. Imran Abdul Hamid to twist the facts about the Lahad Datu incident, undermining the capability to Royal Malaysian Navy Second Region Command (based in TLDM base in Sepanggar Bay) and the Army with a statement of intended for gross political lies. Hj. Imran tried to justify his statement that Lahat Datu Incident where 220 armed intruders claiming to be Royal Sulu Security Forces slipped into Lahad Datu coast was a BN and Government ‘political drama’ (Sandiwara).

However, he completely omitted the fact that it is a herculean task for RMN to watch over 1,600 km of Sabah coastline, even though operating portion of the fleet of the 17 high powered CB90 coastal patrol vessels and other patrol vessels . In all, that area of operation is over 100,000 sq km of body of water.

After the Sipadan Resort abduction incident in  April 2000, MINDEF instituted a joint operations between services Operation Pandanan and Sipadan Island Resort (Ops Pasir) where army detachments are sent to islands and constant patrols off the coast of Sabah. These units are being being linked and supported by RMN and RMAF assets and operations. The intrusion of armed unidentified persons from the neighbouring countries are greatly reduced.

The matter of fact, the tourism, fishing and logistics trade in these islands thrived after Ops Pasir was operationalised.

Then again Hj. Imran is not professional, when he can’t relate the porousness of the Sabah coast equivalent to problems and situations of other countries. There are even clear examples of multinational joint forces task force like the anti piracy patrol Combined Task Force 150 in the Arabian Sea and North West Indian Ocean by the navies of NATO, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Pakistan and Thailand.

Three officers and five other rank Policemen already gave the ultimate sacrifice to resolves this intrusion problem by the armed persons with nothing but bad intention. 17 days of diplomacy was allocated for them to go back where they came from, including the Phillipines President’s offer to study their claims as long as they end the stand off. But non avail.

Hj Imran very unprofessional if not low of him to claim that this is a “Drama” (Sandiwara). As someone who had served the Armed Forces, the Government had never and shall never compromise on security issues for anything. These armed intruders are criminals against the Federation of Malaysia Constitution.

What is interesting is that Hj Imran in his capacity during his Navy days, was he able to commit men and material to make sure that all 17 CB90s were operating 24 hours in the east coast of Sabah?

Infact, when he was the Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics for the RMN, he faced issues of maintaining of Naval assets. Of course he would not admit it and more known to claim position that he did not fill, like ‘Panglima Sistem’.  When he was the CO of KD Pelanduk (Navy training unit), he was seen wearing the No. 5 uniform (meant for temperate weather) when the normal practice for tropical weather is No. 1 (also known as summer whites). Many serving colleagues find this very odd.

Then again, Hj Imran should be sympathetic for the families of these slain Policemen. Just like when many people including Policemen themselves were kind and demonstrated compassion in assisting him through his own misfortune over seven years ago.

It is shameful for Hj Imran to still use the title ‘First Admiral (Rtd)’ and with his statement of political conspiracy with the explicit intention to undermine the Government, he actually insulted His Majesty’s Armed Forces and Police Force.

Unless Hj Imran could prove otherwise that he what he ought to be, might as well he be regarded as a maggot. As he is  comfortably making a nest in a rotting carcass filled with unpatriotic lowest of scum politicians.

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